Inside: The Best Booty Tattoos + Designs

If you’re considering getting a sexy booty tattoo, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re thinking of adorning your booty with a tiny and subtle design or making your entire butt a work of colorful art, there’s just something so captivating about it.

For one thing, not everyone will get to see it, making the tattoo your delicious little secret. While it might not be the most conventional place to get inked, these booty tattoos prove that they’re anything but distasteful. In fact, a butt tattoo can be a permanent reminder of just how sexy you truly are.

Booty Tattoos For women

Is a tattoo on your booty sore?

Even though the buttocks have a proper layer of fat, muscle, and skin padding, it is a well-known phenomenon that tattoos in this area are still painful. This is due to the fact that there are around 2500 nerve endings in each cheek.

How long does a small tattoo take?

A small, simple quarter-sized tattoo could take an hour, where a large back piece could take seven or 10. Size matters in this equation, and it’s important to remember that time is also money. The longer it takes to finish, the more your piece will cost.

The Best Booty Tattoos

These little booty tattoos are so cute and the perfect cheeky addition!

1. Honey

2. Lucky You

3. Totally Rad

4. Heart Outline

5. Small Flame

6. Butterfly Booty Design

7. Girl Power

Small Booty Tattoos

Fun Booty Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a fun little ink idea? These cute little designs are perfect for you.

8. Bite Me

9. Pizza

10. A peach for your peach

11. Rose Stem

12. Cake

13. Kiss, Kiss

14. Lotus Outline

15. Space

Fun Tattoos for booties

Large Designs for Booty Tattoos

These are what we call, showstoppers! These tattoos are large and packed full of beautiful designs.

16. Large Flowery Outline

17. Full Booty Tattoos

18. Flower wrapped thigh and booty tattoo

19. Red Dragon Design

20. Lion Head

Large Flower Butt Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Cute Couples Tattoo Ideas – You know what they say, “couple who tattoo together, stays together.” Okay, maybe they don’t say that, but they should! I know, I know, it can be a little cliche to get matching tattoos with your significant other, but it’s 2021 and there are no rules. I believe that if you have someone or something so important to you that you want to tattoo it on your body, then it is worth it forever. Can I get an amen? So, if you’re feeling wild, in love, or just crazy about one another, here are 25 cute couples tattoo ideas to show just how much you two mean to one another.
  • Small Heart Tattoo Ideas – There are many variations of heart tattoos, and each has a special meaning. The symbol could serve as a reminder of heartbreak and how far the individual has come, it could be used to commemorate a loved one after their untimely passing, or be a simple yet powerful expression of love and desire. The different colors can also give the piece a new meaning; if you want to celebrate friendship or passion, a red heart is for you, while a black heart represents sorrow. Regardless of the design and the different elements you choose, a small heart tattoo remains one of the most popular and recognizable among everyone.
  • Dainty Hibiscus Tattoos – One of the most beautiful and dainty flowers is the hibiscus. When it comes to meaningful floral tattoos, hibiscus mostly takes the lead. This flower is more feminine and fits perfectly on women. The uniqueness of this particular flower is that It can sync with any other design very easily. You can also play with various colors to make it more personal.