Inside: Adorable donut tattoo ideas that take the cake (donut).

So, I think we can all universally agree that donuts are the best. They are sweet, portable, and have so many awesome flavor options. We even have a national donut day! And what better way to celebrate this delicious creation than with a tattoo?

Yep, that is a thing, and it is GLORIOUS. It’s basically serotonin in tattoo form. How can you look at a tattoo of a donut and not just smile? It’s impossible. So in honor of this epic circle sweet, I have created a list.

What kind of list you may be asking yourself? Well, it is a list of the cutest donut tattoo ideas from around the internet. I compiled these together for those of you who are considering getting your own donut tattoo.

You can look through these to gain some insight for your tattoo style and to get some inspiration for your new ink.

Sweet Donut Tattoo Ideas

There are so many different styles and themes down below, so I know there is a donut out there for everyone. But before we can get into that, let’s discuss some of the important things!

Will a Donut Tattoo Hurt?

I love this question. You know what they say: the cuter the tattoo, the less pain you will feel. This is not actually accurate, of course, but it’s saying that the more excited about your tattoo that you are, the less you will care about the pain.

Spoiler alert, tattoos hurt. You are literally having an ink-filled needle puncture you a million times a second, so naturally, there is going to be a sting. The good news is that it is very tolerable. There are places on your body that hurt more than others, like your hands and spine, because they have more nerves near the surface.

So if you want to go for a spot that is less painful, avoid those areas. But remember that you can also get numbing creams and sprays before hand to use on the big day if the pain is going to be too much for you.

How much will a tattoo cost?

The tattoo costs will be different depending on what you are getting. If you are getting a donut the size of a quarter, then it will most likely be cheaper than if you were getting a donut the size of a frying pan.

My advice is to book a consultation with your tattoo shop, the one you will be getting your ink from. Since prices can even vary based on shop-to-shop, talking to the person who will be giving you your tattoo will be the best way to get a clear idea.

But for a good rule of thumb, remember that the bigger the tattoo, the bigger the cost. The more details, the bigger the cost. The more color, the bigger the cost.

Now that we have gotten those questions covered, we can get into the part that we have all been waiting for: donut tattoo ideas! Take a look through some of these designs to see which ones suit you best. Take a screenshot or bookmark this article to be able to come back to it if you find something you like. Check it out!

Simple Donut Designs

To start us off, I wanted to show you some simpler designs. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed too soon. There are so many ways that you can spice up your donut tattoo, but it is always good to see what you can start with.

Think of this as the canvas that you will be able to build upon if you so wish. Take a look and get the inspiration ball rolling.

1. Light Pink Simple Donut

2. Harry Potter Donut

3. Classic Homer Donut

4. Tiny Chocolate Moment

5. Donut Snail

6. Pretty in Pink

7. Dripping with Frosting

8. Rainbow Chocolate Donut

9. Simple Unicorn Donut

10. Heart Shaped Donut

11. Drizzled Donut

Black and White Donut Tattoo ideas

Black and White Donut Tattoos

Just because donuts are normally colorful food doesn’t mean you have to get them in color. In fact, sometimes they look even cuter in black and white! See for yourself with the list below. They add some maturity to a pretty silly tattoo. Who would have that it was even a possibility with a subject as funky as a donut? But it is, so check them out!

12. Simple Donut

13. Heart Donut

14. Planet Donut

15. Planet Donut Number 2

16. Cute Donut in Black and White

17. Realistic Donut

18. Tiny Little Donut

19. Donut Snail

20. Donut Castle

21. King Donut

22. Matching Donut Designs

23. Donut Turtle Tattoo

24. Classic Black and White Donut

25. Cute Black and White Donuts

26. Simple Black and White Donut

New School Style Donut Ink

For those of you who are unaware, there are many different styles of tattooing out there. One of my favorites is one that has come to light recently, which is called New School.

New School style uses a lot of bold line work and bright colors, and you will find that they are some of the cutest and sweetest tattoos ever. Take a look through this list to see if this style is for you.

27. Donut Around a Rose

28. Cute Donut Cat

29. Dinosaur Tattoo Holding Donut

30. Jelly Donut Fish

31. Spooky Halloween Donut

32. Jelly Filled Donut

33. Abstract Donut Tattoo

34. Cute Donut Ink Design

35. Donut with Weights

36. Pink Donut

37. Pinky

38. Lady Donut

39. Panda Eating Donut

40. Little Kitten with Donut

Cute Donut Tattoo Ideas

Cute Donut Tattoos

These are some of the cutest donut creations that I have ever seen. So much so that I had to give them their own section. Sure, the other donut tattoos on this list were cute, but these are unmatched.

Be prepared to have your heart swell with the adorableness of this section. Don’t worry; it’s not a medical problem…it’s a donut reaction!

41. Blue Frosting with Pink Decor

42. Little Rainbow Sprinkles

43. Yummy Foods

44. Donut Smiley

45. Disney Donut

46. Finger Donut

47. Dark Chocolate Donut

48. Cute Halloween Donut

49. Light Pink Frosting

50. Happy Donut

51.  Don’t Break my Heart Donut

52. Donut Worry

Donut Tattoos

Donut Tattoos for Bakers

Donuts are a classic dessert that many people in the baking business have to create on a daily basis. More often than not, bakers have the ‘it’ item so to speak. This is the item that really sparked their love for creating yummy food. So if your item is the donut, then this list is perfect for you. It’s basically one big ode to this delicious round dessert.

53. Realistic Donut

54. Classic OG Donuts

55.  The Art of Donuts

56. Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles

57. Adorable Donut

58. The OG

59. Custom Lettering

60. Hibiscus Donut

61. Bakers Dozen

62. Thick Donut

63. Heart Love Donut

So…did looking through this list make you hungry? Because finding all of these ideas made me crave a donut SO BADLY. Yes…I am eating one as I type this. It is sticky, but it’s worth it!

I hope that you found something that you loved throughout this article, or at the very least, you found a little inspiration for your own tattoo. I think the best part about getting new tattoo work done is the excitement that comes along with it and the happiness that follows your appointment.

There are so many other awesome food tattoo ideas out there if you like these. Watermelon is just the tip of the delicious ice burg. Think about some other kinds of foods that you might want to add to your ink collection.

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