Inside: Best XO Tattoo Ideas + The Weekend Tattoo Designs.

The XO symbol is a fascinating one in that we have a good idea of what it means. At least we think we do. For the most part, people use the XO as a symbol of love and happiness. However, there are some other meanings that people believe. No matter what you think it symbolizes, it is a smaller symbol that packs a much bigger punch and can symbolize a few different ideas.

This has become a popular image to have tattooed as well. People love small tattoos that have a lot of meaning. The nice thing about a tattoo of this size is that whether you are a biker or a business person, you can hide or show off this tattoo.

The XO tattoo is one of those tattoos that might lead to some questions. That is the fun part about being tattooed; the conversation that comes from curiosity.

XO Meaning

What Does the XO Tattoo Mean?

The “X” means kisses. Denasi studied the X for his book on the history of kissing and says the X has been used since medieval times for correspondence. In its infancy, the X used to symbolize Christ but later evolved into what we know of it today and the kiss.

Next comes the O which is said to symbolize hugs. Some say that people used the O because it was easy to write with the X and many didn’t know how to read back then. The game, tic-tac-toe was around back then so the X and O have long been connected to each other. That being said, there wasn’t much evidence to show that an O symbolized a hug before 1960.

No matter how it started, the O became the universal symbol for representing a hug. Another idea is that when you step inside of a circle, you are it envelops you and forms a circle around you the same way your arms form a circle around someone when you hug them. The hug goes well with the kiss. The connection of X and O in tic-tac-toe is another reason. These symbols were meaning to be together.

From fashion brands to pop songs, the “XO” symbol has been one that has been in the forefront of our culture. This symbol has continually been an inspiration to many creative endeavors and projects.

All in all, the XO tattoo meaning revolves around love and affection.

XO Tattoo Ideas

1. X and O on Each Wrist

2. XO Tattoo Small Wrist Idea

3. Simple Wrist Tattoo of XO

4. Inside Lip Love Tattoo

5. Matching XO Ankle Tattoos

XO Tattoo Ideas

6. Side Boob Tattoo for Women 

7. XOXO Wrist Tattoo Design

8. Tiny XO Finger Tattoo Idea

9. Matching XO Finger Designs

10. Thin Lined Ankle Tattoo Idea

11. His and Hers XO Tattoo

12. Little XO Letters

The Weeknd XO Tattoo

Most of these fan tattoos center around the letters XO. XO is the name of The Weeknd’s record label which was founded in 2012, though some fans claim it has a different meaning.

Rumors around the mysterious meaning of XO have fans guessing everything from the general usage of “hugs and kisses” to many believing it’s a cryptic drug reference to Ecstasy and oxycontin. Given The Weekend’s history with narcotics, there could be some truth to the rumor, but there has been no definitive confirmation either way.

There’s no guarantee The Weeknd will ever get a tattoo despite being surrounded by friends and fans sporting the artwork. The Weeknd has always marched to the beat of his own drum, so it won’t be a surprise if he does not follow the same path.

13. 3D XO Tattoo Behind Ear Idea

14. Large Wrist Weekend Tattoo

15. XO Heart on Inner Wrist

16. Matching The Weekend XO Design

17. Bold Weekend XO Tattoo Idea

18. The Weekend Hip Tattoo

The Weekend Tattoo

19. XO Inside of a Heart

20. Large XO Weekend Hand Tattoo

21. Outlined Weekend Tattoo Design

22.  Group Weekend Tattoo Idea

23. The Weeknd XO with Quote

24. Large Inner Wrist Tattoo

XO Tattoo Ideas with Love

We love these fun XO tattoo ideas, check out a few more of our favorite designs.

25. Matching XO Ankle Tattoos

26. XOXO Side of Arm Tattoo Design

27. Tiny Hip Tattoo Idea

28. Simple Wrist Tattoo of XO

29. Thin Line One X and One O Matching Tattoo

30. Cursive Font XO Tattoo Idea

Love Tattoos Matching

31. X and O with Female Symbol

32. His and Hers XO Design

33. Scripted XO Idea

34. Inner Wrist Tattoo Idea

35. Matching Scripted XO Design

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