Inside: Adorable simple squirrel tattoo ideas that are so cute they will drive you nuts.

Squirrel tattoos…okay wait, now hear me out. I know it sounds like an odd thing to get tattooed onto you, but just wait until you see how absolutely adorable these furry little creatures are in tattoo form.

Many people have given squirrels the title of their favorite animal, and for good reason. These nut-hungry little tree dwellers are not only small, cute, and hilarious. But they are smart as well.

We’ve all seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory haven’t we! Those squirrels gave Veruca Salt what she had coming to her. She was a bad nut.

That’s where my personal love for squirrels came from. The one scene in that movie has had lasting effects on my opinion on this commonplace animal.

I can still picture it so clearly! Speaking of seeing things clearly, this is a big decision, getting a tattoo, one that you will see FOREVER, so make sure it makes you happy.

If a squirrel does that for you then by all means… keep reading!

Squirrel Tattoo Designs That are Simple and Cute

When you are considering animals that you would like to get tatted, a squirrel probably isn’t the first to come to mind, but you should really give them a chance. They may not be a lion, but they do have some other strengths on their side.

I mean, their cuteness is one thing, but squirrels also hold specific meanings that can just add to the overall context of your piece. Let’s talk about it!

The Meaning Behind a Squirrel Tattoo

If you have ever spent time around squirrels, you will know that they are playful creatures. They are always getting into their own hijinx and messing with things. Because of this, one of my favorite symbols behind this tattoo is the idea of fun.

Being fun and playful is such an important part of a happy life. If you are too bogged down by all of your responsibilities and do not give yourself the time to relax and play, you are going to end up unhappy.

It’s scientifically proven that people get better results while studying if they take short breaks every hour. So giving your brain a break from the fast-paced style of everyday life every now and then can be extremely rewarding. If this is something that resonates with you then consider adding a squirrel to your tattoo collection. There are tons of great ideas below.

What will it cost?

The cost of your squirrel tattoo is highly dependent on the size and details that you go with. The smaller you get this, the cheaper it will be. Vice versa, the bigger it is the more expensive it is. That’s just how tattoos go.

One thing that you can do to get a good idea about what this will cost you is to get crystal clear on what kind of tattoo you want. I am talking about size, style, color, or no color. And then at your consultation, you can give your artist the facts, and then they can give you a quote.

Pain Scale

Tattoo pain depends on the person. What one person finds painful in another mind relates to kitten scratches. If you are someone who considered their pain tolerance to be on the lower side then I recommend getting your forearm tattooed.

Basically, any spot on you that has some more meat on it is going to be less painful. This is because your nerves are more protected by your layers of muscle and fat. The spots on your body that have the bones closer to the surface are more painful due to there being so many nerve endings being affected by the tattoo gun.

Overall though, I do believe that tattoos hurt regardless of where you get them. I have found that many of my tattooed friends consider this pain to be almost therapeutic. Not to mention the end result is so worth it.

To show you what I mean, I’ve put together a list of over 60 of the cutest squirrel tattoos that drive you nuts. And no, I will not be apologizing for that pun. It was too good.

These examples will help you to narrow down the kind of squirrel tattoo you would like for yourself.

Black Squirrel Tattoo

Let’s get into it. Starting with some simple Black squirrel tattoos, these are the perfect, none colorful tattoos that will dip your toe into the pool of squirrel possibilities.

1. Squirrel Sleeve with Raccoon

2. Small Dainty Squirrel

3. Black and White with Red Hat

4. Realistic Squirrel Ideas 

5. Squirrel Shin Piece

6. Perfect Black and White Squirrel

7. Squirrel Profile

8. Squirrel Fairy!

9. Black Leaf Wreath

10. Dainty Monotoned Squirrel

11. Little Squirrel

12. Funny Squirrel

13. Squirrel Inspo

14. Squirrel Hugging a Tree

15. Squirrels in Black and White

16. Cute Squirrel Tattoo

17. Squirrel and His Nut

18. Realistic Squirrel

19. Little Squirrel

20. Small Squirrel with Red Balloons

Cute nature rodant tattoos

Cute Squirrel Ink Ideas

Yeah yeah I know, this title may feel a bit obvious because every squirrel tattoo is cute. But these ones are extra cute okay!

Just take a look at number 32 on the list above. My heart cannot take the cuteness!

21. Epic Squirrels

22. Abstract Squirrel

23. Squirrel with Green Background

24. Squirrel with Blackberries

25. Knight Squirrel

26. Colorful Flower with a Squirrel

27. Little Squirrel with a Long Tail

28. Cute Detailed School

29. Adorable Portrait

30. Vividly Realistic

31. Adorable Realistic Squirrel

32. Squirrel in Hair

33. Sweet Squirrel with Closed Eyes

34. Sweet Strawberry Squirrel

35. Soft Squirrel

36. Simple Matching Squirrel

37. Floral Squirrel

38. Sweet Squirrel with a Flower

39. Simple and Soft Squirrel

40. New School Squirrel

Simple Squirrel Eating Nuts Ink Examples

Simple Squirrel Tattoo Designs

Who said a tattoo needed to be intricate to be good? No one in the history of ever! Some of my favorite pieces are just simple outlines. So I thought I would add this section.

41. Sweet Little Squirrel

42. Colored Squirrel

43. Squirrel Butterfly

44. Simple Outlined Squirrel

45. Squirrel in Traditional Style

46. Sweet Lavender Baby

47. Adorable Simple Designs

48. Squirrel with Sprained Outline

49. Cute Squirrel Piece

50. Robin Hood Squirrel

51. Frog and Squirrel Buddy

52. Squirrel Sitting in Tree

53. Scrat

54. Squirrel with Cute Hair

55. Colorful Squirrel

56. Squirrel with Thick Lines

57. Simple Squirrels

58. Single-Lined Squirrel

59. Cute Squirrel Sketch

60. Black Squirrel

61. Little Squirrel

62. Simple Pink Squirrels

63. Simple Cute Squirrel

Cute Black and White Squirrel Tattoo

Although a squirrel tattoo was never something I really could see in my cards, these examples have made me a changed woman. They’re just too cute. If you loved looking at these, then you should follow the artists that created them. They deserve love too!

So whether you feed them peanuts on the weekends or you never have seen them a day in your life… you can get a squirrel tattoo regardless.

That is the beauty of wild animals, they don’t belong to anybody, and nobody has any say over them.

If you found a cute squirrel you wanna get but also would like to add some other things like flowers, just know that each one of those also has its own meaning so you can totally double up!