Inside: 53 Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas For Your BFF.

A pinky promise tattoo is a symbol that has a great amount of meaning behind a small image. It’s a good emblem for close friendship or bonds.

Swear on it for good with these best friend tattoo inspirations.

To make a pinky promise, or pinky swear is a traditional gesture most commonly practiced amongst children. It involves the locking of the pinkies of two people to signify that a promise has been made.

Having that shared design with a friend is the perfect bff tattoo idea. Or use these pinky promise tattoo ideas as a promise to yourself. Check out our favorite design ideas and find inspiration for your next tattoo session.

Promise Tattoo

Pinky Promise Tattoo Meaning

Many cultures have a concept of the pinky promise or pinky swear. It’s when you lock your pinky finger with someone and promise them. And keeping that promise is all that friendship is about! If you dare to break the promise, your pinky will break too. In Japan, the saying about a pinky promise says you’ll have to eat a thousand needles! Which one is worse?!

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Any artistic souls out there looking for a unique tattoo pinky promise? We got your back! Big or small, these creative tattoo designs of the pinky promise are great for any placement you pick. Switch it up a little with different colored inks too!

1. Simple Pinky Promise Outline Designs

2. Back of Arm Pinky Swear Tattoo

3. Pinky Promise with Heart Outline

4. Promise Tattoo on Rib

5. Painted Nails Pinky Swear Design

6. Black and White Ink Hands

7. Matching Back of Arm Pinky Promise

8. Bicep Tattoo of Pinky Promise Outline

9. Magical Pinky Promise Design

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo Designs

Looking for amazing matching tattoos to symbolize friendship or partnership? We got you covered with this charming ‘where you lead I will follow’ pinky promise tattoo! Get it done on your forearm or close to heart as a promise to always be there for each other!

10. Matching Back of Arm Pinking Swear Outlines

11. Small Pinky Promise

12. Sketched Matching Tattoos

13. Temporary Pinky Promise Tattoos

14. Pinky Promise with Greenery

15. Small Matching Design

16. Red Ink Pinky Promise Art

17. Black Heart Matching Promise Tattoos

18. Pinky Group Promise

Best Friend Tattoos

Skeleton Hand Pinky Promise Tattoos

Are you a loyal promise keeper till death? Then why not tattoo this skeleton hands pinky promise tattoo?! Everyone made a pinky promise or two in life, but not many have kept it. Show off your promise-keeping skills with some cool pinky promise tattoos!

19. Simple Hand and Skeleton Pinky Promise

20. Black and White Shaded Design

21. Matching Skeleton Pinky Swear Tattoo

22. Skeleton and Witch Pinky Promise

23. Sparkling Pinky Swear Hands

24. Till Death Pink Promise

25. Skeleton Hands Pinky Swear

26. Detailed Dotwork Design Idea

27. Small Shaded Skeleton Hands

Skeleton Hand Designs

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers

Are you someone who always keeps a promise in your friendship? Then why not get this lovely pinky swear design tattoo with some foliage? It looks beautiful, it has meaning – what else could you want?! You can even add color in or leave it as is. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

28. Simple Pinky Swear with Flowers

29. Pinky Promise with Bundle of Flowers

30. Love You Always with Daisies

31. Flowery Design with Pinky Promise

32. Pretty Flowers Around Pinky Swear

33. Magical Flower Tattoo

34. Sunflower Pinky Swear Tattoo Idea

35. Outline of Pinky Swear Flower Bouquet 

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Words

These pinky promise tattoo idea are paired with sweet words and positive quotes.

36. Always and Forever

37. Promise on Pinky Tattoo

38. Treat People with Kindness

39. Love You Always

40. Family is Forever

41. No Matter What

42. Believe in Yourself

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Words

Pinky Swear Tattoo Ideas

Is there anything more precious than friendship? Get the entire gang down to a tattoo shop for matching pinky promise tattoos! You can opt to have them all in the same place or wherever you’d like. Pinky swear you’ll stay friends forever when you tattoo these pinky promise tattoos in black ink!

43. Single Line Pinky Swear Tattoo

44. Colorful Magic Swear

45. Detailed Dotwork Design

46. Pinky Promise with Butterflies

47. Pinky Promise with Wine Design

48. Sunshine and Pinky Designs

49. One Line Artwork

50. Pinky Promise with Flower Wrists

51. Fun Promise Tattoo

52. Small Pinky Promise Tattoo

53. Colorful Pinky Promise Design

Pinky Swear Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

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Pinky Promise Tattoo