Over the years, geometric tattoo designs have become all the rage owing to their unique amalgamation of immaculate symmetry and balance (along with a touch of mystery!). Whether you’re an abstract lover or are looking for a design with a deeper meaning, an expert artist can use geometric patterns to make your tattoo more interesting.

For instance, you can get a lion tattoo emphasizing on the creature’s unique shapes and lines to create a distinctive appeal.

When it comes to geometric tattoos, it’s important to remember that each design is rich in symbolism. As far as placement is concerned, it all depends on the size of your tattoo. Minimalistic designs look great on delicate body parts like your wrist whereas more detailed and larger tattoos fit perfectly on area like your forearm or thigh.

If you’re excited about getting a geometric tattoo just like we are, we have some good news. In this post, we’ve shared some of the coolest geometric tattoo ideas to help you choose the best design for yourself.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Geometric Tattoo Definition

1.     Lion Geometric Tattoo

Geometric lion tattoos are well suited for people who value qualities like courage, valor, and bravery in life. The king of the jungle is an awesome and worthy choice for people desiring to display their fearless outlook towards life. The design is also great for symbolizing other traits including royalty and wisdom. Indeed, this majestic animal can be inked in several different ways, but believe it or not, the geometric style will definitely take the body art to the next level.

2.     Pattern Geometric Tattoo

Geometric pattern tattoos are ideal for people who prefer a more abstract approach when it comes to tattooing. Various lines and shapes can be coalesced expertly to create a tattoo that exudes a sense of enigma, balance, and harmony. When deciding which geometric pattern tattoo design to get, it’s first important to consider the designs size and placement. Minimalistic designs will look great on delicate body parts like the wrist and ankle. On the other hand, more detailed and larger designs will perfectly complement expansive body areas like your forearm or the thigh.

3.     Rose Geometric Tattoo

Rose is not only the star of all flowers, it’s also super rich in symbolism. It signifies a delicate equilibrium between pain, pleasure, and passion. The bloom is wonderful to see but the thorns depict an entirely different story. People who’re romantic or passionate might get drawn to the geometric rose tattoo design.

Apart from the rose element, you can also experiment with colors to represent different meanings. For instance, red is associated with passion and love whereas blue represents enigma and mystery.

4.     Watercolor Geometric Tattoo

If you want to make your geometric tattoo even more interesting and eye-catching worthy, consider incorporating the watercolor technique with it to take the tattoo’s beauty to the next level. Geometric watercolor tattoos can be made in any design and look like your skin has been painted with kaleidoscope of colors by a brush. They are more of an art piece if you ask us.

5.     Mountain Geometric Tattoo

Mountain geometric tattoos are all about conquering fears, obstacles, and making the impossible possible. They also represent openness and accessibility. In general, triangle shapes are used in this tattoo to give it a nice little visual touch.

6.     Space Geometric Tattoo

If you love stars, planets, cosmos, galaxies, or the space in general then this tattoo design is for you. It’s typically recommended to get geometric space tattoos in small sizes since they are better able embody the vastness of the universe, making them as enigmatic as they’re appealing. The wrist and forearm are usually the best spots for space tattoos.

7.     Arrow Geometric Tattoo

This design is quite popular among folks who want to proudly showcase their strength and independence. Moreover, arrow geometric tattoos represent direction, prompting wearers to keep striving and move forward in life. The design can be both simple and intricate, but either way, it will 100% look cool – that’s our guarantee!

Geometric Tattoo Ideas

Best Geo Ideas

1. Triangle Geometric Design

2. Colorful Geometric Tattoo Idea

3. Geometric Panda Head

4. Diamond View

5. Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Choose Your Favorite…

The best thing about geometric tattoos is that they’re versatile, timeless, complement all body parts, and you can hardly ever go wrong with them.

There are definitely several other awesome geometric tattoo styles circulating in the contemporary tattoo scene. But these designs are undeniably some of the most popular. We hope you all enjoyed learning a bit about each of these cool designs.

If you’re searching for more fun and informative posts on the art of tattooing including its after care, styles of tattoos, and more, be sure to check the rest of our blog. Tattoo Glee strives to make sure every reader is equipped with necessary knowledge to make an informed decision that’s best for them.

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