Inside: Fresh Sushi Tattoo Designs + Fun Inspiration

If you love sushi, why not get it permanently etched on your skin? It might be the best food tattoo you’ll ever have. After all, everyone knows that when you’re in the mood for sushi, nothing else will do.

Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular and well-known cuisines around the world. Sushi has only recently become a truly global food, with sushi restaurants popping up in just about every city worldwide these days, but sushi has actually been around for hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that sushi tattoos are becoming so popular – sushi is colorful, fun, and delicious!

You’ll fall in love with these adorable fresh sushi tattoo designs, so check them out!

Sushi Tattoo Designs

A Little Bit About Sushi

This delicious and beloved dish called sushi was first made to ensure safe preservation of fish by fermenting rice and adding vinegar. As time went on, this new way for preserving food evolved into serving raw fish wrapped in vinegar-soaked rice sheets along with nori (seaweed), creating the delectable dish we all know and love now.

Cool Sushi Tattoo Ideas

1. Shrimp Roll Tattoo

2. Vibrant Sushi Roll Design

3. Realistic Salmon Roll Tattoo

4. Two Seaweed Wrapped Sushi Rolls

5. Sushi with Chopsticks

6. Black and White Sushi Rolls

Sushi Roll Tattoo

7. Cartoon Smiley Face Sushi Design

8. Roll with It Sushi Art

9. Tiny Detailed Assortment of Sushi Rolls

10. Heart-Shaped Sushi Design

11. Colorful Sushi Rolls with Chopsticks

12. Bold Sushi Pop Art Tattoo

Cartoon Sushi Character Tattoos

13. Sushi Cat Design

14. Happy Little Black and White Sushi

15. Smiley Rice Ball Tattoo

Cartoon Sushi Ink Inspiration

16. Matching Happy Sushi Faces

17. Black and White Happy Sushi Roll

Small Sushi Roll Ideas

18. Detailed Small and Colorful Sushi Piece

19. Colorful and Fun Sushi Piece Tattoo Idea

Small Shrimp Tattoos With Rice

20. Little Salmon Nigiri Tattoo on Ankle

21. Small Black and White Sushi Pieces on Arm

22. Little Chopsticks and Sushi Design

23. Small, Colorful, Inner Arm Sushi Piece

Fresh Sushi Tattoo Designs

24. Realistic Modern Sushi Design Idea

25. Super Simple Style Sushi

26. Littlest Sushi Ear Tattoo

27. Half Sleeve of Assorted Sushi

Soy Tattoos

28. Black and White Sushi Rolls on Rib

29. Detailed Sushi Pieces

30. Soy Tattoo with Sushi Rolls

31. Tiny Sushi Tattoo Design

More Foodie Tattoo Favorites

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Take a Bite of These

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