Inside: Tasty Taco Tattoo Ideas + Designs (So Good You Could Eat).

If you’re looking to get inked, why not think outside the box and pick a tattoo that is meaningful to you and your interests? If you’re the kind of person who loves their food and you also love tacos, why not go with a taco tattoo! Taco tattoos are so popular right now that we couldn’t choose just 10 – so here are 47 of our favorites!

Street Taco Tattoo

Are Taco Tattoos Popular?

Tacos are delicious. Tacos are everywhere! Everyone loves tacos; you love tacos, and your mom loves tacos. Because we all have such an admiration for tacos, it makes sense to consider getting a taco tattoo! There are so many different kinds of tacos out there and so many ways to make them even better; that’s why there’s no wrong way to get a taco tattoo. If you don’t like one design or style of taco, then check out another! The world is full of tasty tattoos waiting for you. (and many of them are right here in this article!)

Taco Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is an ultimate way to show your love and commitment to Tacos. You know you will never stop loving tacos, so why not get them tatted on your chest for eternity? Here is a little inspiration to bring with you to your next tattoo appointment…

1. Bright Colored Taco Tattoo Design

2. Street Taco Tattoo with Lime

3. Fun Temporary Taco Designs

4. Fully Loaded Taco Art

5. Taco with Chilis and Lime

Taco Tattoo Ideas

6. Spicy Street Taco Body Art

7. Hand Holding a Taco

8. For the Love of Tacos

9. Tattoo of a Realistic Taco

10. Black and White Taco Tattoo

Burrito Tattoo Designs

These burrito tattoos are packed full of yummy designs that will add that extra bit of flair to your tattoo collection.

11. Burrito with Flowers Tattoo

12. Burrito Love Tattoo Idea

13. Taco and Burrito Lovers

Burrito Tattoos Designs

14. Matching His and Hers Burritos

15. Burrito Art Inspiration

16. Small Burrito Tattoo Idea

17. Realistic Burrito Tattoo Design

Tasty Cartoon Taco Tattoo

These cute cartoon taco tattoos are perfect for anyone with a funny sense of humor. They are quirky and cute and add so much fun to your tattoo design.

18. Ride or Die Cute Taco Character

19. “I don’t wanna taco bout it”

20. Tiny Taco Body Art Idea

21. Rock On Taco Character Design

Cartoon Tacos

22. Kissy Face Taco Tattoo Idea

23. Taco Character with Friends Tattoo

24. Taco Tattoo with Extra Sour Cream

25. Cool Taco and Flower Design

Taco Bell Tattoo

If you’re a lover of tacos, then chances are you are a lover of taco bell. I mean, it is the mother ship of tacos! These taco bell inspired tattoos are perfect for any bell lover out there.

26. Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Tattoo

27. Live Mas Logo Tattoo Idea

28. Beautiful Baja Blast Tattoo

Taco Bell Body Art tattoo

29. The Taco Bell “Bell” Logo

31. Retro Taco Bell Design

32. Diablo Hot Sauce Packet

33. Bunch of Taco Bell Items Tattooed Together

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

If your tattoo tastebuds are fully satisfied just yet then check out a few more of our favorite tattoo ideas that will spark

  • Sweet Peach Tattoos – Although these little peach tattoos may not always represent the love of food, they do still have a cute and fun meaning. This list is packed full of peachy designs are perfect for whatever peach dreams you are looking for. From super realistic to just juicy illustrations, here are some of our favorite peach tattoo pictures. Check out a few of our favorite flirty and fun designs.
  • New School Tattoo Ideas – The term New School Tattoos can be slightly misleading. These tattoo designs feature bright colors, fun characters, and cool designs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. When we say fun designs, we mean completely exaggerated funky and rad tattoos that anyone who grew up during those decades will appreciate. Check out these new school tattoo designs and pick your favorite!
  • Funny Tattoo IdeasAdd some humor with these fun and playful tattoos. They are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and make you giggle every time you think of them. Take a look at these funny tattoo ideas for inspiration.

Taco Tattoo

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