Inside: Outline Dog Ear Tattoo Designs (Perfect for Dog Lovers).

If you’ve been mulling the idea of getting a dog tattoo, it’s time to get the lowdown. The kind of dog tattoo, its placement, and the meanings associated with it are all essential. Armed with the right information, you can get a tattoo you (and your dog) will be proud of.

Tattoos depicting dogs and canine culture are a popular form of body art around the world. Why do people show such devotion to their dogs as to bear a likeness of them on their skin?

Check out why people choose to get these outline dog ear tattoo ideas and more fun ideas below, and make sure to let us know what you (and your furry friends) favorite design is!


Dog Ear Tattoo Meaning

Permanent Tributes

A dog tattoo meant as a special tribute may be more abstract than those meant as memories. The tattoos may depict dogs with some human-like features. They can be complicated or simplified too. It all depends on the turn of mind of the dog owner and the tattoo artist’s ingenuity.

A Reminder of Special Memory

People who love dogs form very emotional bonds with their favorite pets. A devoted dog owner opts to have a tattoo resembling their beloved furry friend.

Dog tattoos can also be inked to commemorate a passed-away pet. With a tattoo in the likeness of their pet, they now have an ever-present reminder. It won’t equate to replacing the dog, but it delivers comfort nonetheless.

Where to Have the Dog Tattoo Inked?

The most common areas for the location of dog tattoos are the upper arm, the neck, and the midriff. Some dog tattoos also appear on the chest, lower back, and even on the wrist.

There are many reasons why a dog tattoo makes sense as a form of body art. The reasons for opting for one dog tattoo over another are varied and personal. If you want to join the ranks of those who bear canine body art, you now have plenty of inspiration.

Now, don’t be surprised if strangers on the street pet your tattoo!

Dog Ear Tattoo Ideas

These adorable, simplistic, and meaningful outlined dog ear tattoos are growing rapidly in popularity. They are simple but unique to you and your pet bestie. The best way to execute this tattoo perfectly is by being prepared before your tattoo appointment.

The first step in making this tattoo everything you want is by finding the perfect photo of your dog to replicate. You will want to make sure it is clear and the perfect angle for what you are going for.

Then when you find a tattoo artist that you trust, make sure they see your vision and have them draw up a proof for you. Then it’s all fun from there.

1. Doggy Head Duo Outline

2. Dog Ear Outline with Names

3. Perfect Match Dog Tattoo

4. Floppy Ear Outline of Dogs Ears

5. Simple Dog Outline on Chest

Dog Ear Tattoo Meaning

6. Dog Ears with Hair Texture Design

7. Ankle Tattoo to Honor your Dog

8. Dotwork Design of Dog Ears

9. The Perfect Dog Ear Match Design

Dog Outline Tattoo

Simple Dog Outline Tattoo

If you’re looking for something a little more unique and personalized to your pet, these simple dog outlines are another great option to honor your favorite pup!

10. Single Line Sleep Pup Outline

11. Outline of Dog Tattoo Idea

12. Running Pup Tattoo Design

13. Nose Boop Tattoo Outline

14. Puppy Face Outline

15. Tiny Dog Ankle Tattoo Idea

Simple Dog Outline Tattoo

Dog Face Tattoos

Get super creative with these detailed doggy face tattoo ideas. Unlike the dog ear tattoo ideas from before, which were simple in design but still unique, these detailed dog face tattoos are a real portrait of all your pets’ characteristics. From their fine whiskers, cheesy grin, and scraggly hairs, you can add all your favorite details and qualities about them in these designs.

16. Portrait of Dogs Ears and Face

17. Dog Face and Flower Tattoo Design

18. Doggy Duo Face and Ear Tattoo

19. Fluffy Colored Dog Face Body Art

Puppy Face Tattoo

20. Back of Ankle Dog Outline Design

21. Colored Dog Portrait Tattoo

22. Puppy Tattoo on Hand

23. Dog Tattoo Simple Outline

Dog Face Tattoo Designs

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Still, need some more tattoo inspiration? Here are a few more fun tattoo ideas that we think you will love.

  • Pawprint Tattoo: Have a little piece of your favorite pup with you forever with these adorable pawprint tattoos. Just like humans’ fingerprints, dogs have their own special paw prints. Making these tattoos special and unique to your favorite four-legged friend. Check out how to create this unique look and
  • Cute Animal Tattoo Ideas: Animal lovers often find their perfect tattoo in the symbolic expression of their favorite furry or feathered friend. These cute, inspiring, and sometimes ferocious tattoos are extremely common as people often link their own identities to these animals. Many of these tattoos are also inked in memory of favorite pets. Animals have several human-like quality and range in meanings across many different cultures. If you’re interested in learning more about what animal tattoo is right for you, keep reading to discover more symbolic meanings and cool ink designs.
  • Meaningful Tattoo Quotes: Looking for a way to express yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Consider adding your passions directly to a tattoo using both imagery and words. Here are some inspirational quotes and phrases to help get your mind thinking about your perfect meaningful expression for your next body art masterpiece.
  • Zodiac Tattoo Ideas: For those with a strong belief in the stars and zodiac signs, considering using your sign as a tattoo can be an amazing expression of who you are. Choosing the right symbol to represent your sign can tell others a bit about who you are and your personality. We’ve made a list of hundreds of Zodiac Tattoos for you to review to find the one that represent you the best.

Try Out these Tattoo Products

Just like taking care of your dog, you will need to make sure to be diligent in taking care of your dog ear tattoo. Here are a few products that we love for tattoo aftercare.

  • Tattoo Soap: TattooMed’s pH-balanced, cleansing gel formula is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic too which is great for soothing, cooling, and moisturizing tattooed skin. It’s also quite foamy, which is always a good thing as you can thoroughly massage the tattooed area. Lastly, it’s also a plus that this product is 100% vegan and not made from animal by-products – Which is perfect since it’s dedicated to the animal you love most. 
  • Tattoo Goo (You’ll Love This) – Tattoo Goo is a natural Olive Oil-, Cocoa Butter- and Wheat Germ-based balm. Petroleum also contains many impurities that can also clog skin pores and prevent the tattoo from breathing. Tattoo Goo® Balm contains no lanolin. Lanolin is highly allergenic. Tattoo Goo® was specifically developed for healing tattoos. This product is perfect for making sure your tattoo stays vibrant, beautiful, and heals up perfectly.

Dog Ear Tattoo