Inside: Our Favorite Rosary Tattoo Designs + Ideas.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, one of the many rosary tattoos out there could be a great way to show your pride in your religion while also getting a very attractive tattoo. There are many places you can place your rosary tattoo and even more designs to choose from.

Each bead of the rosary represents the sequence of prayers that are to be said in order to complete the rosary. Rosaries are carried by priests, nuns, and devote worshippers. Design-wise, you will probably want to include every bead found in a real rosary if you plan on “using” it as one. Of course, if you are getting the tattoo simply as a meaningful religious symbol, then you can have as many or as few beads as you like. It all comes down to your preference, though the majority of rosary tattoos out there are quite realistic.

Rosary Tattoo Ideas

Meaning of Rosary Bead Tattoos

Rosaries have made a popular and beautiful image for tattoos to convey a complete dedication to the word of God. In most cases, this is the primary meaning that people want to get across to outsiders, though more meanings can be used. The truth is that these are quite personal tattoos, so it’s more important what the rosary means to you rather than thinking about what other people will think of the design you choose.

Often pictured with a cross, a bible, or praying hands, the rosary is an instant identifier of a believer of the Christian faith. The other religious symbols that you include with your rosary tattoo come down to what meanings you want to use and how you want your whole design to look. You should also think about the size that you want and where you want the tattoo to be placed so you can ensure that everything will fit perfectly.

Rosary Tattoo on Hand

1. Rosary on Wrist with Shadow

2. Rosary Tattoo on Wrist Idea

3. Thumb Tattoo of Rosary

4. Rosary Finger Tattoo

Rosary Tattoo On Hand

5. Hand to Arm Rosary Design

6. Blessed Hand Rosary Idea

7. Rosary Thumb Design

Rosary Tattoo on Arm

Rosary Tattoo on Arm

8. Mid Arm Rosary Tattoo Idea

9. In Loving Memory

10. Rosary on Arm Tattoo

11. 3D Rosary Tattoo Design

Praying Hands Sleeve Tattoos

12. Masculine Rosary Arm Tattoo

13. Roses and Rosary Full Sleeve Design

14. Full Sleeve Rosary

Tattoo with Rosary Beads

Praying Hands with Rosary Tattoo Design

15. Praying Hands with Rosary Beads Tattoo

16. Praying Hands with Roses

17. Beautifully Detailed Praying Hands Tattoo Idea

18. Tattooed Praying Hands with Family

Praying Hands Tattoo Design With Cross

Rosary Cross Tattoo

19.Rosary Cross Ankle Tattoo

20. Rosary Finger Tattoo

21. Salice Rose Rosary Tattoo

22. Colorful Rosary with Cross


Religious Tattoos

23. Rosary Tattoo on Wrist

24. – 45. Bible Verse Tattoos to add along side your rosary beads.

46. – 71. Amazing cross tattoos to end the beads with.

72. – 86. Celtic crosses to make the rosary tattoo idea old school.

87. This ankle version is perfect.

PS. Can you go to heaven with tattoos?

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