Inside: Colorfully saturated Alstroemeria tattoo ideas you’ll love.

Flower tattoos will forever be a classic. They’re elegant, delicate, and oh-so-beautiful. You really can’t go wrong! I think the best part about flower tattoos is that there are so many options to choose from.

There are thousands of species of flowers out there, and it would be impossible for me to cover them all in one article, not to mention I would be doing each flower a disservice by not giving them enough spotlight. So the star of the show today is the Alstroemeria! Say that five times fast.

Adorable Alstroemeria Tattoo Ideas

I found some of the most adorable alstroemeria tattoo ideas for you to look through to get a good feel for your style and tattooing goals. This flower is pleasing not only to the eyes but the heart too. That’s right; it has its own symbolism! So before we get into the ideas, let’s cover the meaning behind those petals.

Alstroemeria Flower Symbolism

Many tattoos in the world have some kind of symbolism behind it. Whether it’s a flower, a clock, an animal, everyone likes to have some sort of meaning to their ink. Though this is not always the case, I have found that it adds depth to a tattoo and can be a source of inspiration.

According to this article, “The flower(alstroemeria) symbolizes devotion and friendship. Its leaves grow upside, twisting out from the stem as it grows – much like the twists, turns, and growth of friendships. Alstroemeria is also a symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. White – Color white, in general, is a symbol of purity and spirituality.”

Isn’t that beautiful? I think this flower would make a great tattoo to get with your best friend as matching ink! I mean, with that message behind it…you couldn’t beat it.

Alstroemeria Tattoo Cost

An Alstromeria can cost anywhere from $75 to over $1000. I know this may seem like a wide gap, but it all comes down to a few key factors such as: Size, Detail, Time frame, and your shop’s prices.

I can’t tell you exactly how much yours will cost, but a good rule to keep in mind is the smaller the tattoo, the smaller the bill. When you are setting your tattoo appointment, make sure to let your tattoo artist know your budget and they can help you plan accordingly.

Always remember to factor in some kind of tip for your artist.

Will This Tattoo Hurt?

I can confidently say that this will be a yes, but don’t let that deter you. Tattoos hurt; this is a whole part of their M.O. But you can do a few things to help lessen the pain when you are in the tattoo chair.

1. Numbing Cream – Numbing creams are some of my favorite tools that I bring with me when I get a big tattoo. I always start out strong, but by the 2nd hour, I’m usually ready to tap out. This numbing cream brings crazy relief. You can also get it in a spray version.

2. Pick a less painful spot – It is no secret that tattoos hurt, but you may not be aware that there are certain zones on the body that hurt less. These places include meatier spots like your thighs, arms, and basically anywhere that your bones are less on the surface. This means you should avoid your hands, ribs, ankle, etc.

And there you have it. Now that we have covered the logistics, I think it is about time we get into the exciting part: take a look at the most adorable alstroemeria tattoo ideas (even some with animals!) you will ever see. It may be hard to pick with all of these great options.

Alstroemeria Tattoo

Alstroemeria Tattoo Ideas

This flower is one of my new favorites. Especially after learning so much about them, my love is sealed. If you are still on the fence, just wait until you see the ideas below. For this first list, take your time as you go through each and every tattoo. There are many different styles and designs for you to notice, so remember to screenshot or bookmark this article so you don’t forget them!

1. Vibrant Blue Flowers

2. 3 Flower Buds

3. Floral Quarter Sleeve with Alstroemerias

4. Dainty Floral Tattoo Idea

5. Alstroemeria Neck Tat Idea

6. Arm Band Made of Flowers

7. Alstroemeria Arm Design

8. Vibrant Arm Sleeve

9. Abstract Orange Alstroemeria Idea

10. Purple and Green Flower Ideas

Black and White Ideas

If you are not a fan of color, this is the list for you. Not only are they detailed, but they will go with any outfit too! I am not even kidding; they really will. My plan for my tattoos is to have both sleeves in black and white with one colorful tattoo on my forearms. If you are planning on having a sleeve, it is important to keep your theme in mind!

11. Alstroemeria Flower on Arm

12. Unique Flower Tattoo w Dragon

13. Grey and White Back Tattoo Idea

14. Black and White Flowers with Stars

15. Snake Flower Tattoo Idea

16. Simple Flower Tattoo

17. Single Flower Tattoo

18. Unique Flower Idea

19. Huge Black and White Tattoo

20. Flower with Pearls

21. Realistic Vintage Flowers

Realistic Alstroemeria bouquets for ink designs

Realistic Alstroemeria Tattoo Designs

Next up, these are some of the most realistic alstroemeria tattoo designs that you will ever come across. These are super lovely for those of you who take pride in realism tattoos. Personally, I have a mix of realism and abstract tattoos because I think they complement each other well. It is different for everyone!

22. Beautiful Flower Bouquet

23. Orange Flower Ideas

24. Cute Tattoo Ideas

25. Realistic Orange Ideas

26. Grey Flowers with Green Stem

27. Light Realistic Flowers

28. Flower Chest Piece

29. Pink Flower Ideas

30. Unique Pink Flower

Black and white flower Tattoos

Adorable Alstroemeria Tattoo

Lastly, I wanted to end this list with a bang. Below you will find some of the absolute cutest alstroemeria tattoo ideas ever. I know that tattoo preferences vary from person to person, but I just have a feeling that there is something on this list of everyone out there. They are dainty, beautiful, and mysterious. Check them out.

31. Simple Black and White Cute Tattoo

32. Grey Flowers Idea

33. Triangle Full of Flowers

34. Abstract Ankle Tattoo

35. Light Blue Flower Idea

36. Thick Lined Flower

37. Light Flower Idea

38. Forearm Tattoo Idea

39. Geometric Flower Idea

40. Realistic Light Pink Tattoo

41. Black Flower Idea


I honestly think I may have found my new favorite flower. From the shape to the spots, this unique petalled cutie has so much to offer in terms of tattoos. They are beautiful AND have a good meaning. I love it!

I hope you found some ideas that fit your tattooing goals. I understand how hard it can be to come up with a final decision for a tattoo. It’ll be there forever, so you want to make sure that it is the cutest that it can be. I think these ideas pretty much nailed it in that department. Don’t you? There is a handful of these ideas that I would have a hard time picking through!

If you loved these floral tattoo ideas, then I think you are going to go crazy for some of my other articles. Flower ink is my bread and butter; I have so many different ideas for you to look at!

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