Inside: Leg sleeve tattoo ideas and all the info you need to get one.

Are you aware of sleeve tattoos? You may have seen people talking about them. These are generally a single huge tattoo or several small tattoos that extend down on the arm or leg of the person; the tattoos consist of a unified theme. The sleeve tattoos on the legs are termed leg-sleeve tattoos.

The term sleeve is given to them because they are seen to cover the hands or the legs partly or entirely.

What Is A Leg Sleeve Tattoo

The leg sleeve tattoo can be seen covering the entire leg, extending from the ankles to the thighs. There is also a phrase that goes around that says “being sleeved”; this generally refers to someone having their whole leg or arm inked.

The sleeves are primarily on the entire arm (from the shoulder to the wrist), but some people also get “half sleeves” – the tattoo extends from the wrist to the elbow or from the shoulder to the elbow.

While the sleeve is mostly unified in a theme, it is not mandatory. Whether you have a leg sleeve or an arm sleeve, it can have one single piece or be tied down with many different bright tattoos with some motif or background.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

How Much Time Will It Take For A Leg Sleeve To Be Finished?

A leg sleeve that covers the entire leg will take quite a long time as it covers a wide area. It is not completed in one session, and you can think of spending almost thirty to forty hours on getting the perfect leg sleeve done. If the design is super intricate and detailed, the session can take even longer than that – it can take around forty to sixty hours to do.

Leg sleeve tattoos are expensive too, so if you did not know that, here is some brand new information!

The tattoo artist may break this into segments, and then the process can span out for a couple of days, weeks, months, or even years. This can allow your open wounds to heal, as well as allow you to save costs.

So, if you are considering opting for a leg sleeve tattoo, you need to ensure that you have the patience and loads of cash for it. The leg has a lot more area compared to the arm – it is almost double the surface, so the tattoo artist has to do a lot of work there, particularly if it is a unified piece.

For leg tattoos, another alternate rather than leg sleeve tattoo is the calf tattoo; you can opt for it too! If you have a huge tattoo in mind, the leg is the best place to explore the possibilities of it. Other than that, leg tattoos are a lot less painful as compared to most of the other tattoos. One more perk of the leg tattoo is that the healing procedure is more simple than the other types of tattoos.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

 Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

1. Both Legs Tatted

2. All Black and White

3. Fully Covered

4. Cohesive Look

Thigh Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a huge design on your body, the thigh can be the perfect place to get inked. The reason is that the thigh has a huge area that can be used, and you can get creative with it; you would not have to limit yourself because of the size of the area.

Another advantage of the thigh tattoo is that it does not have much of a wrapping effect. This is due to the fact that the area can hold your entire design without twisting or turning, as you would do with the arm tattoo.

When you get the tattoo on the thigh, the process of healing is simpler; this is because the ink that you get is an easy-to-reach place. Due to this, you are easily able to wash, moisturize and wrap your legs. If you have a back tattoo instead, that would be harder to take care of.

Lower Leg Tattoo

The lower leg has more area than your arms, so you can choose a huge tattoo or go with intricate tattoos with a lot of detail. Both things work here. While the tattoo artist is working on your leg, you can read a book or scroll your phone comfortably and would be subjected to a lesser degree of pain than usual.

Get your leg sleeve tattoos done; they are gorgeous to look at! If you are ready for it, you can easily opt for it and get it done.

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