Fruit tattoos are becoming more and more popular as of late, and I totally understand why! A lemon tattoo seems like a perfect addition to our latest sleeve, they’re pleasing on the eyes AND has a deeper meaning to the tattoo…uhm sign me up!

Of all of the fruits to get, some of the coolest tattoos I’ve seen have to be lemon tattoos. There’s just such a cool look about them, it makes my brain happy.

I was even more smitten with these when I learned more about the symbolism behind the lemon and what that can mean for you when you get a lemon tattoo!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Not every tattoo needs reasoning behind it, if you want to get a random tattoo just for the heck of it, go for it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I was genuinely going to get a lemon tattoo myself for no other reason than I liked the way it looked, but after doing my research I am now getting it for a whole new reason.

Okay…the first reason is still a big part of it, but still.

Alright, I’ll stop leaving you hanging now.

Lemon Tattoo Meanings & Symbolisms

Fruit in general brings the overall meaning of fruitfulness, fertility, and abundance. But Lemons take it a step further… well actually quite a few steps.

Lemons hold lots of symbolism. The most common is that it represents sunshine, health, and vibrancy. The beautiful yellow color of lemons when they are ripe is said to bring mental clarity and can detox your body of harmful things. This can be said mentally as well as physically, as lemons are also a symbol for clearing out negative energy!

Of course, we can’t miss the classic saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This is a beautiful analogy for the way a person can carry themselves throughout their life. When things get hard, instead of becoming guarded and bitter, you can choose to take those perhaps bitter experiences and turn them into something pleasant, joyful, and positive. It symbolizes finding the good in the bad, and that is a wonderful way to live life.

If you aren’t convinced to get a lemon tattoo yet, keep scrolling. We’ve put together a list of the coolest lemon tattoos on the internet for you to take a look at. I’ll be shocked if by the end of it, you haven’t booked your next tattoo appointment.

Lemon branch Tattoo ideas

Lemon Tree Tattoo

Let’s start at the roots, literally. Here are some of the coolest Lemon Tree Tattoo designs we found, take a look!

1. Lemon Tree In Bucket

2. Tree in Pretty Vase

3. Full Lemon Tree w Roots

4. Twisty Lemon Tree

5. Simple Lemon Tree w Blossoms

6. Tree Full of Lemons

7. Abstract Little Lemon Tree

8. Simple Lemon Tree in Black & White

9. Lemon Tree with Sky

10. Lemon Tree in Solid Color

11. Wobbly Lemon Tree

12. Little Lemon Tree on Ankle

13. Lemon Tree on Scalp

Lemon Slice Tattoos

These are some of my favorite ways to incorporate lemon into a tattoo. You get to see all of the beautiful veins that go throughout the slice, as well as that awesome cross section! This is sacred geometry at its finest.

Lemon slice tattoos

14. Lemon Cut in Half

15.  Bitter Quote

16. Lemon Slice in Color

17. Lemon with Dots

18. Classic Lemon Slice

19. Lemon Slice on Back of Arm

20. Black & White Slice

21. Little Lemon Slice

22. Detailed Lemon Chunk

23. Black & White Lemon Slice w Leaves

24. Thick Lemon Slice

25. Juicy Lemon Slice

26. Lemon Sliced in Half

27. Lemon Slice Stamp

28. Dainty Lemon Slice

29. Cute Little Slice

30. Lemon Slice w Bees

Lemon Branch Tattoos

31.Lemon Branch in Color

32. Detailed Lemon in Black & White

33. Colored Lemon Branch with Blossoms

34. Realistic Lemon Branch

35. Detailed Lemon Branch w Slice

36. Lemon Branch w Simple Line Work

37. Colored Branch w Beautiful Shading

38. Lemon Branch w Lined Leaves

39. Lemon Branch half Sleeve

40. Realistic Lemon Branch

Lemon Tattoo

Lemon Tattoos

Of course, we had to hit you with the classic lemon tattoos. You really can’t go wrong with one, in any form you get it in. Some of these are so realistic I want to squeeze some into my tea! That is pure talent on the artist’s end. Take a look!

41. Lemon Outline with Slice

42. Cute Lemon Tattoo

43. Simple Lemon Outline

44. Hyper-Realistic Lemon

45. Lemon on Forearm

46. Lemon on Stem

47. Cute Lemon Duo with Blossoms

48. Tiny Lemon Tattoo

49. Two Lemons in Color

50. Whole Lemon

51.Realistic Black & White Lemon

52. Full Lemon Branch

53. Awesome Lemon w Lots of Leaves

54. Tiny Realistic Lemon

Traditional Lemon Tattoos

Lemons truly thrive in the traditional style when it comes to tattoos. The thick linework makes it so clean and fresh looking, it’s amazing! Have a look.

Traditional lemon tattoos

55. Lemon Slice with Quote

56. Little Lemon with Flower

57. Classic Lemon with Green Shading

58. Lemon on Shoulder

59. Double Lemon Slice

60. Lemon with Blue Blossom

61. Lemon with Quote

62. Lemon in Solid Color

63. Lemon Halved

Welp, you’ve made it this far. Are you dialing yet? Because I am! I hope this list helped you narrow down your style and that you have an even greater appreciation for this amazing fruit, I sure do! Happy Tattooing.

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