Inside: DIY Tattoos Definition and process.

What is a DIY Tattoo?

These DIY tattoos are perfect ways to create your own unique temporary design using everyday items. Using these ideas you can figure just what design you want your next permanent ink to be.

How To Make DIY Tattoos

Stick and Poke DIY Tattoo

Another form of DIY Tattoos is the stick and poke method. This is much more permanent and painful, so today we are going with a more painless and easy approach.

Decal Paper DIY Tattoos

Decal paper is the same material used to produce the temporary tattoos you see in stores.


  • Computer
  • Inkjet printer
  • Decal paper
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Paper towels


  1. Create or download a design on your computer of what you want the temporary tat to look like.
  2. Print the design onto the decal paper using an inkjet printer.
  3. Cut out the design, but leave a thin border around it to make the tattoo a little easier to handle.
  4. Peel off the adhesive plastic from the surface of the paper and place the tattoo face down on clean skin.
  5. Wet the back of the decal paper with a wet paper towel.
  6. Peel the paper away to expose your new temporary tattoo.

DIY Nail Polish Temporary Tattoos

It seems a little out of the ordinary, but you can use nail polish to create an impressive temporary tattoo. This kind of tattoo looks similar to a bold tribal tattoo because it’s difficult to shade and highlight when you work with nail polish.


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish in your chosen colors


  1. Draw your tattoo design on a piece of paper
  2. Cut out only the parts that you want to color in order to create a stencil. If you plan to use more than one color, make two identical copies. On the first stencil, just cut out the areas where you want to use your first color. On the second stencil, cut out just the areas where you plan to use the second color. Repeat this process for any additional colors you’d like to use.
  3. Place your stencil on the part of your body where you want to create your tattoo.
  4. Paint the nail polish from the outside in to avoid getting nail polish under the stencil.
  5. Wait for the first color to dry before adding any other colors.

Permanent Marker DIY Tattoos

Take great care when using permanent markers because, like nail polish, they aren’t meant to be applied to the skin. Do a small test first to make sure you won’t have a reaction to the ink.


  • Permanent Marker Temporary Tattoo
  • Fine tipped permanent markers
  • A stencil of your design
  • Rubbing alcohol (90% is preferred but 70% will also work)
  • Deodorant (clear stick, not roll-on)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby powder
  • Instructions
  1. Cut out your design stencil.
  2. Arrange your markers and have all your other supplies at hand.
  3. Apply the deodorant in a very thin layer where you want to place your tattoo.
  4. Trace your stencil onto a piece of paper, and make sure you have a fresh marker with enough black ink to draw your entire outline.
  5. Place the stencil ink side down over the area where you applied the deodorant, and then apply firm pressure so it adheres in place.
  6. Remove the paper and examine the area to make sure the transfer took to the skin. if it didn’t, remove your first attempt with alcohol and try again
  7. Trace your stencil outline with a fine tip permanent marker to darken it.
  8. To add color, draw a line or two of your desired colors, and dip your cotton swab into the alcohol. Begin blending the colors using short, circular motions.
  9. Add colors as needed in order to get the shading you like.
  10. Use your fine tip marker to go over the outline again.

How to make DIY tattoos at home ideas & process

Some Tattoo Inspiration Just for You

  • Airbrush Tattoo: Airbrush tattoos are high-tech temporary tattoos. Using temporary inks and an airbrush machine to apply a design of choice to the skin. Airbrush tattooing is comparable to spray paint. The airbrush paint is sprayed through a stencil of the desired design.
  • Dragonfly Tattoo: They are considered to be a famous choice for tattoo designs, mainly because you can do so much with them and they can complement other designs. It’s a creature that is not only stunning in design but is wonderful in nature. Both men and women choose dragonfly designs, not just for their looks but for their meaning as well.
  • Cute Little Tattoos: Small tattoos may be discreet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a huge impact. In fact, sometimes little tattoo ideas for women are the most meaningful! Plus, if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to consider getting a tiny tattoo design somewhere that can be hidden. Nevertheless, with so many cute small tattoos to choose from, it can be a challenge picking just one piece of artwork.