Inside: Cutest bagel tattoo ideas you will love.

I think there are two groups of people in the world: People who like carbs and people who LOVE carbs. I am taking carbs in every form; pizza, bread, pasta, and donuts…you name it, they are obsessed. I fall into this group, and there is one carb that I love more than all the rest… bagels!

I love bagels. I have since I was a kid, and I will continue loving them until I am too old to eat them. I don’t want to think about that day, so let’s talk about something else.

Bagel Tattoo Ideas for Food Lovers

Recently, I have decided I want to get a bagel tattoo. Because how else would I show my appreciation for this beautiful food? So, I have scoured the internet and found the best bagel tattoo ideas for food lovers. I want to share my findings with you so that you can find the bagel tattoo of your dreams! But first, let’s briefly go over the logistics.

How Much Will a Bagel Tattoo Cost?

A bagel tattoo will cost anywhere from $50-$1000 dollars, maybe more. I know this seems like a wide range to work with, but you have to consider the wide factors that go into your end price. Size, color, artist…all of these things play a role in your end price.

The longer your tattoo takes, the more expensive it will be. This is because most tattoo artists work by the hour, so if your tattoo takes more time, it will take more of your dime as well. Wow, that was a good little rhyme there. If you want a bigger tattoo, I recommend saving up for a while before making your appointment.

A tattoo is a worthy thing to save for!

How Badly Will It Hurt?

If this is the question you were waiting for, I am guessing you have never had a tattoo before. This is so exciting! Please don’t let the idea of pain deter you; it is very endurable pain. Plus, it’s a part of the experience. Many people will get a tattoo during a hard time in their life because they feel it is therapeutic. It can’t be that bad, right?

Your first tattoo is going to be a bagel; that is pretty cool. If you are really worried about how bad it will hurt, I recommend getting some numbing cream or spray. This stuff goes on before you get started and then numbs the area it is applied to so you barely have to feel a thing. It’s seriously cool.

Don’t be ashamed about needing it, either. Some seasoned tattoo lovers will say that you need the pain to earn the tattoo, but I don’t think that is true or necessary. If you want to do what you can to hurt less, go for it! It’s your body, after all.

Okay, now let’s get into these ideas!

Funny Bagel Ink Ideas

Bagel Tattoo Ideas

For the first list, I like to explain each tattoo. I add a good mixture of styles and ideas so you can get a feel for how many options you have. Ready?

1. Tiny Simple Bagel Idea – For those of you looking for a super simple bagel tattoo that is small and easy, this one fits the bill. Take a look to see if this is the one for you.

2. My Everything Bagel – Something to consider when you are thinking about getting a bagel tattoo is the kind of bagel you are going to get. Plain? Raisin? Everything? It’s up to you!

3. Bagel Moon Phases – This one is creative, and I am here for you. They made the bagels into moon phases! This is right up my alley, I love bagels AND the moon.

4. Simple Black and White Bagel – You don’t have to have your bagel be in full color; you can do a black and white look like this example did.

5. Breakfast Bagel Idea – If you are like me and associate bagels with breakfast sandwiches, why not show that in your tattoo? Take a look at this example to see what I mean.

6. Traditional Style Bagel – Traditional-styled Tattoos have a very distinct flair to them. They use solid colors and thicker lines to create a great look.

7. Funny Bagel Cat – You can get funny with this, too; just look at this bagel cat! There are too many styles that I love so far, I may have to get more than one.

8. Great Realistic Bagel Idea – If you want your bagel to look like it’s fresh out of the toaster, this is the style of tattoo for you. Check it out to see what I mean.

9. Salmon Bagel Idea – Salmon bagels are famous because they are so delicious. They look even better in bagel form, don’t you think so?

10. Hyper-Realistic Sandwich – I am not sure I could handle a sandwich like this in view at all times. I would be hungry in every situation.

11. Matching Bagel Ink – How cute are these matching bagel tattoos. That is what I like to call BAE-GOALS. Okay, I am sorry for that one.

Black and White Bagel Tattoo

I know many of you will be looking for a black-and-white bagel tattoo option, so I created this list with you in mind. It’s full of some of the best and cutest black and white bagel ideas.

12. Simple Linework Tattoo

13. Adorable Grey Bagel Idea

14. Batty Bagel Idea

15. Rat King with Bagel

16. Cute Animal Bagels

17. Raisin Bagel Idea

18. Pizza Bagel Idea

19. Plain Bagel Idea

20. Funny Random Bagel

21. Bagel Arm Tattoo Idea

Breakfast food tattoos

Bagel Tattoo Ideas for Food Lovers

Food lovers, I think we need to all get matching jackets. Or better yet, why not get matching Bagel tattoos? This is the last list of bagel tattoo ideas, so check these out. There are so many awesome options, so don’t feel stressed if you haven’t fallen in love yet, I am confident you will.

22.  Salmon and Caper Bagels

23. Cool Salmon Tattoo Idea

24. Bagel with Cream Cheese

25. Belly Bagel Ink Design

26. Bagel with Seeds Idea

27. Cool Bagel Idea

28. Realistic Tiny Bagel

29. Egg Bagel with Avocado Idea

30. Black and White Bagel Idea

31. Cream Cheese

Bagel Tattoo


Okay, sorry, I took a quick snack break. I don’t know what it is about food in art form but it makes me hungry. This is why I can’t watch SpongeBob without a snack in hand. Those crabby patties look too good.

If you loved these bagel tattoo ideas, why not continue on the food tattoo fun and check out some of our other yummy ideas? I know that your carb obsession doesn’t just stop with these beauties. So take some time to look at these, and I know you will be booking your next tattoo appointment and lunch reservation by the time you are done.

Food is a great connector. It brings us all together. There are so many different styles and types, but they all do the same thing: Fuel our bodies and give us something to bond over. I love that.