Hands are a wonderful place for tattoos. Not only will the tattoo be extremely visible, but people will even be able to see it during the cold winter sweater season! Which is arguably the best part of having hand tattoos.

If you’re someone who likes to decorate their hands with jewelry, then perhaps a hand tattoo has been on your bucket list. We get it! There are so many wonderful designs and styles to choose from, not to mention picking the size and placement on your hand. Where do you even start! Don’t worry, we got you.

We’ve compiled a list of the coolest & cutest side hand tattoos for you to take a look through to find your style.

Before we get into that, you may be wondering…

Do Tattoos on the Side of Your Hand Hurt?

The amount of pain you’ll feel when getting a tattoo anywhere on your body highly depends on your personal pain tolerance. A 2 on the pain scale for some may turn out to be a 10 for others, there’s no true way to 100% guess how badly it’ll hurt. With that being said, tattoos done on places where the bone sits closer to the skin tend to hurt much more than in meatier places.

This is because boney areas are packed full of more nerve endings! So, your hands will be more painful than say, your forearm. But it’s totally worth it to be able to have the finished product!

Side hand tattoo designs

Hand Placement Meaning

As you probably know, tattoos themselves can hold lots of weight & meaning. You can get one for a lost loved one or for a prized memory, this adds to the depth and a personal tie to your ink. But did you know that where you decide to place your tattoo on your body holds meaning as well?

Hand tattoos symbolize the expression of rebellion. In fact, some people consider it the ultimate form of rebellion. You see, considering how visible this tattoo is, what you decide to get might be something that you intend for the whole world to see, you aren’t hiding it in any way.

Up until now, tattoos were always considered kind of taboo in society. Luckily, things are changing & tattoos are now widely accepted. Still, some of that residual shame remains. This tattoo placement takes back control of the narrative. It is truly a powerful message: I am not afraid to be seen.

This placement also symbolizes strength. As stated earlier, the hands are one of the more painful places to get tatted considering how close the bone is to the skin. So getting a tattoo here is a true sign of your strength & ability to be tough in uncomfortable situations!


When it comes to Side Hand Tattoo Costs, many things come into play. Costs can vary from shop to shop depending on; Size, Detail, & Color.  Broadly these tattoos can truly be anywhere between $50-$350, so talk to your tattoo artist for a better idea of what to expect.

Now, on to the exciting stuff. Here is a list of our favorite side of hand tattoos for you to look through to help you get some inspiration for your next tattoo session! Keep scrolling & see what you find.

Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose tattoos are a timeless classic that can never steer you wrong! Here are some of the prettiest rose hand tattoos we found, take a look!

1. Rose in Red Ink

2. One Line Rose

3. Black & White Rose

4. Simple Rose Hand Tattoo

5. Black & White Realistic Tattoo

6. Red Rose in Color

7. Awesome Rose with White Details

8. Tiny Rose

9. Matching Sister Tattoos

10. Rose with Flames

11. Pretty Elegant Rose

12. Rose with ‘Nana’ Stem

13. Simple & Dainty Rose

14. Rose on Thumb

15. Black Rose with White Highlights

16. Detailed Realistic Heart

17. Rose Thumb Wrap

18. Rose Bulb

19. Hyper-realistic Black & White Rose

20. Vibrant Blue Rose

Tattoo for the Side of the Hand

Tattoos on side of hand for men

With so many varying styles and topics, it can be hard to start narrowing down what you may want to add to your hands. In order for you to feel confident about your choice, it’s important for you to see all of your options…and there’s a LOT! Below is a perfect mix of side hand tattoos for you to look at!

21. RN 4 Life Tattoo

22. Roman Numeral Date

23. Anniversary

24. Cup of Coffee

25. Scream Knife

26. Different Planets

27. Smile Now Cry Later

28. Devine Feminine

29. Matching Couple Tattoo

30. Lotus Mandala

31. Son Of God Quote

32. Aquarius Symbol

33. Blessed Lotus

34. Mandala Symbols

35. Think Positive Tattoo

36. Small Butterfly

37. Handpoked Dots

38. Never Settle

39. Waves

40. Bird Silhouette

41. Simple Cross

42. Peace in Cursive with Bird

43. Dainty Flowers

44. Strength

45. Initials

46. Matching Couples Ink

Side hand tattoos for women

This cute & dainty flower deserved its own highlight. It’s the perfect example of a minimalistic hand tattoo!

47. Single Music Note

48. Mini Knife Tattoo

49. Small Symbols

50. Detailed Planets

51. Viking Runes

52. Cute Quote

53. Handpoked Symbol

54. 3 Hearts

55. Cute Tube of Paint on Thumb

56. Pray Hands

57. Colored Feather

58. Safe & Sound

59. Free

60. Eye Love You

Name Tattoos for Side of Hand

Adding a loved one’s name to your hand is a wonderful way to proudly display your affection for this person! Here’s a few examples of styles and fonts, but you could easily make this tattoo your own!

61.Cursive Name

62. Children’s Names on Both Hands

63.Names in Pink Cursive

64.Vicente in Black

65. Couples Names

Tattoos on Inside of Finger

Side finger tattoo designs

66 .Moon & Snake Tattoos

67. Cool Floral Tattoos

68. Dot Jewelry

69. Leaf Finger Wrap

70. Hieroglyphics

71. Cross on Thumb

72. Cute Dot Sunset w Stars

73. Bold Leaf Wrap

74. Simple Stars

75. Little Moon

76. Lightning Bolts

77. Smiley Face

78. Colorful Stars

79. Heart Semi- Colon

80. Little Cross

81. Triple Eyes

82. Heart Set

83. Tentacle Wrap

We hope you loved our compilation of side hand tattoos, and that you now have a better feel for your style as well as the meaning that this placement holds. Happy Tattooing!

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