Inside: 43 Funny Tattoo Ideas

You consider yourself a pretty funny person so of course, you need a fun and funny tattoo to show the world you have a sense of humor and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Maybe it’s something that plays off a birthmark or a freckly. Maybe the tattoo is just a funny design. Where do you even begin? Seeing as you are reading this you are probably looking for some ideas to spark that perfect funny tattoo.

Funny Tattoo Ideas

Funny Tattoo Ideas

1. Male Tears: Ha, This is just too funny!

2. Charlie Chaplin: A simple funny tattoos idea involving a hat and a mustache, reminds you of the infamous comedian Charlie Chaplin. The funny character was famous for donning a top hat and a trademark mustache in all his comedy films.

3. Scratching Cat: This is actually a temporary Tattoo, which is great if you want to test run your funny tattoo idea before you commit!

funny tattoo ideas

4. Naked Banana

5. Tacos & Margs: Is Taco Tuesday your favorite day of the week? Then this tat is perfect for you!

6. To-Do List: Looking like one of the undemanding funny tattoo ideas for men, this tattoo design involves engraving your to-do list on your hand. Although you might look seem you are losing your head to have a to-do list tattooed on your hand, the main reason to have this image is to elicit laughter to anyone who sees it.

Funny tattoos

7. Jumping on the Trampoline

8. Creative Camera Capture

9. Pizza Lover: Everyone likes pizza, that’s a fact. But, there are some who like it more than everyone. Our tattoo owner here wanted to express his love for pizza by tattooing ‘I love pizza’ using heart and pizza illustrations.

Hilarious Tattoos

The Funniest Ink

10. Void: Here’s a funny tattoos idea for guys who thought that it’d be great to tattoo the name of an ex-girlfriend. The owner of this tattoo tattooed a big stamp which says in all caps ‘VOID’ over what we presume is his ex’s name.

11. Danny Dorito: Ha I don’t even have to explain this funny tattoo!

12. Where’s Waldo

Tattoo ideas

13. Star Wars: Here’s a one for all you Star Wars nerds. What we have here is a depiction of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite on his chest, done on a man’s arm. If you don’t understand what we just said, go watch Star Wars, you’ll thank us later!

14. Smile: Here’s one for all you photography geeks. What a funny tattoo idea for guys who are into photography! This man tattooed the word ‘smile’ on the finger which he uses for taking photos.

15. Toughen Up Buttercup

Funny Ink

16. Happy Face Toe

17. Create Your Own Path: This man tattooed a walking pencil on his arm. The drawing part of the pencil is creating a path, while the erasing the path behind the pencil, which serves as a metaphor for creating your own path in life and leaving the past behind you.

18. Super Mario: The owner of this tattoo wanted to show some love for the ghost from Super Mario Bros. franchise. Not a usual Mario-themed tattoo, but it’s a really funny one.

Small Tattoo Ideas

19. F*** off Uterus: All my ladies out there can relate to this one!

20. Golden Girls

21. Bikini Bottom Scene

Funny Tattoo Ideas for Women

Quirky & Fun Tattoo Ideas

22. Quirky Alien: I mean this alien is just living it’s best life. Vibin.

23. Hang In There: We all need a little reminder to hang in there every now and then. This funny tattoo idea is perfect for just that!

24. Out of this World

Small Line Tattoos

25. Cool Dinos: Because what is cooler than some rad looking dinos! I love this funny dino tat!

26. I’m Fine.

27. Chubby Unicorn

Animal Tattoo Ideas

28. Vampizza: Another perfect funny tattoo ideas for all those lovers of pizza out there! This funny pun is the perfect bit of humor to add to your body art!

29. More Wine Please

30. Colorful Gummy Bears: I love this child-like, colorful tattoo! It’s fun, spunky and brings a little hit of humor to your ink collection.

Pizza tattoo Ideas

31. Telly Tubbys

32. Light Bulb:

33. Slice of Bread

Arm Tattoo Idea

A Few More Great Tats

34. Skateboarding Dino

35. Paws In: Paws in kitty. This funny tattoo is one of my favorites!

36. Sit Down, Be Humble: If you’re not a cat fan, then maybe this doggo tat is more your speed!

37. Dammit Jim: If you love the office, and all of Dwights moments then this tattoo is for you. This ink captures the humor and funny characteristics of my personal favorite character, Dwight!

38. Infinite Pizza: Another perfect funny tattoo of that lover of pizza! Because who doesn’t love infinite pizza?

39. Grilled Cheese: This tiny version of a grilled cheese looks adorable and delicious.

The Office Tattoo Ideas

40. Friendly Lemon

41. Simpson Toes

Funny Ideas

42. Our Favorite Pooh Family

43. Would You Like Fries with That?


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