Inside: Country girl tattoo ideas that will have you head over boot heels

I think all of us have a little country girl in us. It is the part of us that enjoys nature, that likes to be wild and untamed. But the people in this world who have the most country girl in them are the country girls themselves.

Being born in the country, these women have a strong connection to the land and deep respect for all living creatures. Oh, and did I mention they are tough? Because they are!

So naturally, these tough nature-loving wild children are probably going to be getting some tattoos in their lifetimes. They are rebels! And rebels are known for their tattoos. So I have compiled a list of the cutest country girl and cowgirl tattoo ideas that will blow your hats right off your heads.

You can look through these ideas to get a good sense of your tattoo style and goals.

Country Girl Tattoos To Smile About

But before we do that, let’s take a minute to discuss some of the things you need to know before getting a country girl tattoo.

Country Girl Tattoo Cost

When it comes to tattoo cost, I cannot give you an accurate estimate unless I know the exact size of your tattoo, the detail that will go into it, the prices of your tattoo parlor, or how much your tattoo artist charges.

The only person who CAN tell you is your tattoo artist. So I suggest getting a pretty solid idea of the tattoo that you are looking to get and then booking a consultation with your local shop. In this consultation, you can explain your ink idea to the artist, and they can give you a proper estimate.

Will a country girl tattoo hurt?

Yes, a country girl tattoo is going to hurt. Tattoos, in general, are painful, but it’s not unbearable. There are places on your body that are less painful than others. Places like your thigh or your forearms because they tend to have more meaty muscles. Places that have more nerves(such as your spice or ribs) are going to hurt more. So if you are worried about that, then stay away.

You can also ask for numbing spray or bring some yourself!

Simple Country Girl Tattoos

I figured we could kick things off simply. Who says that a tattoo has to be complex and intricate to be good? No one! In fact, sometimes, the opposite is true.

If anyone gives you a hard time, just remember that the simpler your tattoo is, the more likely it is to age gracefully. Over timelines naturally will bleed out a little bit, and if you only have something simple, then it won’t be a problem.

1. Simple Cowgirl Boots

2. Pink Boots with Hat

3. Cute Dream Catcher

4. One Line Horse

5. Deer Antler

6. Black Horse Tattoo

7. Whimsical Horse

8. Cute Naturalistic Tattoo

9. Landscape Tattoo

10. Fully Healed Boot Tattoo

11. Boot in Black and White

12. Simple Cow Skull with Flowers

13. Mushroom Tattoo

14. Rose Hand

15. Bird Tattoos

Cute Cowgirl Tattoo Ideas

The Cutest Cowgirl Designs

Now, these you HAVE to see. I would be surprised if, by the end of this list, you aren’t calling your local tattoo shop yet to book an appointment. Or better yet, a consultation. As we talked about above, that is the only way to know exactly what you are paying.

Plus, it is always a good idea to get to know your artist. You will be spending a lot of time with them.

16. Girl of Nature

17. Traditional Style Cowgirl

18. Traditional Country Woman

19. Cow Skull with Florals

20. Boots in a Horse Shoe

21. Infinity Loop

22. Country Girl in Country Font

23. Boots Wrapped in Ropes

24. Floral Horse Shoe Tattoo

25. Sweet Cowgirl Back Tattoo

26. Feather and Horse Shoe

27. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

28. Tractor with Colorful Background

29.  Horse Shoe Tattoo with Dog Prints

30. Cactus in Hat

Floral Country Girl Designs

Everyone knows that country girl is synonymous with flowers. They spend so much of their time in nature; they basically live amongst them. So naturally, there had to be a spot in this article that was dedicated to the floral designs out there. Check these out, and remember, you can always change and tweak anything you don’t like, so it fits your vision perfectly.

31. Bull Skull with Flowers

32. Camo Deer Silhouette

33. Antlers with Flowers at a Base

34. Cute Flower Tattoo

35. Floral Pearl Antler

36. Hoove Prints

37.  Realistic Cow Tattoo

38. Clean Country Boot

39. Cow Skull with Cute Flowers

40. Boots with Hat on Top

41. Mason Jar Tattoo

42. Opossum Tattoo

43. Thick Outline of Hat

44. Bootyard Bandits

45. Country Girl with Hat

Cowgirl Hat Ideas

Cowgirl Hat Tattoos

Can’t have a country girl without her country hat. Better known as a cowgirl hat! These are some of my favorite ways to represent a country girl in the form of a tattoo because it’s simple, stealthy, and just perfect. Take a look through these to see what I mean. You will not be able to resist one of these beauties!

46. Cute Cow Hat

47. Rainbow Cowgirl Hat

48. Flower Simple Hat Design

49. Cowboy Hat

50. Simple Hat Tattoo

51. Cow in a Hat

52. Country Hat Finger Tattoo

53. Marbled Hat Tattoo

54. Traditional Cowboy Hat

55. Tiny Hat Tattoo

56. Heart Hat Tattoo

57. Realistic Hat Tattoo

Lovely Tattoos for Country Girls

This last list is full of tattoo designs that I just had to include. They are my honorable mentions if you will. After you look through these you will see why I didn’t want to leave any out.

They’re cute, and funny, and some of them are so tough you’ll have a new respect for our country girls out there.

58. Cowgirl Smoking

59. Floral Antler

60. Beautiful Cow Girl

61. Sea Bass Tattoo

62. Fish Hook and Antler Heart

63. Sunflower Mandala

64. Cute Deer with Leafy Antlers

65.Traditional Woman

66. Deer Skull with Antler

67. Fish Hook Heart

Country Girl tattoo

I hope that you loved looking at all of these country girl tattoos. Being a country girl is something to be proud of. You spend your time in nature, doing things that most city dwellers could never.

You have a deeper respect for life and animals, and you have a better time. I don’t make the rules; that’s just the truth. So I am betting that you will be getting one of these awesome tattoos today. If not for your own pride, but because it is a fun thing to do.

Remember that proper aftercare is key to a long-lasting healthy tattoo. I cannot stress this point enough. I have seen too many people just not care afterward and end up with an infected tattoo that just looks awful. Don’t do that. Be better and take care of yourself and your new ink!

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