Inside: Trendy Taylor Swift tattoo ideas Swifty’s will love.

Everyone loves Taylor Swift. Okay, maybe not everyone…but everyone with taste. ALL JOKES! But she is America’s sweetheart, don’t you know? She has produced countless hits over the years and is no doubt going down in history.

Taylor has earned her fame, and although she has more pop hits than I can count, she also has some lyrically brilliant songs as well. She is a highly talented and sweet person, so it is not surprising that she has a truly MASSIVE fanbase.

It should also not be very surprising that these fans express their love in the coolest way possible: Tattoos!

Aesthetic Taylor Swift Tattoo Ideas

I have compiled some of the most aesthetic Taylor Swift Tattoo ideas that the internet has to offer. Trust me when I say that these are brilliant. I made sure to add a good mix of lyrics, profiles, and cool imagery. But before that, let’s go over the logistics.

How Much Will a Taylor Swift Tattoo Cost?

A Taylor Swift tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to upwards of thousands of dollars. This all depends on things like how big your tattoo is, how much detail it has, how long it took, and where you are getting it done. The only way to get an accurate estimate is by sitting down and talking with your tattoo artist.

Remember to ALWAYS tip your tattoo artist when they are finished if you like the work they did. It’s a great way to show them how much you appreciate their work. Many artists have to rent their workspace from tattoo shops, so the extra money really helps. Keep this in mind! Just factor your tip into your total.

Will It Hurt?

I could lie and tell you no…but where is the fun in that? Yes, your Taylor Swift tattoo is going to hurt, but that isn’t Taylor’s fault. All tattoos hurt! It’s in their nature. Otherwise, they’d probably be much more common than they are. I will say that there are certain areas of the body that hurt more than others, and by avoiding them, you are saving yourself some pain.

These places are the spots where the bones sit closer to the surface. Areas like your collarbones, your ribs, and your hands will hurt more because they have more nerve endings exposed than other places. So if you want to hurt less, get your ink somewhere meatier.

You can also get some numbing cream, which many tattoo lovers swear by. This cream will numb the area it is rubbed on, so you will feel significantly less pain than if you didn’t have it. Okay, if this didn’t scare you off then I think it’s time to look at these tattoo ideas!

Taylor Swift Tattoo Ideas

Taylor Swift Tattoos

Here we have a good mixture of different Taylor Swift tattoos that come in different styles and shapes. This way, you can get a feel for your preferences up front, and you can use that knowledge to help you decide down the line. For this list, I went ahead and described some of the styles to help when getting your favorite artist’s ink imprinted on your skin.

Check these out.

1. New Romantics Taylor Ink with Shades On – Sometimes it can be a little scary to get a portrait of an artist done because it takes a lot of skill to do it right, but I think this style hits a home run!

2. Cancelled My Plans Just In Case You’d Call – You will see a lot of song quotes like this because Taylor knows how to write a good song.

3. Taylor Swift Headstone for ‘Old Taylor’ – This is a call back to her ‘reputation’ era; it’s a headstone that says, ‘here lies the old Taylor’. I think this is epic! It certainly was quite the time to be alive when this album came out.

4. Every Taylor Album Ever – For those die-hard fans out there, this is a simple way to honor every stage that Ms. Swift has gone through throughout her career. I think this is very unique and super cool.

5. Mastermind Chess Tattoo – This tattoo uses thin, dainty linework to convey a chest piece that is in reference to Taylor’s new song, “Mastermind”. I think this is a wonderful nod to this next phase.

6. This is Me Trying – I can literally hear this playing in my head as I type this. I think simple quotes like this make for very elegant tattoos that age very gracefully. What do you think?

7. Evermore Taylor Ink – Evermore was probably one of my favorite Taylor Swift albums, and for a good reason. It’s between this and folklore. I just go crazy for these. This tattoo is very cool.

8. Different Taylor Albums Idea – These Taylor Eras are written on the spines of books to make an added touch. I think this is so special because it conveys that this is her story.

9. You’re On Your Own Kid – This line really hit homes.

10. Fearless Tattoo Idea – Fearless is an album that only the OG Taylor fans will know; it is very significant! Take a look at this super simple tattoo that pays homage to it.

Black and White Taylor Swift Concert Tattoo Ideas

Black and White T-Swift Designs

Many people like to keep their tattoos in one color scheme. Black and white is a very popular one! If this sounds like you then I think you are going to love this list. Don’t knock it until you try it!

11. You’re On Your Own kid

12. Anti-Hero Idea

13. Taylor’s Version Idea

14. Realistic Taylor Tattoo

15. To Live is for the Hope Of It All

16. Bigger Than The Whole Sky

17. Evermore with Leaves

18. Abstract Taylor Tattoo

19. Folk Lore Tattoo

20. Disco Ball Tattoo

21. Mad Woman Simple Tattoo

Aesthetic Swifty lyric tattoos

Aesthetic Taylor Swift

And lastly, everyone loves aesthetics. It is a simple fact of life, and these Taylor Swift tattoos really do the job. If you haven’t been impressed this far(which would be surprising), then I think you will find happiness below.

22. Taylor Singing Tattoo

23. All Too Well Tattoo Idea

24. Long Story Short, I lived

25. Taylor Profile Idea

26. Realistic Taylor Idea

27. Shining Just for You

28. Cute Abstract Evermore Braid

29. Taylor Hands

30. Taylor in a Cage

31. Picture Me In the Trees


What can I say? Taylor has my heart. I am not sure if you can tell from this article so far, but I am quite a fan. I love the Disco ball tattoos and how retro they feel, plus they really convey the feel of the song they represent.

I hope you found the Swift-themed tattoo of your dreams. I know there was quite a lot to choose from, but I think that you totally have this covered. Just pick the ones that made your heart the happiest and narrow it down from there! Taylor has so much wisdom and loves to share, and these tattoos are an example of that.

If you loved these tattoo ideas, then why should you let the fun stop here? Check out some of my other favorite ideas. These will get you excited for your next tattoo session. You’ll be booked out for months!