Inside: Penguin tattoo ideas that everyone will love.

Do you have a favorite animal? Most people do. One of my top animals happens to be one of the world’s flightless birds: a Penguin! I am guessing if you clicked on this article, a penguin may be one of your favorites too.

So with that in mind, I have searched the internet for some of the coolest penguin tattoo ideas. During my search, I learned that penguins have more to offer than a cute face…they hold symbolic meaning too!

According to an article dedicated to this topic, “the penguin symbolism includes intuition, dreams, resourcefulness, evolution, and contrast. They also bring some important lessons as spirit animals. They can show you the way in tough times, as they encourage you to be adaptable in your life.” How cool is this?

Coolest Penguin Tattoo Ideas + Their Meaning

If any of these themes resonate with you, then you have to check out the penguin tattoo ideas listed below. But before we do, let’s go over cost and pain!

How much do penguin tattoos cost?

This is a hard question to answer. Each tattoo is different in terms of how much it costs. The longer they take to get done, the more expensive they are. This is because most artists charge by the hour, so if you choose a huge penguin tattoo…it’s gonna be spendier than a small one.

Do tattoos hurt?

Yes, they do. In order to get a tattoo, you have to have a tattoo needle stab you more than 100 times a second. This will cause some general pain and discomfort. If you want to avoid this pain, get yourself some numbing cream.

I had no idea this stuff existed until I was on hour 4 of my quarter sleeve. When my tattoo artist asked if I wanted some, I was DUMBFOUNDED. The relief that came afterward was very rewarding after the previous hours I had endured. Get some!

Alright, are you ready to look at some tattoos?

Simple Penguin Tattoo Ideas

First up, I wanted to show you some clean and simple designs. As you go through this list, please make sure to have your own tattoo in the forefront of your mind. Think about what color you want, if you want it to be simple or realistic, and perhaps where you want to put it. Write down your ideas!

1. Mama and Baby Penguin in Watercolor

2. Little Baby Penguin Wrist Tattoo

3. Cute Matching Penguins on Wrist

4. Penguin Design with Spiral

5. Cute Little Penguin Sketch with Stars

6. Penguin Wearing a Hat with Drink

7. Penguin made with Dot Work

8. Sweet Male Penguin Looking Up

9. Hilarious Penguin Wearing a Bikini

10. Penguin with Spiral Design

11. This Was In Fact Your First Rodeo

12. Penguin Design Ideas on Arms

13. Realistic Simple Penguin

14. Lightwork Penguin

15. Tiny Black and White Penguin with Yellow

Black and white Penguin Tattoos

Black and White Penguin Designs

Since penguins are already black and white, these tattoos don’t seem too far off from the real thing. But if you like little to no color on your tattoos, then this is the list that I made with you in mind. I have plenty of black and white tattoos; I understand the appeal.

16. Cartoon Family of Penguins

17. Penguin Design That’s Adorable

18. Crazy Looking Penguin Eating Fish

19. Cool Penguin Skeleton

20. Cute Little Penguin with Snowflake

21. Penguins of Madagascar

22. Simplistic Little Penguin

23. Cute Penguin Design with Little Sword

24. 2 Tone Penguin on Arm

25. Black and White Penguin with Yellow

26. 4 Penguin Babies

27. Cute Little Fluffy Penguin

28. Penguins Jumping Rope

29. One Line Tattoo of Outline

30. Spooky Punk Penguin

31. Penguin with Cute Floral Design

32. Funny Chunky Penguin

Penguin Tattoos for Men

This next list is all you guys out there! I am just obsessed this these designs. They are powerful and very unique! Take a look at these to see which ones you like best.

33. Penguin Family in Color

34. Hilarious Emperor Penguin

35. Cute Colorful Snow Globe with Penguin

36. Cute Matching Penguins for Men and Women

37. Penguin with Dot Shading

38. Cute Periscope Penguin Family

39. Black and White Penguin Looking Up

40. Cute Little Guy with Balloon

41. 2 Penguins on Different Arms

42. Simple Black and White Penguin with Cool Details

43. Emperor Penguin on Shin

44. Funny Hockey Playing Penguin

45. Cute Double Penguin Ink

46. Black and White Penguin Set

Unique Penguin Tattoo Ideas

Unique Penguin Designs

Next up, we have some of the most unique penguin tattoo designs that I have seen to date. I think my favorites are the ones that include the northern lights behind the penguins. I know they don’t really need any more beauty than they already have…but it helps. Take a look through these and decide what you think.

47. Cute Crystals with Snowflake Design

48. Baby Penguins Under the Northern Lights

49. Sweet Little Penguin

50. Little Lightning Penguin Outline

51. Full Penguin Sleeve

52. Penguin Picking Flowers

53. Sweet Penguins in Love

54. Penguin Family Feeding a Baby

55. Dark Penguin Design

56. Huge Realistic Penguin

57. Cute Little Penguin with a Red Shirt

58. Penguin Splashing in Water

59. Cute Penguin with Sunset Design

60. Realistic Penguin from Madagascar

61. Mother Feeding Baby Penguin

62. Watercolor Splatter Art on Penguin

63. Floral Penguin Design, Cute & Realistic

Coolest Penguin Tattoo Ideas

Don’t let the name of this list fool you; all of the tattoo ideas on this list are cool. These just happen to be the COOLEST ones you will find. Not a big deal or anything. Take your time going through these; they have some great qualities. I especially love number 66.

64. Adorable Realistic Penguin

65. Tiny Penguin with Pink Balloon

66. Penguins Swimming Through Flowers

67. Penguin with a Snowflake on Stomach

68. Traditional Style Penguin

69. Simple Lightly Drawn Penguin

70. Green Sweater with Snowflakes

71. Cute Penguin with Sunset Behind Them

72. Funny Flannel with a Hat

73. Penguin Swimming with Bubble

74. Colorful Penguin with Cool Shell

75. Penguin Tap Dancing

76. Pingu the Penguin Ink

77. Penguin with Longitude and Latitude

78. Cute Little Detailed Fluffy Penguin

79 Penguin with a Sparkler

80. Watercolor Penguin with Ombre Color

81. Penguin with Rainbow Splatter Art

Must See Penguin Tattoo Ideas

Must See Penguin Designs

Lastly, here are some of my favorite penguin tattoo ideas on the whole list. I am genuinely in love with these, so much that I am considering booking an appointment right now. Check them out!

82. Baby Penguin with Blue Eyes

83. 2 Penguins, One with Skeleton Penguin

84. Balloons with Watercolor

85. 2 Baby Penguins with Splatter Art

86. Penguin Drawn with One Line

87. A Picture Perfect Cuddle Session

88. Penguin with Life Float

89. Abstract Penguin Love Tattoo

90. Adventure Is Out There

91. Tiny but Mighty Penguin Design

92. Geometric Penguin Design

93. Penguin with Fire Design

94. Abstract Green Sun with Penguin

95. Heart Penguin Kiss Design

96. Penguin Sitting On the Earth

97. Cute Simple Colorful Penguin

98. Triangle with Pink and Blue Shape

99. Baby Penguin with the Northern Lights

100. Penguin Stuffed Animal

101. Colorful Penguin Astronaut

So…what did you think? I hope that you took your time to contemplate what kind of penguin tattoo you really wanted while looking through these. Think about what size, what style, and if you want it in color or not!

Placement can come after you figure out what exactly you want to get done. Plus, once you are clear on that, you can connect with your artist to see how much they think it will cost.

If you love these animal tattoos, then you should continue the fun with some of our other options. We have plenty!

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