A rainbow baby is a child that comes to a mother after that mother has previously experienced a stillbirth or miscarriage.  They are thought to be a beacon of colorful light that symbolizes light and blessings in the face of past tragedy.
To commemorate these wonderful children, many mothers will consider adding a colorful rainbow tattoo.
Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking into having a permanent reminder of your sweet rainbow baby, check out these sweet rainbow baby tattoo ideas that will inspire you to get ink of your own.

Meaning of Rainbow Baby Tattoos

The rainbow baby tattoo reminds the mother, and all who see her tattoo, of the immense joy this child brought to her life.  Dealing with a past tragedy makes the delivery of this child even more special, and memorializing that within a tattoo is an amazing way to keep that memory in her heart.

The Sweetest Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

1. Rainbow Outlined Foot Print

2. Colorful Rainbow Heartbeat

3. Birth Date + Heartbeat

Rainbow Baby Tattoos

4. Watercolored Rainbow Tattoo

5. Rainbows in the Sky

6. Rainbow Baby Feet

Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

Mama + Dad with Babe Tattoo Ideas

7. Sweet Rainbow Outlined Mom + Babe

8. Mama + Baby Elephant

9. Wrapped in Rainbows

10. Daddy + Babe Outline Tattoo

11. Sweet Soft Outline

Mom and Baby Tattoos

12. Face Outline

13. Simple Holding Baby Tattoo

Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos to Remember

14. Angel Baby

15. Both Babies Playing

16. I’ll Carry Your Heart With Me

17. Tiny Footprints Tattoo

18. Initials with Wings

Tattoos to Remember

A Few More Beautiful Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

19. Rainbow Heart with Outline

20. Rainbow Footprint

21. Baby Elephants

22. Rainbow Matching Hearts

23. Sweet Rainbow Baby Quote

Rainbow Baby Tattoo Ideas

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