Inside: The coolest record player tattoos for music lovers.

Do you love music? Actually, that is a silly question; of course you do! Anyone who doesn’t like music cannot be trusted. Music has always been a large part of my life. I tend to listen to at least 30 minutes a day!

It helps me celebrate during the good times and cry during the sad times, and it gives me something to relate to during the times that I feel all alone.

Music is very special to me. And I am guessing if you are thinking about getting a record player tattoo that it must be to you as well. Huzzah!

Rockin' Record Player Tattoo

Today, I have decided to compile some of the most Rockin’ record player tattoos that I could find on the internet. Along with these ideas, I also go over the price and pain of a record player tattoo. So stick with me, and you will learn all you need to.

Will a record player tattoo hurt?

I figured I would jump right into the question most important to the tattoo newbies. I remember the scariest party for me before getting my new tattoo was how badly it was going to hurt. This is a natural fear, so don’t feel bad about it.

Honestly, I went in terrified, but as soon as I started being tattooed, I realized it was actually quite manageable and not terrible at all. Some people(myself included) actually find it therapeutic. You know that feeling you get after a run with all of those endorphins going? Yeah…that’s the feeling you get after a tattoo.

You can get some numbing cream if you want to limit your pain(and cease your worrying before your appointment). This is used by lots of tattoo shops all over, so your artist might even have some for you.

How much will it cost?

A record player tattoo will cost anywhere from $75-$1000 depending on the size, the detail, and the color. The price also varies between artists, so I would be sure to set up a consultation before you go in to get a good idea of your price estimation.

I always try and remind people new to the tattooing community that it is customary to tip your artists. 20% is a good baseline to work with. I know this can be expensive with a larger tattoo, but try and work it into your overall price while you are saving up!

Most tattoo artists have to rent their space in a tattoo studio, so they have to give a cut of their earnings to the shop. Giving them a tip not only helps their livelihood but its a good way to show your appreciation for the work they have done for you. So do it!

Simple Record Player Tattoo Ideas

I tend to kick off my tattoo lists with the simplest tattoos. My thought process here is that you can start out with simple and small ideas and then build your way up to the more intense ones. This way, you learn what you like and don’t like more clearly than if you were to just look at them all at once. So here are some simple record player tattoo ideas!

1. Simple Outline of Player

2. Black and White Record Stand

3. Player with Shutting Top

4. Abstract Record Player Ideas

5. Small Black and White Player

6. Thick-Lined Tattoo

7. Floral Music Player

8. Realistic Victrola

9. Dot work Tattoo Music Player

10. Simple Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Record Designs

I am such a big fan of traditional tattooing. Fun fact about me, though, I didn’t even know this was a style of tattooing until a year into getting inked. Yep, I had no idea. I don’t know HOW I had no idea, though, since most tattoo shops are lined with examples of this style. But hey, you live, and you learn. Check these out.

11. Record With Banner Quote

12. 80s Record Tattoo

13. Traditional Style and Era Record

14. Colorful Traditional Tat with Flowers

Colorful vintage music player tattoos

15. Victorian Record Player

16. Realistic Simple Tattoo

17. Black and White Music Box

18. Detailed Black Record

19. Thick Classic Flowers

20. Solid Colorful Music Player

Colorful Record Player Tattoos

Are you a fan of colorful tattoos? Then I made this list for you! These are some of the most colorful record player tattoos I could find online. They are waiting for you down below to look at and fall in love. So don’t let them down…

21. So Happy Together

22. Funny Ghost with Player

23. Solid Red Sun with Music Player

24. Music Box Tattoo

25. Classic Style Colored Tattoo

26. Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom

27. Cow Print Record Player

28. Trumpet Flower Player

29. 80s Style Record Player

30. Music Box with Leaves

Record Player Tattoos for Men

Down below are some of the coolest record player tattoo designs that are more geared toward the male end of the gender spectrum. These are super detailed and full of personality. I know there is one of these that will speak to you if you just give them a chance.

See for yourself.

31. Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

32. Checkered Music Player

33. Classic Traditional Tattoo Style

34. Black and White Delicate Linework

Record Player Tattoo

35. Buy Me a Rose

36. Realistic Record with Musical Notes

37. Going for a Jog

38. Funny Record Player Design

39. Beautifully Blended Tattoo

40. Adorable Music Player Tattoo

Record Designs for Women

Calling all ladies! This list is for you. I mean, most of this article is for you…but I thought having a designated little section would be nice as well. Below are some of the best record player tattoo designs I have seen. Many flowers, dainty line work, and awesome ideas are incorporated into each.

41. Floral Music Player

42. Dainty Black and White Tattoo

43. Abstract Record

44. Music Player on Ribs

45. Sunflower Record Player

46. Simple Linework

47. Dark Sunflower Player

48. Black and White Music Notes

49. Chic Tattoo Design

50. Cute Old School Record Player

Gramophone Tattoo Ideas with Black and White Examples

Gramophone Tattoos

As promised by the title of this article, here are some Rockin record player tattoos. These are basically all of the ideas that I just couldn’t leave off of this list. Take a look and see which ones make your heart sing.

51. Cute Classic Musical Player

52. Cute Design with Player

53. Realistic Record Player

54. Traditional Colored Record Player

55. Delicate Lined Records

56. Music On the Brain

57. Record Player with Flowers

58. Close Up Music Player

59. Clean Traditional Lines and Colors

60. Traditional Victrola

61. Here Comes the Sun

I am OBSESSED with these record player tattoo ideas. As a music lover, I have always struggled to find a tattoo that sums up my appreciation for the art, but today I finally have.

Record players are one of the first ways music could be played without a live band. They are both chic looking and sounding, and these tattoos are just meant to exist. Add one to your tattoo collection soon; you will not regret it.

I am going to call my tattoo artist right now.

I am not hesitating. How can I with tattoos as cool as these? I urge you to do the same if you feel this call as I am!

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