Inside: Waffle tattoo ideas that Leslie Knope would be proud of.

If you are a fan of Parks and Rec, you know about Leslie Knope and her deep appreciation for waffles. We’ve seen it since episode 3 of season one…the girl loves her waffles!

Parks and Rec have a massive fanbase, and similar to the cult classic show, The Office, this show is shot in a documentary style. It essentially follows the employees of the parks and rec department, who slowly turn from coworkers to friends, to family.

The best part about this show is the witty humor and the well-written characters.

Best Knope Inspired Waffle Tattoos

One of which is Leslie Knope(played by Amy Poehler). Leslie is the unnamed leader of the pack, or at least she tries to be. No one has a heart quite like hers. She is dedicated to bettering her community and being there for her friends.

It should come as no surprise to you that this character of Leslie itself has quite the following, and what happens when someone is a proper fan of something? They get themed tattoos of course!

So for Leslie, one of the best ways to pay homage to her without putting her hold face on your body(although there is nothing wrong with that either), is to get her favorite food instead.

Every fan knows that her number one food is…..Waffles!

Waffle Tattoo Meaning

I believe that each person can have a Leslie-themed waffle tattoo that is significant to them in their own way. Perhaps the character saw them through a really hard time in their life, etc.

In general Leslie’s waffles stand for being a hard worker, putting others first, and also carrying yourself with lots of charisma. This is how Mrs. Knope goes through the world and I have never seen anyone happier. It has been years since I watched the show and yet I can still remember her so clearly.

Knope Waffle Tattoo Cost

The cost of your Knope waffle tattoo depends on how big you want your art piece. Also if you decide that you want it colored or with extra detail these things all play a part in the final cost. Bigger pieces naturally cost more than smaller pieces. So if you want a big tattoo just know that the price will be big, and you may have to save up.

And honestly, I find that saving up for something helps me to appreciate it more when I finally get it.

One of the best ways to be able to cut out the middleman is to just have a consultation with your tattoo artist. They are the only ones who actually will be able to give you an exact cost. Typically tattoo artists are paid an hourly rate so they can essentially quote you how long you think your piece will take and they’ll be able to do it that way.

How much will a waffle tattoo hurt?

In terms of pain, the larger the tattoo the longer you will be in the chair and the more it is going to hurt. The smaller and simpler it is, the smaller the pain will be. Sensing a pattern?

I will say though, that if you really would like to avoid as much pain as possible then you should probably pick a spot that has more softness and no bone right underneath(like the hands and the feet). The nerve endings in those places are what end up causing the really rough pain throughout this.

If it is still too much, ask your artist if they have any numbing solution, this stuff is amazing.

Simple Waffle Tattoos

Now let’s kick off this list with some simple waffle tattoos. I figure we can gradually work our way up to anything on Leslie’s level. She is the waffle queen after all. So we will start simple but it gets better and better.

1. Heart Waffle

2. Black and White Waffle

3. Waffle with Whip Cream

4. Waffle with a Bite Taken Out of It

5. Eggo Waffle

6. Perfect Breakfast

7. Perfect Black and White Waffle

8. Sweet Waffle in Black and White

9. Simple Waffle Tattoo with Flower

10. Little Waffle

11. Texas Waffle

12. Waffle with Syrup and Sliced

13. Desserts

Knope inspired Waffle tattoos

Waffle Tattoos Leslie Knope Would Love

How amazing is that leg art above this? They caught her perfectly. That little waffle heart on her is everything. I just know that if Leslie were here(and real) that she would absolutely love.

14. Waffle with a Clock

15. Yummy Waffle with Toppings

16. I know what I am about son.

17. Running for Waffles

18. Delicious Waffle

19. Heart-Shaped Waffle

20. Waffle with Passion

21. Leslie Knope with Her Favorites – *This is the tattoo in the photo above, it deserved a little star. It can be so hard to achieve another human’s looks in a realistic many but he captured her perfectly.

22. Waffle with I Love You

23. Simple Waffle with Cream

24. Realistic Waffle with Strawberries

25. Circle Waffle with Heart Butter

26. Epic Waffle Tattoo

27. Watercolor Tattoo

Delicious Waffle Tattoos Examples

Delicious Waffle Tattoos

This might feel a little pendant, I mean of course, waffles are delicious come on. But this list is the yummiest of the yummy the cream of the crop I wouldn’t have named this unless it was something special. So take a look through these and take anything you like.

28. Texas Waffle Tattoos

29. Heart Tattoo with Blueberries

30. Food Mandala

31. Box of Eggos

32. Colorful Waffle with Berries

33. Waffle with Sliced Strawberries

34. Realistic Waffle

35. Awesome Tattoo

36. Black and White Waffle

37. Waffle with Dripping Syrup

38. Sweet Heart Shaped Waffle

39. Half a Waffle

40. Waffles with ‘Waffle Time’

41. Black and White Waffle with Sun Rays

42. Butterfly Waffle

43. Leslie Knope for life

Colorful breakfast tattoos with syrup

Colorful Waffle Tattoos

Lastly, we are including some colorful waffles. Because everything is better with a little color! Man, I am getting hungry looking at all of these. This is so not fair. I want waffles now! Guess I’m just gonna have to make some myself…while watching Parks and Rec.

44. Realistic Waffle

45. Square Waffle

46. Hand Holding a Waffle

47. Waffle with Blueberry Whip Cream

48. Realistic Waffle with Strawberries

49. Chocolate Waffle

50. Mickey Mouse Waffle

51. Heart-Shaped Waffle with Blueberries

52. Solid Colored Waffle

53. Blueberry Waffle with Sauce

Well, folks, you’ve seen it. Who would have thought there were so many different variations of waffles to get tattooed. How cool is that? Now if you were a true waffle enthusiast you would add multiple of these to your tattoo to-do list.

Leslie Knope is a brilliant woman (character). She has made me laugh an endless about of time, She is always there for her friends and family.

She is always trying to better her community and make people happy.

The world needs more Leslie Knopes. But for now, we will just have to settle by creating a waffle army.

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