Inside: Elbow Tattoos That Will Impress Anyone

Tattoos are all the rage, and getting one is the latest trend that everyone’s doing these days. If you’re thinking about getting inked, you may be wondering what sort of design you should choose for your next tattoo session. If so, why not consider something beautiful that complements your personality?

When it comes to tattoo placement, the elbow is considered quite tricky to work with, but the result can be worth the extra effort it takes to make sure everything goes right. If you’re going to go through the process of getting an elbow tattoo, you must take your time and pick something that will look great in the end and will also be something you won’t regret later on down the road. Check out these elbow tattoo design ideas and see what you like best!

Elbow Tattoos

Do Elbow Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, elbow tattoos hurt. The skin in your elbows is very thin and delicate, so getting a tattoo in that area can be somewhat painful. It’s going to depend on how well you tolerate pain too.

How to Heal an Elbow Tattoo

Washing your elbow tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap after each tattoo session is a great way to help maintain your new ink. It’s also important to continue cleaning your tattoo during each healing phase, which depends on how big it is, what type of ink was used, and how long it takes you to heal overall.

Keep in mind that elbow tattoos tend to take a little longer to heal because you constantly move them without even thinking about it!

Rose Elbow Tattoos

1. Outlined Rose Elbow Tattoo Idea

2. Fearless Black Rose Outline

3. Red Rose Elbow Design

4. Roses around the Elbow

Rose Elow Tattoos

5. Three Red Roses Tattoo on Elbow

6. Double Elbow Rose Tattoos

7. Large Red Rose Design

Flower tattoos for elbows

Spider Web Elbow Tattoos

8. Black and Bold Spiderweb Design

9. Webby Strings on Spier Web Tattoo

10. Spider Web Linework Tattoo

11. Shaded Elbow Web Tattoo

12. Line Work Spider Web Design

Spider Elbow Tattoos

Star Elbow Tattoo Ideas

13. Star Outline on Elbow

14. Nautical Star Tattoo

15. Starburst Tattoo Design

Star Elbow Tattoos

Heart Elbow Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoos are usually used to convey love and friendship. They also symbolize unity and the centralization of life. The heart can also represent procreation.

16. Roped Heart Tattoo Idea

17. Hearts Around Elbow Design

18. Small Heart Tattoo Above Elbow

19. Anatomy Heart on Inside of Elbow

Heart Tattoos For Elbows

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Elephant Tattoo Ideas – The largest land animal on Earth lives within a family that has strong ties to children, parents, and grandparents. Elephants bond for life and do not forget their tribe. The age-old idiom “elephants never forget” symbolizes the gift of memory. Elephants also have strong ties to Hindu culture. They are represented as the divine God Ganesha and are interpreted as having wisdom, luck, and prosperity. An elephant tattoo includes all of these meanings and more. They are especially good for someone who is in mourning as they symbolize divinity and memory.
  • Vibrant Violet Flower Tattoo Ideas –  Violets have been around and used in ceremonies and culture for centuries. The leaves are heart-shaped and therefore get associated with beauty and love in certain circumstances. However, these flowers mean whatever you want when you get the tattoo. I’m partial to them because they are my sorority Sigma Kappa tattoo ideas of choice. The key is to make sure you get a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with.
  • Palm Tattoos – If you have a serious addiction to tattoos, you might be ready to opt for a palm tattoo. Palm tattoos are awesome and will make you look even more badass than you already do. Plus, if you can tough through the pain of a palm tattoo, you can pretty much tough through anything! Don’t let that scare you away, though. Don’t make any decisions until you have seen all of these palm tattoo designs.

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Elbow Tattoo Ideas