Inside: The sweetest handwriting tattoos ideas to honor the ones you love.

Tattoos contain multitudes. They can mean nothing at all and everything at once. It really just depends on the person getting them and the meaning that they personally assign to them.

I don’t think that every tattoo should have to hold meaning by any means. If you want to get a random flower because you think it’s beautiful, I love that. I also love seeing tattoos that do hold immense meaning. Tattoos are something that is going to be on your body forever, and if that permeant fixture makes you feel loved, empowered, and motivated… that’s even better.

Handwriting Ideas for Ink

Each of my tattoos has its own specific meaning. I have flowers for friends, my favorite children’s book to remind me never to grow up, and many more. But one that I am eager to add to my ever-growing list is a tattoo of my mother’s handwriting.

If you are also thinking about getting a handwriting tattoo, then you have clicked on the right article. Today, we are going to talk about them at length! I have also gathered some of the sweetest handwriting tattoos out there to help you find inspiration.

Handwriting Tattoo Cost

The best thing about handwriting tattoos is how cheap they are! Depending on how many words you get, your tattoo could cost anywhere from $50 to $150. This does vary based on artists, but this is a good ballpark to count on.

The fancier the writing, the more spendy it will cost. This is due to the fact that tattoo artists will typically charge you by the hour. So if the writing takes longer, it will cost you more. I always like to remind people that you should always tip your tattoo artist. Similarly to waitresses at a restaurant, you should be tipping about 20%.

If you are someone who plans on getting many tattoos by your artist, this is a great way to cultivate a good relationship with them. It also shows them how much you appreciate their work!

Do Handwriting tattoos hurt?

Yes, but the good news here is that they hurt LESS than fully shaded art tattoos. Since the line-work is simple, and there is less area to tattoo with these, the pain is considerably less than if you were to get a whole landscape done.

If you would like to limit your pain even more, then you can get yourself a bottle of numbing spray. Before your appointment, spray the area that you will be getting worked on. That area will be numb, so you won’t feel as much pain as you get your work done. Cool right? Science is awesome!

Okay, are you ready to be inspired? Let’s get into the best part of the article, the tattoo ideas!

Simple Handwriting Tattoos

First up, this list is full of the simplest handwritten tattoos. These have some very clean fonts and range from $50-$75 dollars, so they are very affordable! Check these out and think about which one you like best. Which font suits you more than the others? Lots to think about.

1. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

2. Cute Single Word

3. Clean and Simple Cursive

4. Honestly, It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything

5. ‘You’ in Cursive

6. BT Letters

7. Full Adorable Quote

Simple Handwriting Love Tattoo Ideas

8. Ukiyah in Twirly Cursive

9. Birth Year in Skinny Letters

10. Korean Handwritten Ink

11. Live Love Laugh Tattoo

12. Carpe Diem in Lovely Writing

13. Love in Delicate Cursive

14. Glasgow Kisses

15. Enjoy the Little Things

16. Life Still Goes On

Heartwarming Handwritten Designs

Okay, here is where the tears will start flowing. If you are thinking about getting your loved ones’ handwriting tattooed onto you, then you need to check out these ideas. Whether you need help deciding what kind of quote to have or where to put it on your body…these ideas will help you get clear on it.

17. How Lucky We Are

18. Love, Love, Love in Loved One’s Handwriting

19. Thank You For Everything

20. I Love You, My Star

21. Lovely Letter from Mother

22. Love You Baby in Father’s Handwriting

23. Thin Handwritten Note from Someone You Love

24. Love You Always On Ribs

25. C’iest La Vie

26. Personal Little Smiley

27. Sunny Side

28. I Love You In Loved One’s Handwriting

29. My Sweet Angel

30. I Love You, Dragonfly

31. If I am Lost, It’s Only for a Little While

Handwriting Tattoos

Unique Handwriting Tattoo Designs

Next up, we have some unique handwriting tattoo designs that I think you will love. If you are looking for something slightly off the beaten path, these are perfect. You can’t really go too far off the path when it comes to a handwriting tattoo since it is such a simple concept. But there are ways that you can add some pizazz.

32. I Can’t-Wait to See the Rest of the Story

33. I love you, momsy

34. Love You Always with Heart

35. Love You So Much Handwriting

36. Handwriting with an Old Note

37. Fancy Font with Mountain Scape

38. Love you, love Jess

39. Grandmas Words

40. You Are Worthy

41. Cute Family Tattoo with handwriting

42. Was I too soft? Or was the world too hard?

43. 3 Different Handwritings

44. Happy in a Weird Font

45. Prioritize Pleasure

Touching Handwritten Designs

Lastly up, we have some more tear jerkers, and I am not sorry about it. I think that these will help you to get really clear about what and where you want your tattoo to be. I think getting it somewhere visible is a good idea, so you can always see it. This is especially important if you are getting loved ones writing. You want to be able to look at it every single day!

46. Maria, with lots of love, Mom

47. Cute Twirly Cursive

48. Amore in Delicate Cursive

49. I love you, sweet girl, Grammy.

50. Sweet Quote with XOXO

51. My Little Jungle Girl Handwriting

52. Brave Written in Marker

Quote Tattoo Ideas

53. I Love You Forever and Always

54. Take It All In My Pride

55. Remember Why You Started

56. I Just Want To Be Your Teddy Bear

57. I Love You With All My Heart

58. More Love Than I Could Ever Show – Mom

59. Grandma Loves You A Lot xoxoxoxo

60. To Love and To Be Loved

61. Love You Always, Nana

I hope that this list has given you the clarity that you need to pick your own handwritten tattoo design. Who’s handwriting are you going to get? Maybe even your own?

I am choosing my mom because she is the most important person in my life. She is my life’s blood, my giver of life, and her words mean more to me than anyone else’s. I hope that your handwritten tattoo will also have such an important meaning behind it. But remember, if you just want to get one for the fun of it…that is completely valid too!

If you would like to see some more tattoo ideas, I have you covered on that front. It is one of my favorite things to do; coming up with new tattoo ideas. I have many of my own, and my collection is ever-growing. If you hold the same passion for tattoos, then you might as well save this blog to your bookmarked section.

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