Inside: Libra Tattoo Ideas full of Balance and Beauty.

The scales of justice symbolize beauty and balance in the Libra tattoo and make this one of the most popular tattoos for the zodiac sign. If you are a Libra, you are thought to be graceful and artistic. People who are usually very popular in social circles because they’re great conversationalists and mediators with harmonious personalities. They seek to be perfectly balanced in everything they do and contribute to keeping everyone around them balanced as well; their warm natures have an excellent effect on those around them, which explains why these people have quite a few close friends. Keep reading to see the full list of Libra Tattoo Ideas that are full of balance and beauty!

Libra Tattoo Ideas

Libra Tattoo Meaning

Libra tattoos often symbolize balance in one’s life or the goal of having balance. They also mean peace, calm, romance, and diplomacy.

Constellation Tattoo Ideas

1. Libra Constellation Back Tattoo

2. Floral Constellation Design

3. Collarbone Constellation

Constellation Tattoo

4. Small Libra Constellation 

5. Wrist Tattoo Design

6. Spacey Constellation

7. Simple Libra Constellation Tatoo

Libra Tattoo Ideas

Scale Tattoo Designs

These Libra Scale Tattoos are the perfect balance of design and creativity.

8. Sun and Moon Scale

9. Classic Libra Scale Tattoo

10. Floral Scale Design

Libra Scale Tattoo

11. Small Finger Scale Tattoo

12. Behind the Neck Scale Design

13. Floral Libra Scale

14. Libra Constellation Scale Design

Scale tattoo

Libra Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

15. Floral Libra Symbol Tattoo

16. Small Libra Tattoo

17. Bold Libra Design

Libra Zodiac tattoo ideas

18. Geometric Libra Tattoo Design

19. Cool Libra Sign Tattoo

20. Sketched Libra Design

21. Tiny Libra Zodiac Design

Libra Tattoo Ideas

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