Inside: 33 Stunningly StrongTaurus Tattoo Ideas. 

Taurus tattoos are associated with protection, fertility, and stability – very fitting traits to sport on your body art! Taurus tattoos can be found in so many different styles and designs that it’s not hard to find one you love. Whether you want to go bold or keep it small, here are 33 stunning Taurus tattoo ideas you won’t be able to resist!

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

Taureans love luxury, quality, and attention to detail. Whatever you choose for your design, make sure it makes a bold statement—but not too big of one. A slight touch of extravagance will be sure to delight your inner Taurean. Taurus is known to be an earth sign and tends to have strong personality traits, are hard workers, and see the value in relaxation.

Taurus Constellation Tattoos

1. Ribcage Constellation Tattoo

2. Constellation Wrist Tattoo

3. Back of the Arm Constellation

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

4. Small Taurus Constellation Tattoo

5.  Ankle Constellation Tattoo

6. Minimalist Constellation

7. Small Behind the Ear Tattoo

8. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

9. Taurus Tattoo Small

10. Bicep Taurus Tattoo Idea

11. Small Taurus Tattoo

Constellation tattoo ideas

Taurus Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

12. Geometric Watercolor Taurus Bull

13. Taurus Bull & Constellation Combo

14. Taurus Bull Tattoo

15. Bull One Line Tattoo

zodiac tattoos

16. Bull Head Taurus Tattoo

17. Taurus Bull Finger Tattoo

18. Big Bull Head

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

19. Taurus Bull

20. Small Finger Bull Tattoo

21. Beautiful Bull

22. Taurus Bull Full of Detail

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

23. Large Thigh Piece

24. Dainty Finger Tattoo

25. Minimal Taurus Tattoo Idea

Bull Tattoos

Taurus Tattoo for Females

26. Half Bull Half Flower Tattoo

27. Colorful Taurus Bull

28. Red Taurus Tattoo

29. Ribcage Tattoo

30. Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

31. Small Taurus Symbol 

32. Fine Line Taurus Tattoo

33. Back of the Neck Taurus Tattoo

Female Tattoos

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