Inside: Everything you need to know about about the allen key and how it’s used in tattoo parlors.

Tattoo parlors are intriguing places and anyone who has gotten body art can come back wondering about a lot of things. Besides the procedure, the equipment that is used piques interest as well.

From the tattoo gun itself to autoclave machines and Allen key sets that are on standby for most artists, there is a lot that people like to know about.

These tools are unique in their functions and have appropriate places in the parlor.

An Allen key or Allen wrench

Allen key wrenches come in handy not just when setting up a tattoo gun but also for adjusting as well as replacing the tip that is being used to make a tattoo. These corrections are necessary to make sure that the finish of the tattoo is as detailed and beautiful as the client needs them.

Some artists even keep an Allen key within arm’s reach to make sure that the workflow isn’t affected. In order to understand their functions better, here are all the details.

What Is an Allen Key?

An Allen key or Allen wrench, commonly referred to as a hex key, is a straightforward driver for screws or bolts with heads that feature hexagonal depressions or sockets on the inside.

Hex keys which are forged from an unbroken piece of strong steel rod which is hexagon shaped with no sharp ends that firmly fit into sockets for screws with a similar shape. The rods are turned at a 90° angle to create an “L” shape with two unequally long arms. The tool can be used the other way around, i.e. by the shorter arm to get to screws in hard-to-reach places and to tighten or loosen screws quickly.

The tool is often gripped and twisted by its long arm, producing a relatively large torque at the tip of the short arm.

Functions of the Allen Key

Made from metal that is strong and excellent in quality, the Hex Allen Key Wrench is a diversely functional tool. It is among the greatest products offered by suppliers of screws.

Customers can use the Allen Key Wrench for a variety of common applications and circumstances because its primary use is to tighten and loosen screw tools. On occasion, people might even use tattoo machines.

According to the needs of the user, the item’s long arm makes it particularly useful for maneuvering in small spaces.

Allen key for Tattoo Grip and Machines

Process of Tattoo Gun Assembly

In order to understand how an Allen key is relevant and appropriate, especially in tattoo parlors, it is important to understand the procedure of the tattoo gun assembly. Since the gun is the most essential part of the tattoo making process, it requires attention and detail both when assembling as well as how they are being used.

Here are all the details that individuals need to know about tattoo guns and the use of the Allen key is how to put it together.

There are several steps to the assembly; if you feel like you made a mistake along the way, disassemble all of your parts and start over. Setting up your pistol requires some practice, so it’s best to do it safely. Always start an assembly by cleaning your hands and your work area.

Step 1: Putting the Tube Together

The coil gun’s tube is made up of a stem, a barrel, and a tip. The stem must first be inserted into the barrel’s opening before the screw can be tightened. After that, you place the tip into the barrel’s bottom and tighten it using an Allen key. The tube is already installed for you when using a rotary gun.

Step 2: Assembling the Nipple of the Gun

You’ll need to put these parts together next if your needle doesn’t already have a nipple installed. The nipple, which is connected to the armature bar of your pistol via a pin, is what maintains the needle in place.

Step 3: Place the Needle Appropriately

Make sure to check the needle before inserting it. Bent, dull, or already-opened packages may cause infection and scarring. To avoid cross-contamination, always grasp a needle by the eye rather than the tip when removing it from a packaging. Choose a needle based on the type of job you intend to accomplish.

Step 4: Attach the Tube to the Machine

The tube is inserted with the needle. Holding the barrel away from you, you drop the needle through the aperture in the center. The needle’s eye loop must be properly attached to the armature bar in order for this to work. After that, you change the length by pressing down on the armature bar to help guide the needle’s tip out of the tube.

What is an allen key

An Allen key is an essential tool in a tattoo parlor. It helps adjust the tattoo gun appropriately to make sure that the body art being created is a truly inspirational one.

Tattoos hold an immense amount of importance for individuals getting them which is why they don’t want to take a risk with them.

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