Inside: Simple Hip Tattoos Perfect for Your Body.

I’m absolutely obsessed with tattoos—I have everything from a wrist tattoo to a rib tattoo, and I’m always looking at inspiration pics to plan what I’m going to get next. And you know the spot that’s number one on my list for my next tattoo? My hip.

They’re hella cute and they can be hidden just as easily as they can be shown off.

Whether you want something sweet and tiny or big and bold, you’ll definitely find some hip tattoos inspo below. Check out a few of our favorite cute hip tattoos and designs that you’re going to want to add to your saved folder on Insta.

Hip tattoos

Deciding on a Hip Tattoo

What sort of images work well on hip tattoos? Well, since this is not a highly visible area, almost any image can be appropriate here. Intimate images, such as a lover’s name or initials, make for a perfect hip tat. Other popular images include flowers, especially roses, hearts, crosses, butterflies, and many other feminine items.

Hip Tattoos You’ll Love

1. Simple Flower Tattoo

2. Child of the Universe

3. Lucky Clover: Carry your good luck charm on your hip with this tattoo. Or it can be a dope way to show off your Irish heritage.

Hip Tattoo Ideas

4. Wild

5. Pink Promise

6. Butterfly Tattoo: TBH, you don’t have to be super into butterflies to get this hip tattoo (even though you might want to make sure you like them before you get it permanently tatted on your body). Butterflies also represent freedom, hope, and life—all good messages to keep in mind.

7. Lightning Bolt

Tattoo Ideas

8. Tick Marks

9. Oh Hey

10. Lemon Hip Tattoo: There’s nothing sour about this hip tattoo. It’s a cute and cheeky way to show some love for your favorite fruit.

HIp Art

A Few More Ideas

11. Globe Tattoo: Into globetrotting? Instead of telling people yourself, let your hip tattoo do all the talking.

12. Roman Numeral: This barely-there Roman numeral tattoo is a gorgeous option if you want a hip tattoo that’s a little more subtle.

13. Typewriter Font: If you’re over the cursive tattoos you see all over your feed, go with a typewriter font for your hip tattoo. It’s simple and unique—what’s not to love?

Cute tattoo ideas

14. Poetic Hip Tattoo: If you’re into Shakespeare, you can’t go wrong with getting your favorite prose tattooed on your hip. It’s both sentimental and suuuper pretty.

15. Crown Hip Tattoo

16. Matching Avacoados

17. Mountain Hip Tattoo: Craving the mountains but can’t take a trip there? Keep a piece of them with you at all times with this hip tattoo. Every time you look at it, it’ll remind you of your happy place.

Small Hip tattoos

Fun Hip Tattoos

18. Love You

19. Colorful Hip Tattoo: Instead of just getting a flower on your hip, get the whole damn bouquet. This hip tattoo is cute, colorful, and large—so if you’re feeling bold, go for it.

Big Hip tattoos

20. Feminist Message Hip Tattoo: In case anyone forgot you were a feminist, get your favorite phrase tattooed on your hip to remind them.

21. Cat Hip Tattoo: Okay, so technically, this one falls a little bit below the hip region, but it’s still a cute tattoo design—and a permanent act of love to truly show your devotion to your furry friend.

22. Bright Colored Hip Tattoo: Got a green thumb? You might be into the look of this brightly colored hip tattoo—it’s not only crazy pretty, but the design is also very unique.

23. Angel Hip Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas

More Hip Tattoo Insp

Here are few ideas to inspire you.

  • Consider some scrolling vines and small flowers. The vines can flow across your own unique curves and make the most of the space available.
  • How about a little stardust? All you need are some tiny stars and dust trails swirled around them to make an understated yet sensual design.
  • For a design that is more masculine, think about inking one of the big cats, perhaps a tiger or a panther. The design can still be as small as you need it to be yet still look impressive.
  • This is also a great location for a kanji tattoo. Choose a kanji symbol that holds special meaning to you, but make sure the symbol you choose correctly portrays what it is supposed to represent.

Whatever you choose, take your time making your choice. Getting inked on your hip isn’t a walk in the park, but having a bad choice removed with laser treatments also isn’t much fun. Get the design right the first time.

Other Great Tattoo Ideas

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