Inside: Hilarious and adorable pickle tattoo ideas that you will fall in love with.

Pickles. The elite love them and the weirdos hate them. I’m not trying to start a fight, I am just simply stating facts. Pickles are awesome!

Did you know that pickles are actually just cucumbers soaked in a brine solution? Yep. Apparently, a lot of people knew that, but I only recently did.

Up until now, I was under the impression that pickles were their own variety of vegetables…how embarrassing.

Pickles have a very unique and very GREEN look to them, so you can never really mistake them for anything else.

This is one of the reasons why they make such awesome tattoos. No one will be confused about what they are. Will they be confused about why you have it?

Sure…but that’s a whole other can of worms. Or should I say a whole, “jar of pickles”?

Pickle Tattoos You'll Love

One of my favorite things about tattoos is that you can literally pick anything you want to be displayed on your skin permanently. They don’t always have to be serious or have some big deep meaning… they can simply be something you love.

Pickle tattoos are no exception to this rule, but there are some meanings behind them. I’ll include that below if you are interested.

The Meaning Behind a Pickle Tattoo

Overall, getting a pickle tattoo can essentially be a message to the world that you don’t care what anyone thinks about you. They are weird and that’s completely okay. They are an ode to your comfortability being yourself, and I think that is absolutely beautiful.

Another reason why people may get this tattoo is its personal significance to the food.

Like an inside joke within a family, it can tie you to people in a unique and awesome way, and this tattoo can represent that.

There are some harder things that this funny tattoo can represent. Things like trauma and hardships. The pickle itself is sour and cut off from the world in a jar filled with saltiness, so if you have gone through a tough time you may be relating to the pickle because of these qualities.

Side note: If you are getting a tattoo of the cartoon dog Mr. Pickles then you could just simply love the show and want to display that.

Pickle Jar in a heart

The Cost of a Pickle Tattoo

Pickle tattoo costs will change depending on whether you get it big or small, detailed or simple, as well as a few other factors such as the tattoo shop’s personal prices and taxes. Most of the time, taxes are included. But in order to get a good idea about how much your tattoo is specifically going to cost, you will have to sit down with the people that will be doing it.

This is the only way to be 100% sure of the price. Otherwise, pricing can range from $50-$800 or more.

The larger and more detailed it is, the more expensive it will be. Tattoo artists mainly operate on an hourly basis, so your artist by having a by-the-hour price. They can give you an estimate on how long it will take and you can figure out how much it will be from there.

Pickle Tattoo Pain Levels

How badly will a pickle tattoo hurt to get? This question also depends on where it is you are going to get it. It is known that areas of the body that have the bones closer to the surface tend to hurt more. The ribs and the collar bones hurt the most. Alternatively then, the best places to get it are the places with more fat. It acts as a protective barrier.

I always say that a tattoo is going to hurt regardless of where, there is no avoiding that. Many people find the pain almost therapeutic. But if you are nervous about it you can ask your artist if they have any numbing spray. Most shops will have this nowadays and if they don’t you can get some on amazon.

All in all, though, tattoos are worth the pain you feel while getting them.

Mr. Pickles Dog Tattoos

Mr. Pickles Tattoos

Okay, since we have covered those things we can now get into the best part of this article, the tattoo ideas! I started out with Mr. Pickle’s tattoo ideas and then after that, I go on to regular pickle ideas. Take a look!

1. Mr. Pickels in Color Circle

2. Mr. Pickle with Pickle Rick

3. Mr. Pickle

4. Mr. Pickle In Color

5. Mr. Pickle In New School

6. Good Boy

7. Black and White Mr. Pickles Emblem

8. Sweet Looking Little Puppy

9. Cartoon Mr. Pickle

10. Mr. Pickles with Pickle Rick in his Mouth

Funny Pickle Designs

There are so many hilarious pickle tattoos out there that it was almost too hard to choose between them. But I assure you that down below is the cream of the crop.

To make this even more fun, let’s make a game out of it. Try not to smile or laugh while looking at these…it’s going to be hard. Okay now go!

11. Pickle with a Goofy Face

12. Shark Pickle

13. Pickle Rick!

14. Pickle in a Too-Too

15. Simle Pickle

16. Vogue Pickle

17. Angry Pickle

18. Awesome Pickle Rick

19. Pickle Garlic and Cheese

Cute Pickle Tattoo Examples

Cute Pickle Tattoo Ideas

This last list is full of some of the simplest and sweetest pickle tattoos that I could find. I think if you were on the fence about the other lists, this one will win your heart. I showed these to my non-pickle-loving friend, and even she said she would get one. Just food for thought(pun completely intended).

If you love the work done by the artists, make sure to give them a follow. Their talent deserves to be seen!

20. Cute Heart Pickle

21. Pickle in Color with a Sun

22. Artisan Pickle Jar

23. Heart Pickle Jar

24. Homemade Pickle Jar

25. Cute Flower Pickle

26. Pickle Skewer

27. Black and White Jar of Pickles

28. Pickles on a Date

29. Jar of Pickles

30. Bunny Holding a Pickle

31. Jar of Pickle with Flower

32. Garlic Pickles

33. Cute Jar of Pickles

34. Cucumber with a Slice

35. Pickle Cat

36. Tiny Pickle

37. Dill Jar

Well, how are you feeling about pickle tattoos now? Are you a changed person? I bet you are. Don’t get me wrong, I love pickles. But before finding all of these examples I don’t think that I would have gone so far as to tattoo them onto myself. And yet, here we are…at the end of this article and I am considering calling my local artist to set up an appointment!

Food tattoos are some of the cutest and silliest things you can get. They’re timeless, and the possibilities are endless. I hope I did you, pickle lovers, out there justice, and that you have found a pickle tattoo that makes you happy (and hungry).

After getting your tattoo, remember to take good care of it. I have heard too many horror stories about people not doing their aftercare and I do not want that you happen to you!