Inside: Coolest saxophone tattoo ideas that will jazz you up.

I recently watched LA LA Land, which admittedly made me very emotional but that is beside my point. Something that really stood out to me was the importance of Jazz, and the inherent beauty of it that is often overlooked.

Seb is PASSIONATE about jazz, in a way that I have never seen before. This got me thinking; as a tattoo lover… I know people get tattoos of what they are passionate about. So what kind of a tattoo would the iconic Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) consider? Perhaps a sound wave tattoo or a record player tattoo?

Nope… a Saxophone tattoo of course!

photo of black and white sax with sparkles

So I set out to find some of the most rockin’ saxophone tattoo ideas that I could find on the internet, and my search was very fruitful. So if you are a jazz lover, or you just love the sax…stay tuned!

Do Saxophone Tattoos Hurt?

We all know that Seb is a bit of a softy. He wouldn’t admit it, but you know he would want to ask this question! Well, I have a  tattoo on my forearm, and I can say that the pain wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.

Getting a tattoo is always a unique experience for each individual, as pain tolerance varies from person to person. For me, the sensation felt like a constant, slightly uncomfortable scratching or stinging. The artist’s needle buzzing over my skin was a bit intense at first, but as the session progressed, my body adjusted, and it became more manageable.

I focused on the significance of the tattoo to me, which helped distract from the discomfort. All in all, while it may not be the most painless of experiences, the end result was definitely worth it, and I’m proud to carry this beautiful saxophone art with me wherever I go.

If you are really worried about how badly this tattoo will hurt, know that it won’t hurt more than any other tattoo you might get. Depending on the area you choose, it can actually be pretty dang painless. Just choose somewhere that is known for being less painful! Check out this female tattoo pain chart to see where you want yours.

How much will it cost?

Based on my personal experience and research, the cost of a saxophone tattoo can vary depending on several factors. The size, complexity, and location of the tattoo play a significant role in determining the price.

Generally, smaller and simpler saxophone designs might cost around $50 to $100, while larger, more intricate pieces can range from $200 to $500 or more. The skill and reputation of the tattoo artist also influence the price; experienced and renowned artists tend to charge higher rates.

Additionally, the location of the tattoo studio can affect the cost, as prices may be higher in big cities compared to smaller towns. It’s essential to consider these factors and discuss them with the artist to get an accurate estimate for the saxophone tattoo you have in mind.

Oh! And another consideration is the tattoo artist’s hourly rate. Some artists charge by the hour, while others have a flat rate for certain tattoo sizes or types. It’s essential to inquire about the artist’s pricing structure during your consultation.

Keep in mind that custom designs or incorporating personalized elements into the tattoo might also affect the cost. If you have specific ideas or want the tattoo to be unique, the artist may need to spend more time on the design, which can increase the overall cost. The best way to get your ballpark price is to talk to your artist!

3 different unique sax themed tat

Saxophone Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to choosing a design for yourself, I think it’s important to consider the overall vibes of your other tattoos. If you only have dainty art, then a traditional tattoo wouldn’t make sense. So spend a minute looking at your other work, or consider where you want your tattoo journey to go, and then get started.

1. Detailed Sax Design

2. Dark Sax with Stars

3. Sax Playing Birds

4. Frog Playing Sax

5. Unique Abstract Sax

6. Sax Made with Music Notes

7. Sax Playing Words

8. Instrument with Vines

9. Mummy Playing Sax

10. Sax with Butterflies

11. Realistic Gold Sax

12. Shrimp Playing the Sax

13. Sax with Lines

14. Person Playing Sax

15. Funny Panda Playing Music

Detailed Saxophone Tattoo Ideas

I like my tattoos to be extremely detail. I just find it very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it matches my overall vibe. If you align with me on this, then this is the list for you.

16. Sax with Light Lines

17. Abstract Swirly Sax

18. Sax with Flowers

19. Abstract Sax with Music Lines

20. Sax with Orange Streak

21. Beautiful Sax with Bird

22. Single One Lined Sax

23. Cool Guy Playing Music

24. Reaching for the Stars

25. Sax with Bright Abstract Colors

26. Hyperrealistic Sax

27. Sharp Sax Idea with White Aspects

28. Sax On Ribs

29. Thin Lined Sax

30. Large Saxophone

3 different colorful sax designs

Colorful Saxophone Tattoo Ideas

I love a little bit of color. If you are someone who enjoys colorful tattoos, then I think this section is going to prove to be your favorite.

31. Swirly Sax Idea

32. Huge Sax on Ribs

Sax tattoo with flowers

33. Sax with Little Flower Blossoms

34. Small Sax on Arm

35. Sax Sniper

36. Gold Sax with Traditional Flowers

37. Watercolor Sax Idea

38. Frog Smoking with Sax

39. Sax Being Flown Away

40. Small Little Sax

41. Dark Sax Idea

42. Raccoon Playing Sax

43. Sax on Thigh with Flowers

44. Dark Sax with White Lines

45. Abstract Blue and Black

Unique Tattoo Designs

I was honestly really surprised by the about of versatility and depth that this theme can bring to a tattoo. You can really tell which one of these artists had their heart in it. For truly unique tattoos, check out this list of snowflake tattoo ideas. Each one is different!

46. Sax with Cool Linework

47. Mario Playing Sax

48. Simplistic Sax on Gold

Saxophone ink ideas with color

49. Sax with Color

50. Phoenix Coming Out of Sax

51. Beautiful Sax with Florals

52. Mouse Playing Sax

53. Music Notes Shaped Like Sax

54. Black and White Dotwork

Frog playing a sax tattoo

55. Cute Little Frog with Waistcoat

56. Seahorse Sax

57. Cute Doodle Linework

58. Linework Bicep Sax

59. Sax with Barn Animals

60. Sax with Line Spirals

3 different sax designs in black and white

Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos are pretty popular nowadays. It’s cool to see so many people getting out of their comfort zones to try tattoos with these as their starter tats!

61. Magical Sax Idea

62. Mini Tattoo Idea

63. Sax on Calf

64. Sax with Dark Shading

65. 3 Different Instruments

detailed saxophone tattoo inspiration for band players

66. Sax with Numbers

67. Scribble Sax Idea

68. Sax with Dot Circle

69. Gold Sax with Red Flowers

70. Sax with Cherries and Fruit

Geometric sax tattoo design

71. Geometric Sax

72. Little Linework Abstract

73. Traditional Sax with Gold Colors

74. Dark Grey Sax

75. Raccoon Playing Sax

Rockin’ Saxophone Tattoo Ideas

I saved the best for last, naturally.

76. Cool Person with Sax

77. Armadillo with Red Lines

small tattoo design of a saxophone with name

78. Ankle Tattoo Idea

79. Gold Instrument Idea

80. Sax with Green Lines

81. Hyperrealistic Sax with Light

Dance quote designs with musical instrument

82. Dance Dance Dance

83. Sax Growing Flowers

84. Iconic Sax

85. Vibrant Sax Idea

86. Lovely Little Frog

87. Sax Player

saxophone tattoo

So…there you go. I really think that Seb would be proud, don’t you? I know that LA LA Land is an old movie but it’s still so relevant today. Ryan Gosling just starred in the Barbie Movie, so I just wanted to take a little walk down memory lane before I saw him go bleach blonde.

I hope you loved these amazing saxophone tattoo ideas, and that you found one that spoke to you. Personally, I found about 3 but that is going to be my burden to bear.

For more musical tattoos, you need to check out these record player tattoo ideas!

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