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Both sushi and the term ‘kawaii’ (meaning ‘cute’, ‘lovable’ or ‘adorable’) comes from Japan and, while tattoos and tattooed people still have a social stigma surrounding them, the two things have combined to create this bunch of totally cute food tattoos.

Show off your cute, lovable, adorable, and foodie side with these fun and fresh sushi tattoo designs.

This collection has everything from super realistic rolls to happy little sushi characters, let us know which is your favorite!

Sushi Tattoo Designs

A Little Bit About Sushi

Sushi is one of the most beloved foods around the world, particularly in Japan where it originated. Sushi was first created to safely preserve fish using fermented rice and the word sushi means “sour-tasting.” During Japan’s Muromachi period, vinegar was added to the rice to add to the sour taste and increase the overall longevity of the dish. Then, during the Edo period, fresh fish began being served over vinegar rice and nori—giving rise to the sushi we know and love today.

There are many different types of sushi, which depend on how the dish is prepared and its ingredients. And as globalization has increased, many in the Western world have put their own spin on sushi. For example, the use of salmon in sushi was first introduced by a Norwegian businessman in the 1980s. Western tastes also had a hand in developing the nontraditional types of sushi, including the California roll, rainbow roll, Hawaiian roll and the sushi burrito.

In honor of the global popularity of sushi, we’ve put together 31 fresh sushi tattoos from talented artists around the world. Just like sushi, these tattoos are diverse in style and subject—there’s practically a design for everyone! Take a peek at the delicious and delightful sushi tattoos in the collection below and let us know your favorite sushi dish!

Cool Sushi Tattoo Ideas

1. Shrimp Roll Tattoo

2. Vibrant Sushi Roll Design

3. Realistic Salmon Roll Tattoo

4. Two Seaweed Wrapped Sushi Rolls

5. Sushi with Chopsticks

6. Black and White Sushi Rolls

Sushi Roll Tattoo

7. Cartoon Smiley Face Sushi Design

8. Roll with It Sushi Art

9. Tiny Detailed Assortment of Sushi Rolls

10. Heart-Shaped Sushi Design

11. Colorful Sushi Rolls with Chopsticks

12. Bold Sushi Pop Art Tattoo

Cartoon Sushi Character Tattoos

13. Sushi Cat Design

14. Happy Little Black and White Sushi

15. Smiley Rice Ball Tattoo

Cartoon Sushi Ink Inspiration

16. Matching Happy Sushi Faces

17. Black and White Happy Sushi Roll

Small Sushi Roll Ideas

18. Detailed Small and Colorful Sushi Piece

19. Colorful and Fun Sushi Piece Tattoo Idea

Small Shrimp Tattoos With Rice

20. Little Salmon Nigiri Tattoo on Ankle

21. Small Black and White Sushi Pieces on Arm

22. Little Chopsticks and Sushi Design

23. Small, Colorful, Inner Arm Sushi Piece

Fresh Sushi Tattoo Designs

24. Realistic Modern Sushi Design Idea

25. Super Simple Style Sushi

26. Littlest Sushi Ear Tattoo

27. Half Sleeve of Assorted Sushi

Soy Tattoos

28. Black and White Sushi Rolls on Rib

29. Detailed Sushi Pieces

30. Soy Tattoo with Sushi Rolls

31. Tiny Sushi Tattoo Design

More Foodie Tattoo Favorites

If you enjoyed these fresh sushi tattoo ideas and designs then check out a few more of our food favorites. We have ideas for more popular foods, sweet treats, and even tattoo ideas for those who love to cook and create in the kitchen. Check out a few more of our favorites.

Take a Bite of These

  • Tasty Taco Tattoo Ideas  – You know what goes good with sushi? Tacos! Jk. But if we were to try to decide which was our favorite, I don’t know if we could. Whether you perfect crunchy or soft, chicken or steak, guacamole, or sour cream, these tasty tattoo ideas are sure to give you all the taco tingles that you’re looking for. This list is full of uber-realistic tacos, cute little crunchy characters, and even a few burrito buddies that you will love. Choose your favorite and let the feast begin!
  • Sweet Peach Tattoos – If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, then these peach tattoo ideas are perfect for you. Although it is more popular among women, the peach also looks good on men too. So, there isn’t much difference whether you’re a guy or a girl – a peach is a beautiful design that suits both. Usually, people choose colorful or even hyper-realistic small-size tattoos. The most popular placements are hips, forearms, belly, chest, and feet. Take a look at our collection of peach tattoo ideas below. We are sure that you will find the inspiration for your next tattoo.
  • Chef Tattoos – Since you might be a lover of food, then that might mean that you enjoy making food. A chef tattoo is an expansive realm of body art that perceptively encompasses the finest creature comforts imaginable. These noble emblems are swanky and baronial. You could even call them à la mode! Because they reveal a divine longing for lavish enjoyments, culinary body art is in an august league of their own.

Take Care of Your New Ink

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Sushi Tattoo

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