Inside: Best XO Tattoo Ideas + The Weekend Tattoo Designs.

The XO symbol is a fascinating one in that we have a good idea of what it means. At least we think we do. For the most part, people use the XO as a symbol of love and happiness. However, there are some other meanings that people believe. No matter what you think it symbolizes, it is a smaller symbol that packs a much bigger punch and can symbolize a few different ideas.

As a result, this artwork has become a popular choice for tattoos. Small tattoos with a lot of significance are a choice of many people.

Getting an XO tattoo may elicit some curious looks. That’s one of the best parts of getting inked: the spontaneous exchanges that result from people being curious.

XO Meaning

XO Tattoo Ideas

1. X and O on Each Wrist

2. XO Tattoo Small Wrist Idea

3. Simple Wrist Tattoo of XO

4. Inside Lip Love Tattoo

5. Matching XO Ankle Tattoos

XO Tattoo Ideas

6. Side Boob Tattoo for Women 

7. XOXO Wrist Tattoo Design

8. Tiny XO Finger Tattoo Idea

9. Matching XO Finger Designs

10. Thin Lined Ankle Tattoo Idea

11. His and Hers XO Tattoo

12. Little XO Letters

13. 3D XO Tattoo Behind Ear Idea

14. Large Wrist Weekend Tattoo

15. XO Heart on Inner Wrist

16. Matching The Weekend XO Design

17. Bold Weekend XO Tattoo Idea

18. The Weekend Hip Tattoo

The Weekend Tattoo

19. XO Inside of a Heart

20. Large XO Weekend Hand Tattoo

21. Outlined Weekend Tattoo Design

22.  Group Weekend Tattoo Idea

23. The Weeknd XO with Quote

24. Large Inner Wrist Tattoo

XO Tattoo Ideas with Love

Check out some more of our best XO tattoo designs here.

25. Matching XO Ankle Tattoos

26. XOXO Side of Arm Tattoo Design

27. Tiny Hip Tattoo Idea

28. Simple Wrist Tattoo of XO

29. Thin Line One X and One O Matching Tattoo

30. Cursive Font XO Tattoo Idea

Love Tattoos Matching

31. X and O with Female Symbol

32. His and Hers XO Design

33. Scripted XO Idea

34. Inner Wrist Tattoo Idea

35. Matching Scripted XO Design

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XO Tattoo

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