Inside: Placement Ideas for party dots tattoo and what they mean?

To those of you out there living your best life, party dots may be something you have heard of. This classic party tradition is still alive and well today.

It essentially consists of a couple of little dots that people who are out on the town partying will get.

It’s perfect because you can get them on a whim, they don’t take long, they are cheap, and they are relatively painless.

Part Dots Tattoo Placement Ideas

Depending on where you get them and in what pattern, they could look as simple as some extra freckles on your arm, to some cute decoration on your fingers. The choice is up to you!

I have compiled a list of the best places you can get a party dot tattoo, this way when the time comes you can be prepared.

Before that I just want to briefly go over some of the important things about party dots, just to get them out of the way,

The Meaning Behind Party Dots

Typically a person will get their party dots tattoo on a night of wild partying. Typically there is a copious amount of alcohol involved, and judgment is imparted.

So instead of getting big tattoos, these party goers will opt for something they won’t regret the next day: tiny little dots!

I’ve seen a few different meanings for getting these dots, but my favorite symbolism has to be that it represents ‘My Crazy Life’. It’s literally the tattoo equivalent to YOLO, or You Only Live Once.

The people who get these tattoos are typically free spirits who are doing what makes them happy. So if you are someone who appreciates these statements, then perhaps the party dots may be a part of your next night of drunken shenanigans. Because at the end of the day, life is short and the road is long.

I’ve also seen these used in really meaningful ways to mark a number of years married, kids fostered or jobs held.

We are just here to mark some memories, whatever that memory might be.

What Does It Cost?

One of the best parts about getting this kind of tattoo is that the cost is dirt cheap… because it’s literally just dots. Depending on how much you get, I don’t see this going over $50-$75. Pricing will vary based on the pace you go to get it done.

So the only sure-fire way to get exact pricing on this tat is to talk to the place you are getting them done at. At that point in the night though, you are less likely to say no if they charge too much. But who cares… you are making some memories that you won’t forget (hopefully).

How much does it Hurt?

It’s literally just a poke. Depending on where you get it, the poke can hurt more or less. A good rule to remember is that anywhere on your body where the bones are closer to the surface (I.e hands. ankles, ribs, etc.) are gonna be the ones that hurt you the most.

But if you wanted this to be your placement then you go for it. It’s going to hurt anyway, and it literally lasts like 2 minutes.

Party Dots Ideas on Hands, Toes and Ribs

Cute Placements for Party Dots

Okay, I totally get that this is not really the biggest tattoo and yet… you may feel nervous about getting it.

Especially if it’s while you are intoxicated, but there are ways that you can prepare yourself while you are sober so that drunk you will know what to do. And that is to plan out where you would want to get it!

1. 3 Dot Hand Tattoo

2. Finger Dots

3. Ear Dots

4. Toe Dots

5. Ankle Dots(Hearts)

6. Wrist Dots

7. 3 Dots on Hips

8. Dots on the Ribs

9. Shoulder Dots

10. Fore Arm Dots

11. Side of the Hand

12. Rainbow Tattoos

More placement Ideas, Example of small dots on an ear

More Placement Ideas

If you aren’t in love with anything you’ve found so far, do not worry. I made sure to include basically every spot on your body that this tattoo would look cute, so you are bound to find at least one you like.

13. Back of the neck – This is a good one if you want it to be less visible. The back of the neck can be covered by hair or a shirt most of the time and won’t be seen unless you want to show it.

14. Collar Bone Tattoo – The collar bone may be a slightly painful area, but it is still super cute. Plus party dots are tiny little tattoos that take literally minutes to achieve. You got this!

15. Chest Bone – Your chest bone is a good place to really express that you are living a crazy life.

16. Side of the Thigh – This would be one of the least painful places for you to get party dot. The bones are protected by layers of muscle and fat, so you will feel it but not as bad as other spots.

17. Back of the Arm/Elbow – This one is one of my favorites even though it hurts. It’s just super cute.

18. Shin Tattoos – Now shin placements are gonna be painful if you plan on getting it right on your shin bone, but the end result is adorable so what are we gonna do!

19. Inner Fingers – This is one of the more iconic placements for party dot tattoos. Inner fingers are perfect if you want to show the world that you are young and having fun experiences.

20. Palm Tattoo – The palm can be a good spot for this too. Not only is it very visible, but it’s not the most painful.

21. On the Spine – Yikes. This one can end up being pretty painful, but it is very out of the way. So if you want a party tattoo that you will forget exists come the next day, then a spine dot tattoo is the one for you.

22. Sternum Tattoo – If you have always wanted a sternum, why not get some party dots in that spot? Might as well. YOLO am I right! Okay, I apologize for that.

23. Top of the Foot – The top of your foot is another ouchie spot but it is also less visible than a lot of the other ones on this list.

24. Bottom of the Foot – For those of you who never want to see this tattoo again…save your party dots for the bottom of your foot.

25. Back of the Thigh – A much earlier one to take than the ones.

26. Side of the Face – This is a statement, but if it is a statement you want to make then by all means please, get yourself a party dots face tattoo.

27. Inner Ear – Your inner ear is my final great spot for these adorable party dots. It’s an awesome decoration for a normally plain part of your body.

Party Dots Tattoo Placement

In terms of aftercare, this tattoo requires little to none. That is the joy of tiny tattoos like this! With bigger ones, you have to worry about infection and moisturizing otherwise your whole tattoo is ruined. But which this one, though those things is encouraged, your dots won’t be deeply harmed by skipping out on these routines.

Interesting right? If you are just learning about party dots, welcome to the club. It’s nice to have you here.

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