Inside: The Best Booty Tattoos + Designs

Your booty is a very delicate and sexy body part! Why not accentuate it by adding a new booty tattoo design? Then you can show it off when wearing a bathing suit or during private moments.

The fun thing about a booty tattoo is that no one even needs to know you have it unless you want them to. It’s a little secret that can be kept to yourself for as long as you want.

These booty tattoo design ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Booty Tattoos For women

Is a tattoo on your booty sore?

It’s no secret that your booty has an insane amount of nerve endings (around 5000, to be more precise); it can be painful to get a tattoo there.

If you work up the courage to invest in a butt tattoo, it will be worth every painful moment!

How long does a small tattoo take?

The size of your new tattoo is going to greatly affect how long it takes to tattoo. If you go for a really large piece, you can expect to go back several times because it can take 10-12 hours. (trust me, no one wants to lay there for that long without moving)

However, if you go for something that is small and dainty, they can have you inked in less than 1 hour.

Visit with your tattoo professional to get a better estimate on time, based on the exact tattoo you are getting done.

The Best Booty Tattoos

These little booty tattoos are so cute and the perfect cheeky addition!

1. Honey

2. Lucky You

3. Totally Rad

4. Heart Outline

5. Small Flame

6. Butterfly Booty Design

7. Girl Power

Small Booty Tattoos

Fun Booty Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a fun little ink idea? These cute little designs are perfect for you.

8. Bite Me

9. Pizza

10. A peach for your peach

11. Rose Stem

12. Cake

13. Kiss, Kiss

14. Lotus Outline

15. Space

Fun Tattoos for booties

Large Designs for Booty Tattoos

These are what we call, showstoppers! These tattoos are large and packed full of beautiful designs.

16. Large Flowery Outline

17. Full Booty Tattoos

18. Flower wrapped thigh and booty tattoo

19. Red Dragon Design

20. Lion Head

Large Flower Butt Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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