Inside: Everything you need to know about black light tattoos.

Tattoos have not always been socially accepted. I know this is a sad thing to imagine. Although we still struggle with tattoo judgment from older people in today’s society, tattoos are generally okay to have now.

As a heavily tatted person, I am very happy to exist in the world that I do. My job does not require me to hide them or look a certain way, so I am free to get what I like. But if you are someone who does need to worry about those things, and you have held back on getting tattooed because of it…

I am excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of black light tattoos!

Black Light Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know

These tattoos will give you the opportunity to get ink without any repercussions. Let’s get into it!

What is a Black Light Tattoo?

Black lights are these special UV light bulbs that are often used in clubs or raves. With the right colors, they can transform something from normal into a bright neon that glows in the dark.

So what is a black light tattoo? It is a tattoo that uses UV ink, so it will glow when you shine a black light on it. You can use many different colors, but the most popular is simply white. But you can also use darker UV colors for shading.

Can you see black light tattoos without a black light?

No! The whole point of a UV tattoo is that it is naked to the eye unless under a black light. Of course, if you look hard enough, you are going to be able to see the outline, but it is not as prominent as a regular tattoo. You’d have to really be paying attention.

I will point out that there are darker UV inks that you can see with your naked eye and that still respond under a black light. These are perfect if you still wish to see it but want that extra special pop in the right circumstances. If you want an invisible tattoo, you should just use plain white ink. These are the most invisible.

What is the ink made of?

Black light tattoo ink is made of special ink that includes a fluorescent dye. This dye can be seen when placed under UV lighting(aka a black light). The action of this results in a super bright, glowing tattoo that was seemingly non-existent in regular lighting. How cool is this? I would love to add this to some of my tattoos, just for some extra detail.

How Long Will a Black Light Tattoo Last?

Most tattoos start to fade after about five years, and the black light ones are no exception to this rule. I know that is sad to hear, but the good news is, if you do notice it starting to fade, you can go in and get it touched up and redone!

I’m coming up on five years with my first tattoo, and I have noticed the color is starting to fade a bit. But this doesn’t panic me because I knew this was going to happen when I first got it. It is, however, a reminder of how time flies! It feels like just yesterday I was in that chair, nervous with excitement about getting my first tattoo.

So don’t let this information deter you from getting one; it is still well worth it.

Do black light tattoos hurt?

Yes, because every tattoo hurts! Black light tattoos are no different. I have found that there are certain places on the body that hurt less than others. These places are ones that have more muscle and less bone, such as your forearm or thigh.

If the idea of tattoo pain is what is deterring you from getting one, you can also invest in some numbing cream(they have many options online). This way, you have something that can act as a comfort and shield you from the pain!

How much do black light tattoos cost?

Black light tattoos are similar in price to regular tattoos. If you are getting something simple and not too intricate, then you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $200 easily. Keep in mind that you should also always factor in 20% of your price as a tip.

Tipping a tattoo artist is as expected as tipping your waitress. It is a way to thank them for a job well done. Plus, many tattoo artists have to rent their spots in the shop they are in. So that tip really does help in the end.

If you are still interested in getting a black light tattoo, then you have to take a look at these tattoo ideas!

Simple Invisible Tattoo Ideas

I wanted to start out with some of the simpler black light tattoo ideas so that you can get the gist of what it is in a small way, and then we can build on it. I like doing it like this because I feel like it is more digestible, and you can figure out what you like in a clearer way!

1. Trippy Little Mushroom

2. Set Of Mushrooms

3. Cute Little Love Potion

4. Avatar: The Last Airbender Tattoo

5. 11:11 Face Tattoo

6. Detailed Hand Tattoo in Orange

7. Neon Swirls

8. Potion with Moon Behind It

9. Medusa with Colored Eyes

10. Neon Monstera

11. Abstract Neon Ink

Cool Blacklight Designs

Cool Blacklight Designs

Next up, I have some adorable black light tattoo designs that you have to see. Honestly, I am considering getting the self-love tattoo at the bottom of the list. It is super simple and super cute. Take a look to see what I mean!

12. Fallout 4 Tattoo

13. Good Luck Cat

14. A Whole New World

15. Cute Finger Tattoo

16. Cute Clear Ink Tattoo

17. Freedom Quote in Cursive

18. Lighter with Hand

19. Cute Glowing Heart

20. Glowing Memory Chip

21. Simple Marriage Band

22. Self Love

Intricate Blacklight Designs

Intricate Blacklight Ink Ideas

Lastly, I have some real show-stoppers for you. These designs are intricate and really amazing, so I wanted to save them for the grand finale. Take a look at these, and try not to jump out of your chair with excitement.

23. Lightning Fingers

24. Floral Spine Tattoo

25. Hand with Magic Dots

26. Butterfly with Semi Colon

27. Stardust Heart

28. Sparkly Pearl

29. Star Sign Constalation

30. Tigger with Glow and the Dark Balloon

31. Mandala Tattoo

32. Mulan Cutting Her Hair

33. Glow in the Dark Flower

What did I tell you? Aren’t these the most interesting tattoos you have ever seen? This makes me so excited for the future of tattooing. Pretty soon, they will have inks that do all kinds of things.

I have even heard a rumor that there is ink in the works that will tell you when you are dehydrated…what! I love science. If you loved these tattoos, then you will have to check out some of our other ideas. We have plenty!

I understand that many people are still wary of getting tatted because of the social standards that are upheld in our society, so this invisible ink is the perfect middle ground for them. They still get to experience getting a tattoo, but they don’t have to show it to anyone unless they want to!

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