Inside: 30 Sparkle and Shine Diamond Tattoos

Diamonds are precious, beautiful, and represent wealth. So adding some sparkle to your life with a diamond tattoo is perfection! Whether you love luxury or all things that shine, diamonds are strong, unique, and significant, just like you!

Diamond Tattoos

The symbolism of Diamond Tattoos

I think you’ll be surprised by all the incredible meanings behind diamond tattoos. It’s no wonder they are so popular! Let’s dive into a few of the meanings to get you inspired for your next ink session.

  • Power, Toughness, Unshakeable, and Longevity
  • Clarity and Honesty
  • Love
  • Devotion, Loyalty, and Dependability
  • Goddess, Beauty, and Fashion
  • Magnificence and Prosperity

Every tattoo you get can be symbolic and meaningful to you, even if it doesn’t fall into the typical meanings behind a certain design. Diamond tattoos are a beautiful and brilliant way to add something meaningful (or gorgeous) to the rest of your tattoos.

Colorful Diamond Tattoo Ideas

1. Pink Diamond Tattoo

2. Vibrant Blue Tattoo 

3. Multicolored Diamond

Diamond Tattoos

4. Watercolor Diamond Outline

5. Realistic Diamond Tattoo

6. Rainbow Real Diamond

7. Purple Diamond Tattoo Idea

Colorful Tattoo Ideas

8. Technicolored Diamond

9. Red Diamond

10. Diamond Galaxy

Red Diamond

Simple Outlined Diamond Tattoos

11. Simple Collar Bone Diamond Tattoo

12. Little Finger Diamond

13. Perfectly Shaded 

Small Tattoo Ideas

14. Small Finger Tattoo

15. Thin and Simple

16. Small Wrist Tattoo

17. Matching Finger Tattoos

Diamond Tattoos

18. Back of Art Diamond Tattoo

19. Behind the Ear Diamond Tattoo

20. Back of Neck Diamond

Diamond Tattoos

Heart Diamond Tattoo Ideas

21. Sparkly Blue Diamond Tattoo

22. Blue and Purple Diamond Heart Dream

23. Pink Diamond Heart

Heart Tattoos

24. Bundle of Diamonds & Gems

25. Rainbow Heart Diamond Tattoo Idea

26. Red Diamond Heart

27. Purple Diamond and Pearl Heart

Diamond Tattoos

28. Red Diamond

29. Blue Framed Diamond Heart

30. Diamond Finger Tattoo

Heart Gems

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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