Inside: Cool Geometric Animal Tattoos + Their Meaning.

For a perfect geometric tattoo, you will need excellent linework and a tattoo artist with a very steady hand. Attention to details is very important and make sure the needles not going into the skin too deep but deep enough.

There is so much involved with geometric tattoos, but first, you must decide on the perfect design. Check out our favorite geometric animal tattoos and their meanings.

Geometric Animal Tattoos

Geometric Animal Tattoos + Meaning

Long before psychology and personality types were developed, animals were used as a medium to learn about ourselves. In certain spiritual traditions and cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit that guides and protects a person through the journey of life and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. These spirit animals can symbolize an aspect of your personality, your skills, traits, and your emotions.

Geometric animal tattoos combine the meaning of the geometric elements with spirit animals; animals that reflect a person’s personality and act as their spiritual guide. People believe that Geometric animal tattoos have a powerful meaning because of the link between the tattoo wearer and the spiritual nature of the animal.


Wolf is a very powerful spirit animal and also symbolizes freedom. In general, geometric wolf tattoos represent a strong connection with nature, loyalty, generosity, intelligence, respect, communication, strength, appetite for freedom.


In the realm of spirit animals, the lion is the most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. In general, geometric lion tattoos symbolize valor, honor, justice, authority, strength, pride, accomplishment and royalty.


Geometric cat tattoos represent femininity, mystery, wisdom, intellect, luck, independence, intellect, and mischievous nature.


The owl spirit symbolizes a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. In general, geometric owl tattoos represent freedom, spirituality, wisdom, higher consciousness and self-awareness.


The primary meaning of bear as a spirit animal is strength and courage. The geometric bear tattoo symbolizes warrior spirit, good luck, power, strength, protection and hunting skill.


Dear is the symbol of gentleness and heart energy. Geometric deer tattoos represent nobility, rebirth, kindness, peace, love, family and intelligence.


Geometric elephant tattoos symbolize family, community, maternal instinct, wisdom, success, peace, fertility and a deep connection to nature.


Geometric fish tattoos symbolize abundance, wealth, patience, persistence, ambition, prosperity, healing and purification.


The primary meaning of turtle spirit is groundedness, patience, and earth.  Geometric turtle tattoos represent longevity, wisdom, resilience, peace, spiritual connection to the sea and mother nature.


The primary meaning of the tiger spirit is willpower, personal strength, and courage. Geometric tiger tattoos symbolize power, strength, dominance, energy, protection, guardianship, danger, destruction, royalty, passion, and sexual prowess.

Geometric Animal Tattoo Designs

These geometric animal tattoos are full of great ideas to represent your favorite animal.

1. Geometric Fox Family

2. The Perfect Panda Design

3. Outlined Lion Head

Black & Grey Animal Tattoos

4. Geometric Bear Tattoo

5. Geometric Animal Trio

6. Hanging Sloth

7. Geometric Outline Tiger

Geometric Animal Tattoos With Cool Designs

Geometric Animal Tattoos

These detailed linework designs are perfect to add to your collection of ink. Find your favorite!

8. Owl Outline Tattoo

9. Deer Head Design

10. Geometric Turtle Tattoo

Geometric Animal Tattoo Designs & Inspiration

11. Linework Dog Head Design

12. Little Kitty Design

13. Butterfly Outline

14.  Flamingo Geometric Design

Small Geometric Animal Tattoo Ideas That Look Cute Anywhere

Cool Geometric Animal Tattoos

15. Geometric Bird Tattoo

16. Dragonfly Tattoo Idea

17. Detailed Jaguar Design

Outlinne Tattoo Designs

18. Half and Half Wolf Face

19. Elephant Head

20. Owl Design

Linework Tattoos Of Animals

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