Inside: What Is Tattoo Numbing Spray & How Does It Work.

Does numbing spray work for tattoos?

The short answer is: Yes, they do work. However, they are not a magic cream that is going to make your tattoo completely painless. They will make the pain bearable though, and in some cases much more bearable.
Think of tattoo numbing spray as the beer at the end of a stressful day that “Takes the edge off”.
Numbing Spray

5 Best Tattoo Numbing Sprays

  1. Ebanel Numbing 5% Lidocaine Anesthetic Spray for Tattoo
  2. PreTAT by TAT Balm Tattoo Numbing 1 oz Spray
  3. Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Foaming Soap – 4% Lidocaine
  4. Numbing Foam Soap 4% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic
  5. New Religion Holy Water by Saint Marq

Best Numbing Spray

How to apply numbing spraying?

Apply a generous amount of spray to the area being tattooed. It will numb the skin immediately on contact and lasts about 45 minutes. For optimal results, allow numbing spray to absorb for 10-15 minutes.
Does Tattoo Numbing Spray Really Work?

How does numbing spray affect tattoos?

The answer to this is, that generally numbing spray do not affect tattoo but it also depends on the quality of the numbing cream you are using. The bottom line is that it means a quality product will ease the pain without interfering with the tattooing process or tattoo quality and that without any side effects

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