Inside: Is a Palm Tattoo Worth It? {Plus Awesome Ideas}.

Palm tattoos are still as popular as ever, and there’s a good reason for that—they’re subtle, elegant, and can be done in so many different styles to express you as an individual. If you’re looking to get a palm tattoo, we will give you lots of tips and show you some designs that have been popping up around the web lately that you’ll love!

palm tattoo Ideas

Can you tattoo the palm of your hand?

Technically, you can tattoo any part of your body. However, palms are quite sensitive, and tattoos there hurt like crazy. So, only get a palm tattoo if you are prepared for some serious pain.

How long do palm tattoos last?

The average is about 6-12 months.

How to make a palm tattoo last longer?

Because they are prone to fading, start with a tattoo that has several simple lines instead of words and major details. If you do go for an intricate design, it will look blurred pretty quickly.

After getting the tattoo, be sure to keep it clean and dry for the first several days while it’s healing. Also, keep a moisturizing lotion on it a few times a day.

Are Palm Tattoos Painful?

First, it’s important to note that some people find palm tattoos very painful. If you have a low threshold for pain or sensitive skin, then getting a palm tattoo will likely be very uncomfortable for you. This type of tattoo is more about style than function, so if you’re looking for something intricate or large, then consider a different body part such as your back or forearm.

How much does a palm-sized tattoo cost?

Each artist charges different rates. And you may pay extra for them to work on a custom design for you.

Getting inked is not a cheap hobby, especially when you opt for something like a palm tattoo. But it doesn’t have to break your bank, especially if you hunt around for reputable ink parlors that offer good deals. On average, most palm tattoos cost $100 – $500 and may last anywhere from six months to a year.

Awesome Palm Tattoo Ideas

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