Inside: How Much Do Tattoos Cost + 5 Ways to Make it More Affordable. 

Considering some new ink? Knowing how much it will cost will help when planning your dream tattoo. Many factors determine the price: Skill, reputation, artistic ability, location on the body, size of the tattoo, and complexity.

How Much do Tattoos Cost

Typically, a quality tattoo performed in a registered professional studio or parlor would be more expensive than one done by some scratcher working out of his backroom.  In general, the old saying, You get what you pay for, applies. Though there’s no guarantee that the quality of the tattoo increases with its cost, at least you can ensure that you’re somewhere on the playing field.

How Much Do Tattoos Usually Cost?

Average tattoo prices range from $30 to $100 for sizes under 2×2, between $100 and $200 for a 3×3, and around $250 or more for a 4×4 tattoo. Prices depend on where you live, the experience level of the artist, their hourly rates, and if it’s a custom tattoo. There are a few details to consider when determining the cost of a tattoo.

Many factors decide how much a tattoo is going to cost:

  1. Where you live
  2. The experience level of the artist
  3. The equipment and the amount of ink they use
  4. How long of a waiting list they have
  5. The total amount of time it takes them to make your design and tattoo you
  6. Your tattoo’s location
  7. The complexity of your tattoo artwork

How Much Do  Small Tattoos Cost?

A small tattoo costs $50 to $250 on average for designs that cover 3 square inches of skin or less. Regardless of the size, you have to pay the shop minimum fee of around $50 or more, and then they usually charge an hourly rate as well after the first hour. Also, you may pay extra for them to work on a custom design for you.

Here is an easy way to categorize size

  1. Small – from a star the size of a dime on your wrist to a pirate ship covering your deltoid to a wedding ring tattoo.
  2. Medium – from a koi fish swimming in a waterfall on your side—from under your arm to your thigh.
  3. Large – from a set of angel wings starting at your shoulders to the base of your back, to a complex story that covers your entire upper torso. This category also includes full and half-sleeve tattoos.How Much do Tattoos Cost

How Much Do Tattoos Cost Per Letter?

Getting one short word tattoo that covers 2 to 4 square inches runs from $50 to $200, depending on the size of the letters, and usually takes an hour of work or less. Most artists don’t charge on a per letter basis. When you’re talking to your tattoo artist, ask for their hourly rates and how long it would take to do a lettering tattoo in the size you want on which specific part of your body. Bring some samples of the fonts you like so that they understand what kind of details you’re looking for.

How Much Does a Sleeve Tattoo Cost?

A full-sleeve tattoo costs between $2,000 and $4,000 and can take up to two days or more of work for the artist to complete. This figure assumes that your full sleeve tattoo cost includes a detailed outline using black ink only. Filling in the image with multiple colors costs more.

How Much Do Half Sleeve Tattoos Cost?

A half-sleeve tattoo will cost $1,000 or more if you get an original design, in full color, with multiple types of tips used, done by a top-level exclusive tattoo artist.

How Much do Tattoos Cost

Finding the Perfect Spot

Wrist Tattoo Prices

The general cost of tattoos on wrists is $50 to $150 if you’re getting common designs like letters, words, symbols, or even a compass rose.

Ankle Tattoo Costs

Small ankle tattoos can start at $60 for a simple 1-inch design and go up to $200 or more for larger ankle name tattoos with elaborate details and colors.

Lip / Inner Lip Tattoo Cost

From a permanent makeup artist in New York, a typical lip tattoo cost is $375 for a lip liner tattoo and $600 to fill in your lips completely. Your inner lip tattoos start around $100. However, the inner lip is very sensitive, and inner lip tattoos start fading after one month, disappearing entirely with 1 to 5 years.

Finger Tattoos Cost

The cost of finger tattoos that have a word or symbol are usually around $50 to $100. Do keep in mind that it’s best to pick a small, simple design for your finger because of the way the skin on your hand will age over time, which can distort complex images.

Rib or Side Tattoo Cost

For a tattoo that’s 6 to 8 inches in diameter filled in with colors, expect to see rib tattoo prices from $600 to $700. They take longer than most tattoos because this is a delicate area with irregular shaping that requires more expertise.

Hip or Leg Tattoo Prices

A leg or hip tattoo that covers your whole shin and the front sides of your lower leg costs about $500 if you get a black-ink-only design that’s an outline. To fill in the outline with colors and completely cover your hip can easily cost up to $1,800.

5 ways to make tattoos more affordable

5 Ways to Make Your Tattoo More Affordable

1. Size Matters: Naturally, smaller ones cost lesser than a bigger one. The bigger designs take more time to finish and resources to use, so it’s fair if artists would demand more for them. But there’s an exception though. Small tattoos with exquisite designs may cost more. If it’s not the design that’s pricey, the location of the tattoo in the body will determine its price.

2. Coloring: Naturally, a tattoo with a single color is cheaper. Why? Because multicolored ones require more attention to detail, time, anesthetic gel for skin, and resources to finish it.

3. Tattoo Placement: Somebody parts pose a challenge for tattoo artists to draw on, so the place where you want your tattoo would influence how much kachings you would be spending. What areas are considered hard to draw on? It is mostly on body parts that are very sensitive due to the presence of a lot of nerve receptors like the neck, feet, hand, and the genital areas.

4. Location of Shop: Tattoo parlors located in the heart of the city are mostly more expensive than those located farther from it. It takes serious bucks to run a tattoo parlor in a lavish city, so artists would normally charge more to pay for rent, salary for staff, taxes, etc.

5. Skill Level: The experience and skill of the tattoo artist highly affect the cost of having a tattoo. The more experience and skills they gain, the more expensive they would charge. Most experienced artists charge a per hour rate so a very detailed and customized design would mean more bucks to shed. But having a tattoo done by a skilled artist would also ensure you to own a fabulous masterpiece.

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