Inside: Strong Capricorn Tattoo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas. 

Zodiac tattoos are remarkably widespread among the people who actually believe in astrology. Some people have a profound religious conviction about the Zodiac signs and oftentimes make them a truly significant part of their life. They say that Capricorns are diligent and responsible.

So when it comes to inking, Capricorns might be the most trustworthy people at researching on what tattoos will best fit their style and personality. Many Capricorn designs involve the gothic recreation of the goat with the long tail of a mermaid.

Some even go for the Capricorn star on their wrists or arms.

These Capricorn Tattoo ideas are unique, bold, and one of a kind.

Capricorn Tattoo

Capricorn Tattoo Meaning

Every zodiac sign has a meaning behind their symbols. For Capricorn, it is a hoofed goat-like animal with a tail of a mermaid or a fish. It is called a Sun-Goat and is an earth sign. Being an earth sign, Capricorns focus on reaching goals and making their dreams come true, making them grounded. And just like a goat, Capricorns are hardworking people, making us accomplish all our tasks on time, and we have a clear path on what is the next step on making their dreams come true.

Capricorn Constellation Tattoo

1. Simple Capricorn Constellation

2. Small Capricorn Ankle Constellation

3. Unique Constellation Placement

Capricorn Tattoo

4. Behind the Ear Constellation

5. Floral Capricorn Constellation

6. Constellation + Goat Combo

7. White Capricorn Constellation

Constellation Designs

Capricorn Tattoo Ideas

8. Simply Capricorn Tattoo

9. Dainty Capricorn Symbol

10.Capricorn Sea-Goat Tattoo

11. Capricorn Finger Tattoo

Capricorn Tattoo

12. Flowery Symbol

13. Origami Goat

14. Simple Capricorn Sign

15. Corresponding Zodiac Tattoo

Small Tattoo Ideas

Capricorn Zodiac Tattoo

16. Capricorn Goat Symbol Tattoo

17. Goat + Flower Tattoo

18. Tiny Symbol

Capricorn Tattoo

19. Unique Sea-Goat Tattoo Design

20. Symbol on Wrist

21. Unique Capricorn Sign Tattoo

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Flower Tattoos for a Capricorn

22. Capricorn Flower + Constellation Tattoo

23. Simple Flower Stem

24. Capricorn Tattoos for Females

Capricorn Tattoo

25. Capricorn Symbol + Flower

26. Flowery Constellation 

27. Colorful Capricorn Flowers

28. Single Flower Stem Tattoo

Zodiac Flower Ideas

More Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

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