Inside: 31 Compass Tattoo Ideas for a Travelers Heart.

Compass tattoos are popular among adventurers and nomads who travel a lot. They consider the tattoo design as a good luck charm that keeps them safe while traveling from place to place. This is basically similar to how seafarers regard compass tattoos as a symbol for guidance and protection. The four directions on the compass also represent their constant search for adventure in every direction.

Compass tattoos also symbolize loyalty. More specifically, loyalty or faithfulness to a partner. It means that no matter what happens, your heart will never go astray and will always point to that person you love the most. If you’re going for this meaning, you can complement the compass tattoo with a symbol for romantic love such as rose tattoos. And it wouldn’t hurt to have the name of your partner included as well.

Compass Tattoo Ideas

The great thing about compass tattoos is that they’re highly customizable. You can have them either in a simple “flat” style or in a 3D style. The former depicts a circle and a set of needles or arrows that represent the four key directions (North, South, East, and West). The latter actually shows an actual compass – as in the device itself.

Check out these compass tattoo ideas that are fun and full of great design!

Best Compass Tattoo Ideas

1. Humming Bird Compass

2. Floral Compass

3. Small Wrist Tattoo

Compass Tattoo Ideas

4. Watercolor Compass

5. Mapped Out Compass

6. Mountain View

7. Set Sail

Compass Tattoo Ideas

8. Detailed Map Compass

9. Lighthouse Compass

10. Simple Design

Compass Tattoo Ideas

Unique Compass Tattoos

11. Poppy Compass

12. Classic Compass Tattoo

13. Handdrawn Compass

14. Colorful Compass Design

Compass Tattoo Ideas

15. “Time flies like an arrow”

16. Detailed Ankle Tattoo

17. Green Tree Compass

Travel Tattoos

18. Colorful Details

19. Rose Compass

20. Simple Compass Design

21. Back of Neck Compass Piece

Travel Ink

Fun Compass Tattoo Ideas

22. Small Forearm Compass

23. Classic Ankle Compass Tattoo

24. Matching Compass Tattoos

Ink Ideas

25. Floral Covered Compass

26. Traditional Compass

27. Compass Combo

28. Rainbow Watercolor Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo Ideas

29. Geometric Compass Design

30. Compass Globe

31. Detailed Chest Piece

Compass Tattoo Ideas

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