Inside: Flying Seagull Tattoo Ideas + Their Meaning

Seagulls have played a significant role in many aspects of human life, from religious rituals to visual art, to literary works, and now tattoos!

It’s all about location, but where should you put your seagull tattoo design? Seagull tattoos typically depict the bird flying or at rest, sometimes with an ocean or beach backdrop, as seen in the photo above. Take some time to browse through these cool examples of flying seagull tattoos for inspiration before deciding on your own design!

Flying Seagull Tattoo

Seagull Tattoo Meaning

For many who sport these tattoos, seagulls may symbolize home. Perhaps this is because older sailors associated the birds with land – which symbolized everything it could offer them: peace of mind and a sense of belonging after long weeks, months, or even years at sea.

Flying Seagull: The symbol of freedom and soaring passion can be seen in the flying seagull. Whether you’re at the beach or just watching one fly by, it’s easy to admire this graceful animal as he catches gusts of wind to continue his flight. The sight is so common that there are many who choose this design for their seagull tattoos.

Seagull Feather: The seagull feather tattoo has been used in many cultures for thousands of years as a way to commemorate strength, hope, and spirituality. A delicate yet meaningful tattoo, the design often conveys an underlying message.

Our Favorite Seagull Tattoo Ideas

Let’s start this list with some of our favorite seagull tattoo designs. This section is a combination of traditional styles, colorful designs, and unique art ideas.

1. Small Black Outlined Seagull with SimpleDetail

2. Classic Seagull Design Outline

3. White Ink Flying Seagull Tattoo

4. Matching Seagull Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Seagull Tattoo Meaning

5. Flying Seagulls on Hip

6. Unique Sketched Seagull Design

7. Black and White Ink Sea Bird Tattoo

8. Flying Seagull with Crashing Waves

Traditional Seagull Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking for a tattoo with deeper meaning and an eye-catching design, then these ideas are perfect for you.

9. Colored Ink Seagull in the Sky Design

10. Artistic Seagull Art Idea

11. Grouping of Flying Seagulls Design

12. Watercolored Seagull Tattoo Idea

Traditional Seagull Tattoo

13. Traditional Seagull Tattoo

14. Realistic Small Seagull Design

15. Small Soaring Seagull on Back of Arm

16. Single Line Style Bird Tattoo

Sea Bird Tattoo Ideas (Seagulls)

17. Seagull in a Sailors Hat

18. Colorful Seagull Scene Design

19. New School Style Tattoo of Seagull

20. Funny Seagull in a Raincoat

21. Smoking a Pipe Seagull Design

Sea Bird Tattoos

22. Large Black Ink Seagull Back Tattoo

23. Small Outlined Bird Tattoo on Wrist

24. Stained Glass Effect Seagull Design

25. “Free” Seagull Soaring in Sky

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

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Seagull Tattoo