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Lips, particularly female, are used often as an image to represent erogenous and intimate activity, especially when pictured in a color or pattern associated with passion. The lips will usually look lifelike as if someone has just kissed the owner of the lips tattoo wherever the tattoo is placed.

These tattoos will often be found on the neck, the shoulder, or the arm, but it is a tattoo design that can be placed anywhere on the body.

Check out our list of creative lips tattoo designs and ideas, that we know you’ll love.

Red Lips Tattoo

Lips Tattoo Meaning

The image of lips can go beyond the sexual connections that are tied to the mouth, and serve as a representation of verbal discussion and communication. When depicted as closed lips, the image conveys a lack of communication or an inability. Someone who recognizes that they have problems communicating with others might get the lips tattoo to try to inspire themselves to be more open with others. The lips tattoo could also be for someone who prefers not to talk to others and gets the lips tattoo to make that message come across to those who approach them.

The image of lips can symbolize a relationship. The lips or lip print can be that of a wife, girlfriend or any other loved one to serve as a reminder of that connection. The lips serve as a romantic symbol portraying the bond between two people, so in some cases, both people in the relationship will get matching lips tattoos. Generally, this is an image of a non-platonic relationship, the symbol of lovers, but it’s not uncommon for friends (especially females) to get lips tattoos.

Kiss Lips Tattoo Designs

Red lips are usually meant to convey sex appeal and kissing especially when placed in an intimate area like on the hips, neck, abdomen, etc. This is particularly true when lips are rendered like a lipstick print mark, leaving the impression of a kiss. These can be very personal tattoos, so the owners might keep them hidden or they might be very open about their meanings.

1. Red Lips Tattoo Idea

2. Lips Tattoo on Hip Design

3. Outlined Lips on Back of Arm

Kiss Lips Tattoo Designs

4. Red Striped Lips

5. Sketched Unique Lips Tattoo

6. Kiss Lips Tattoo on Neck

A pair of lips tattooed on the neck could be a public display of your love and devotion for your partner.

An alternative method for a more private sentiment. Can be achieved by placing the tattoo over your left breast or pectoral muscle. Thus symbolizing, you giving your heart to them, or you holding them in your heart.

7. Kiss Lips Tattoo

Kiss Lips Tattoo

Tattoo of Lips Ideas

You’ll love these tattoos of lips that can fit into any tattoo design and look beautiful anywhere on your body.

8. Lips Tattoo on Wrist

9. Kiss Me Tattoo Design

10. Lips and Pills Tattoo Art

11. Dotwork Fanged Lips

12. Black Lips Tattoo Art

13. Simple Woman Lips Tattoo

Tattoo of Lips Ideas

Lips with Skull Tattoo

Lips with Skull Tattoo Meaning

Few things in this world are deadlier than the perfect kiss. You know the kind that I’m talking about—the kind of kiss that makes you weak in the knees and clouds every ounce of judgment you have. The Kiss of Death. The people in the following gallery have tattooed themselves with some pretty deadly kisses, they must know exactly what we are talking about.

14. Skull on Lips Tattoo Idea

15. Red Lips with Black Skull

16. Black Lips with Skull Tattoo

Lips With Skull Tattoo

Creative Lip Tattoos

Check out a few of our favorite creative lip tattoos that are perfect for your unique style.

17. Rainbow Lips Tattoo Art

18. Lips with Bullet Tattoo Idea

19. Detailed Lips with Fangs

20. Lips with Flowers Tattoo Idea

Unique Tattoos Kissing

21. Colorful Lips with Piercings

22. Red Lips with Ocean View

23. Lips Tattoo on Wrist

By tattooing the lip design onto your wrist. You could state that you’d give your life for your partner.

Creative Tattoos of Smooches

24. Spooky lips design

25. Lips eating an animal

26. An entire art deco sleeve of color and lips

27. – 43. Other body art tattoos

44. – 70. Cosmetic tattoos for lips

71. Lips with hands

72. Lips with names

73.  And the best shade of lipstick for a tattoo

PS. How much will getting a lip tattoo hurt?

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

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  • Disposable Cohesive Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap – If you’re looking for a product that will keep your tattoo protected, then these grip cover wraps are perfect. They come with 16 Roll of Cohesive Tattoo Grip Cover Wraps in 6 Different Colors. Dimensions: 1.6″ x 5 yards (W x L) Per Roll. Self Adhesive Strips Make it Very Easy to Attach it on Tattoo Grips.
  • Aquaphor Healing OintmentOne of the most widely used tattoo aftercare treatments, and you’ll find a lot of artists quick to recommend the old stand-by. What makes Aquaphor the best lotion for tattoo aftercare is that it absorbs the skin’s natural moisture, which keeps the tattoo fresh and promotes healing. A semi-permeable layer is formed from the lotion, which allows moisture to be kept in and everything else to be kept out.Lips Tattoo Designs