Inside: Cool Geometric Animal Tattoos + Their Meaning.

The best geometric tattoos are the result of meticulous linework and the steady touch of an experienced tattoo artist. It’s important to keep a close eye on the fine details and ensure that the needles are not going too far into the skin but are deep enough.

Geometric tattoos entail a great deal, but picking the right design is the first step. A look at the meanings and designs behind some of our favorite geometric animal tattoos.

Geometric Animal Tattoos

Geometric Animal Tattoos + Meaning

As far back as the beginnings of psychology, animals were used as a way to gain insight into our own minds and personalities. It is common in some spiritual traditions and cultures to refer to a “spirit animal” as a person’s guardian spirit who helps guide and protect them on their path to enlightenment. These animal spirits can represent a facet of your character, such as a skill, feature, or emotion.

Geometric animal tattoos include spirit animals, which represent a person’s personality and serve as a spiritual guide, as well as geometric elements.


Wolf is a powerful spirit animal and a symbol of independence. If you look at the general meaning of geometric wolf tattoos, you’ll see a strong connection to nature and a desire to be free.


As far as spirit animals go, the lion stands out as the most unyielding fighting force. In general, geometric lion tattoos represent courage, dignity, justice, power, strength, self-awareness, and a sense of majesty and kingship.


Attributes such as mystery, wisdom, intellect, and mischief are embodied in geometric cat tattoos.


Wisdom can be found in the owl spirit. Overall, geometric owls are emblems of spirituality and identity.


As a spirit animal, the bear stands for strength and determination. The geometric bear tattoo is a sign of bravery, good fortune, authority, toughness, security, and the ability to hunt.


Deer is a sign of kindness and power from the heart. Geometric deer tattoos stand for brain power, intelligence, royalty, reborn, compassion, tranquility, love, and community.

Geometric Animal Tattoo Designs

There are lots of great ways to show your favorite animal with these geometric animal tattoos.

1. Geometric Fox Family

2. The Perfect Panda Design

3. Outlined Lion Head

Black & Grey Animal Tattoos

4. Geometric Bear Tattoo

5. Geometric Animal Trio

6. Hanging Sloth

7. Geometric Outline Tiger

Geometric Animal Tattoos With Cool Designs

Geometric Animal Tattoos

These detailed linework designs are perfect to add to your collection of ink. Find your favorite!

8. Owl Outline Tattoo

9. Deer Head Design

10. Geometric Turtle Tattoo

Geometric Animal Tattoo Designs & Inspiration

11. Linework Dog Head Design

12. Little Kitty Design

13. Butterfly Outline

14.  Flamingo Geometric Design

Small Geometric Animal Tattoo Ideas That Look Cute Anywhere

Cool Geometric Animal Tattoos

15. Geometric Bird Tattoo

16. Dragonfly Tattoo Idea

17. Detailed Jaguar Design

Outlinne Tattoo Designs

18. Half and Half Wolf Face

19. Elephant Head

20. Owl Design

Linework Tattoos Of Animals

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Elephant Tattoo Ideas:  The largest land animal on Earth lives within a family that has strong ties to children, parents, and grandparents. Elephants bond for life and do not forget their tribe. The age-old idiom “elephants never forget” symbolizes the gift of memory. Elephants also have strong ties to Hindu culture. They are represented as the divine God Ganesha and are interpreted as having wisdom, luck, and prosperity. An elephant tattoo includes all of these meanings and more. They are especially good for someone who is in mourning as they symbolize divinity and memory.
  • Pretty Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas: A popular subject in the tattoo world is the Hummingbird. It is a thing of beauty that has unique shapes and amazing abilities. Capturing those qualities in a tattoo can be really rewarding. Have a look at our list of the Prettiest Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas.
  • Artistic Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas: Symbolizing transformations, change, and new life, the dragonfly is a tattoo design that will never go out of style. Adding lots of details with many lines and colors or opting for a more simple design, a dragonfly tattoo is beautiful. Whether you are in the midst of significant changes in your life or have experienced an awakening of some sort, a dragonfly tattoo is perfect for you. Don’t miss out on these stunning design ideas!

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