Inside: Cornflower tattoo ideas that will inspire you this fall.

Cornflowers are one of my favorite flowers because of their brilliant blue blossoms. They are also one of my favorites because they remind me of my childhood. So if you are a fan of this blue beauty, then keep reading.

Floral tattoos are some of the most timeless themes you can get. If you have been considering getting your first tattoo or simply adding to your ink collection, then I urge you to consider the cornflower as your subject.

Cornflower Tattoo Designs

Cornflower tattoos are some of the most detailed and unique you can get. You will see what I mean when you look at the list I created below, where I compiled over 60 of the best cornflower tattoo designs that you will ever see. But before we get to that, we have to briefly discuss the importance of this flower and some of the questions you may have.

Cornflower Tattoo Meaning

To understand its meaning, we have to understand its past. Cornflowers get their name because back in the day, they actually grew around cereal crops such as corn. They were even considered weeds, even though their flowers were so pretty. This was back during the 17th century when this flower was reported only to be seen amongst the corn crops.

This flower can grow upwards of three feet, and its flower blossoms are typically 3 cm across. So they are tall and skinny! The flower itself is a vibrant blue color that is unmatched.

According to an article dedicated to this flower, it is said that “In the symbolic language of flowers, the strongest cornflower flower meaning is associated with love, fertility, hope, anticipation, patience, elegance, delicacy, refinement, and single blessedness. In medieval times, the cornflowers were associated with happy occasions— woven into a flower head wreath; the flowers were while dancing.”

So if you are looking for a flower that represents these themes, this blue beauty is the one for you.

How much will a cornflower tattoo cost?

A cornflower tattoo will cost anywhere from $50-$1000 or more. If you are thinking, “what! How can a flower tattoo cost that much?”, consider this for a moment: You could get a life-sized 3-foot flower all up your leg(see number 45, for example), and it would be worth that much or more.

Just because it is a flower doesn’t mean it will be cheap. So if you are working with a budget, I would say your first step to figuring out what is in your price range is to talk to the person doing your tattoo.

See what you can do with the amount you have, and if it costs too much, then you can wait and save up. You are going to have your tattoo for the rest of your life; you should get exactly what you want.

Cornflower Tattoo

Will it hurt?

The short answer is yes, getting a cornflower tattoo will hurt. To get a tattoo, you will be getting an inked-up needle poking you 100 times per SECOND. Though this sounds intense, it is a very bearable pain that many people grow to love. It can be cathartic, hence why people call getting tattoos a form of therapy.

If you are worried about the pain, I totally get it. There are some ways that you can lessen your painful experience. Things like coming prepared with numbing creams and sprays and choosing a spot that is known to be less painful.

You can see the pain chart here.

Okay, now that we have that covered…let’s get into the tattoo ideas, shall we?

Realistic Cornflower Tattoo Ideas

To kick it off, I wanted to showcase the true artistic power of tattoo artists out there. Realistic tattoos are just so breathtaking and awe-inspiring that I thought they would be perfect to start us out. Take a look at these to get some ideas for your own tattoo. There are plenty here to get you excited!

1. Simple Blue Cornflower

2. Realistic Flower Bouquet

3. Tiny Single Cornflower

4. Blue Flowers with Birds

5. Bundle of Blue Flowers

6. Cornflower Blossom

7. Vibrant Cornflower Ink

8. Bird Holding Flower

9. A Couple of Flowers

10. Bee with Blue Flower

Blue Flower Tattoo Idea Examples in Color

Adorable Cornflower Designs

This next list needs no introduction. Take a look through these to see the most adorable cornflower tattoo ideas in this whole list. You will not be sorry!

11. Top of the Spine Tattoo

12.  Adorable Spiral Design

13. Realistic Flowers

14. Light Tattoo Realism

15. Whimsical Flower Duo

16. Black and White Plucked Flower

17. Flower Cuff

18. Foot Ankle Tattoo

19. Light Blue Flower with Wheat

20. Big Back Tattoo

21. Little Blue Cornflower Ink

22. Butterfly Floral Tattoo

Small Cornflower Ink

Small tattoos are just as important as the big ones, and they can be more affordable too. So if you are working with a smaller budget or you simply prefer smaller tattoos, this list is going to hold the ideas that you desire.

There are tons of different styles and themes for you to work with as well so I know you will find something you love.

23. Dark Blue Watercolor Tattoo

24. Small Black and White Tattoo

25. Matching Flowers

26. Hip Flower Tattoo

27. Light Blue Accent Flower

28. Beautiful Floral Spine

29. Light Blue Ankle Tattoo

30. Dark Blue Big Flower

31. Flower Blossom

32. Blue Flower with Moon

33. Light Blue Tattoo

34. Floral Wrap

Black and White Cornflower Ink

Though they do look pretty with their natural colors being front and center, this flower is still just as beautiful in black and white. The details on these tattoos are insane. I made sure to include both abstract and realistic art, to create a more well rounded list for you to look through.

35. Large Flower Tattoo

36. Flowers in a Vase

37. Abstract Flower

38. Simple Outline

39. Sweet Floral Drawing

40. Abstract Black Flower

41. Black Taped Flower

42. Growing Flowers

43. Shoulder Fern

44. Realistic Flowers

Unique fall flower Tattoo Ideas

Unique Cornflower Tattoo Designs

As if this blue flower wasn’t unique enough, these artists put them over the top. I am in love with number 45 and am considering booking my own appointment to get something similar. Take a look at this list to find the kind of inspiration that I got from that idea. The kind that leaves you running to your phone to book a consultation.

45. Full Leg Sleeve

46. Red Cornflower Ink

47. Vibrant Neck Tattoo

48. Home Sweet Home Tattoo

49. Single Picked Flower

50. Beetle with Blue Flowers

51. Black Flower Outline

52. Floral Infinity Loop

53. Horse with Flower Crown

Simple Cornflower Tattoos

For this last list, I thought we could keep things simple. We’ve seen it all at this point, so why not strip it back to the basics? See how they shine without all the pomp and circumstance!

54. Watercolor Dainty Line work

55. Flowers with Bees

56. Lovely Full Plant

57. Blue Blossom

58. Black and White Blossom

59. Self Love and Growth

60. Feminine Flower Tattoo

61. Cornflower Chest Design

I hope you loved learning all about the meaning behind cornflower tattoos and the strength that such a little flower can hold. It is up to us to decide how we want our future to be. If we want to fill it with happiness and optimism, tattoos like this can serve as a great reminder of that.

Floral tattoos, in general, are great at that, and there are so many other amazing ideas that include a wide array of flowers with their own meanings; it could take a lifetime to get them all.

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