Zodiac Tattoos

For believers in the stars, zodiac signs can be used to help people understand how they’re feeling, who they’re compatible with, and how lucky their week is going to be.

But, perhaps what people get most out of their astrological signs is the small personality validations that come with each.

That’s why folks are so keen on getting ink of their own sign — after all, what’s more, personal than a zodiac tattoo that subtly details to the world exactly who we feel we are?

Find the Right Design for Your Sign In These Astrological Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Pisces Tattoo

37 Open Pisces Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Go with the Flow Pisces Tattoo Ideas.  If you’re thinking about getting the Pisces sign tattooed somewhere on your body, here are 37 open Pisces tattoo ideas to give you some inspiration. The first thing to consider when choosing an open Pisces tattoo design is what you want the design to say about your […] Read more…

Aquarius Tattoos

25 Badass Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Inside: 25 Badass Aquarius Tattoo Designs.  Are you a compassionate and intelligent Aquarius looking to get some new ink? Well, you aren’t alone, so we took the time to find the best Badass Aquarius Tattoo designs on the internet. And a little secret… they are freaking awesome! Aquarius Tattoo Meaning People born under the Aquarius […] Read more…

Zodiac Flower Ideas

Strong Capricorn Tattoo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Strong Capricorn Tattoo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas.  The zodiac sign of Capricorn has been depicted in tattoos since ancient times, and for a good reason! The sign represents the goat, which is an animal known for being strong and stubborn. These Capricorn tattoo designs are artistic pieces that showcase this sign’s personality traits through various […] Read more…

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

25 Perfect Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 27 Perfect Virgo Tattoo Ideas. Virgo is a zodiac sign that represents perfection & balance. From small tattoos to large, from delicate designs to extravagant pieces, check out these wonderful ideas if you’re looking to get an awe-inspiring Virgo-inspired tattoo! In this article, we will be featuring 25 of the most beautiful Virgo tattoos […] Read more…

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Inside: Our Favorite Cancer Zodiac Tattoos.  Are you an emotional crab five days out seven? If so, then you’re probably a Cancer. Cancer signs are emotional, yes, but they’re also powerful. Cancers are intuitive and loyal. Once you’ve broken through a Cancer’s hard exterior, you’ve got a friend for life! According to the Zodiac calendar, […] Read more…

Gemini Twin Tattoo Ideas

29 Unique Gemini Twin Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 29 Unique Gemini Twin Tattoo Ideas. People born between 21st to June 21st possess the third zodiac sign – Gemini. It is considered as an air sign in astrology. Also, planet Mercury is the ruler of Gemini which is why Gemini men and women are often energetic. Easily recognized as one of the most popular […] Read more…

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