Tattoos are a true expression of who you are, what you’ve been through, and what you like. Naturally, Ice Cream Tattoos are a pretty popular staple in the tattoo world. I mean come on, who doesn’t like ice cream?

It’s a symbol for many people’s Childhoods, for happiness, and it’s simply a food that sparks joy in the mouths of millions.

Chances are, you probably know someone with an ice cream tattoo or are considering getting one yourself, woohoo! Ice cream tattoos come in so many awesome styles and colors.

They are a great first tattoo and can also make great additions to sleeves. There are really no downsides to getting one!

Ice cream tattoo ideas

What does an Ice Cream Tattoo Mean?

An Ice Cream Tattoo is a symbol of innocence and childlike wonder. The vast majority of people when thinking back to their childhood will have memories that include eating ice cream.

It’s been the key feature in many happy moments, from celebrating a win to comforting you after a hard moment. Ice cream has been there for us all!

More specifically, an ice cream tattoo can represent summertime memories as well. Ice cream is never a more perfect treat than during a hot day. So if you’re a person whose summer break held the most memorable memories, then an ice cream tattoo is the one for you!

You may be asking yourself, how do I choose what Ice Cream to get? Well, that largely depends on you. You can go with your favorite, or someone you love’s favorite. Or perhaps there is a certain style of sweet treat that reminds you of a wonderful memory. If you’re still finding yourself in need of some direction, scroll on! We’ve compiled a list of the coolest ice cream tattoos that we could find to help you get a good feel for your style!


When it comes to Ice Cream Tattoo Costs, many things come into play. Costs can vary from shop to shop depending on; Size, Detail, & Color.  Broadly these tattoos can truly be anywhere between $50-$1000, so talk to your tattoo artist for a better idea of what to expect.

Ice Cream Cone Tattoos

Below is a list of different Ice Cream Tattoos in Varying styles & Sizes. Check them out!

1. Mini Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone Design

2. Pink Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone

3. Triple Stacked Fun Ice Cream Idea

4. Matching Ice Cream Cone Outlines

5. Traditional Style Ice Cream Design

6. Realistic Pink Ice Cream Swirl

7. Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone

8. Colorful Galaxy Cone

9. Mini Ice Cream Cone on Ankle

10. Black and White Drippy Ice Cream

11. Kitty Cat Ice Cream

12. Small Melting Rainbow Ice Cream

13. Ice Cream Shaped Like a Flamingo

14. Sad Dropped Melting Cone

15. Pink and Green Swirl Cone

16. Carton of Ice Cream

17. Hand Holding Ice Cream Cone

18. Ice Cream Outline with Stars

19. Pink Ice Cream Neck Tattoo

20. Colorful Ice Cream Creation

21. Classic Ice Cream Sundae Design

22. Ice Cream with Flowers

23. Pink and Green Ice Cream Pop

24.Strawberry Ice Cream Swirl

25.Pink & Green Soft Swirl

26.Liquid Gold Realism

27. Realistic Cone with Cherry

28. Classic Style Ice Cream

29. Octopus Ice Cream

30. Colorful Skull Melting

Ice Cream Face Tattoos

Believe it or not, Ice Cream face tats are a little hard to come by. If you were to type it into google the only thing that would pop up is photos of Gucci Mane with his infamous Triple Scoop Face Tattoo.

So the list below is a compilation of simple and smaller ice cream tattoo designs that can easily be used as face tat Inspo!

Small cute ice cream come designs

31. Simple Watermelon Bar

32. Black & White Cone with Smiley

33. Minimalist Ice Cream Cone

34. Dainty Ice Cream Cone Outline

35. Self Care Cone

36. Strawberry Cone with wafer Straw

37. Sleepy Moon Cone

38. Realistic Small Cone

39. Simple Hand Drawn Cone

40. Matching Cones

New School Ice Cream Tattoos

This style is bold and colorful with an awesome childlike feel. You can’t go wrong with kickin it New School!

41. Ice Pop with Flowers

42Japanese Fish cone

43.Awesome Pink Swirl

44. Black and Pink Ice Cream Bar

45. Skull Ice Cream

46. Eye Ball Ice Cream

47. Vibrant Ice Cream with Smiles

48. Halloween Themed Tattoo

49. Sweet Soft Serve with Bear

50. Planet Cone

51. Pug Cone

52. Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cone

53. Ice Cream Sandwich

54.Adorable Slug Cone

55. Triple Scoop with Cherry

56. Bubba Ice Cream Bar

57. Quarter Sleeve Ice Cream Goodness

58. Adventure Time Cone

59. Strawberry & Cream Bar

60. Patrick Star Pop

61. Norwhale Cone

62. Pokemon Ice Cream Sandwich

63. Pufferfish Cone

64. Ice Cream Sunday

65. Sad Spilt Cone

66. Betty Boop Ice Cream

67. Ice Cream Cup

68. Mint Chip

69. Blue Pink Swirl with Flower

70. Stay Minty Kids Cone

Cute Ice Cream Tattoos

ice cream scoop ink tattoos

71.Yummy Fpods

72. Little Black & White Cone

73. Thick Lined Smileys

74.Little Planet Cone

75.Ice Cream Buffet

76.Scribble Ice Cream Cone

77. Puppy Cone

78. Ice Cream with Dagger

79.Power Puff Girls Triple Scoop

80. Black & White Simple Cone

81. Black & White Scull cone

82.Triple Scoop Brrrr!

83. Behind the Ear Cone

84. Simple Ice Cream Bar

85. Ice Cream Separated

86. Classic Vanilla Cone

ice cream tattoos

Rapper Ice Cream Tattoos

The most famous ice cream face tattoo belongs to none other than Gucci Mane, who says he got it to always remind his fans how he chooses to live his life, Icy & Cool! Take a look below.

87.Gucci Mane

We hope you loved our list of ice cream tattoos & now have a better understanding of what style you want for yourself. Stay Icy!

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