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Do you love tattoos but don’t want to deal with the permanent ink design later? Give henna tattoos a try. The ‘ink’ is a paste made from a particular plant, and the design fades with time so you can get as intricate a design as you want. The paste is available in various colors, from red and orange to even black, so the designs pop irrespective of your skin tone.

From detailed and intricate designs too small and simple, these Henna Tattoo Ideas are perfect for you. Grab your own henna kit and try out some fun and unique tattoo ideas for yourself!

Let’s dive into this beautiful art form and how it differs from tattoos.

Beautiful Henna Tattoo Ideas & Designs

What is Henna?

Henna tattoos are temporary tattoos that use natural henna dyes as pigments. When applied, a red stain forms on your skin for about 2 weeks. If you like that look, you can leave it on until it fades away on its own. However, if you don’t want to wait for your henna tattoo to vanish naturally, there are ways of speeding up its disappearance.

How long does henna last?

Henna tattoos can last anywhere from one week to three weeks, depending on how fast your body metabolizes them. If you would like to know how long yours will last, you can do a test spot (try behind your ear or on your inner wrist) before you go all-out on a full tattoo. If you choose a light color, like pale yellow or peach, your henna tattoo may only last one week.

What is the meaning behind henna designs?

It has been believed that henna tattoos can bring luck, good fortune, peace, and protection. Today, getting a tattoo is merely a style statement or fashion accessory. With new henna tattoo designs coming up all the time, it’s time you get one as well! But with so many options in front of you, it might be difficult for you to make that decision.

Henna tattoos have become a popular design choice in recent years, thanks to their intricacy, vibrancy, and versatility. These days, henna tattoos are gaining popularity at weddings & other events due to their non-permanent nature.

What is a Henna Tattoo

Types of Henna Tattoos You Can Get

Some henna designs are more popular than others. Here are some popular ones that you can get:

The Arabic Design

Arabic henna designs incorporate floral elements and intricate lines. These are usually drawn on hands and legs, especially for brides. Some space is left between the designs for a gorgeous effect.

The Indian Design

Indian henna, aka ‘mehndi,’ is popular in South Asia and is known for its classical look. The design incorporates shapes, curves, animals, flowers, peacocks, and other South Asian elements. The cultural aspects give this henna tattoo a timeless look.

Simple Tattoo Design

As the name shows, simple henna art are normally small in size and incorporate tiny elements for a fleshed-out look. These unique henna tattoo ideas include cute cartoons, cute tiny flowers, and other symbols that make this henna design the most versatile out of all of the designs.

Crown Chakra Design

This henna tattoo is usually made on the shoulder, hand, stomach, and neck. The crown chakra is popular among all genders. Also known as the Sahasrara, it is a complex circle that symbolizes truth and the union of the soul with a higher power.

Henna Tattoo Designs

These henna tattoo ideas are uniquely designed and beautifully done, here are a few of our favorites for every part of your body.

1. Matching calf design

2. Small Palm Henna Tattoo Ideas

3. Easy Vine Henna Tattoo Design

4. Unique Detailed Art

Black Henna Tattoo Ideas

5. Large Back Piece

6. Henna Chest Design

7. Matching Thigh Idea

8. Long Leg Henna Tattoo

9. Traditional Bridal

Large Henna Tattoo Designs on body

Hand Henna Tattoo Ideas

Henna placed on the top of the hands can be suggestive of protection and often includes shield designs. For men, the right hand is considered projective whereas the right hand is receptive and represents women. The feet are truly a spiritual place to henna, as they connect the body, mind and spirit with the earth

11. Vine Inspired Ideas

12. Wrapped Finger Henna

13. Simple Henna Tattoo

Hand Henna Tattoo Designs

14. Henna Bracelet Idea

15. Floral Henna Hand Design

16. Traditional Henna

17. Stunning Henna Hand Idea

18. Detailed Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Inspiration For Weddings

Henna vs. Tattoo Designs

Henna and tattoo designs are as different as night and day, even though they seem similar. Here are some differences that can help you make an informed decision:

The Creation Process of Henna

Henna tattoo ideas & designs are made with a special thick paste derived from the henna plant’s powdered form. The artist fills the paste in a piping bag and uses the tip to draw the designs. The thinner the design, the more detailed the result. The dye leaves a pattern behind on the skin once the paste has completely dried. This usually takes a couple of hours.

How It Compares To Regular tattoos

On the other hand, regular tattoos are made using a tattoo gun, ink, and needles. The artist uses the needles and the gun to punch ink into the upper layer of the skin. This gives these tattoos their permanency and why they can only be removed with cosmetic surgical procedures such as a laser.

Duration Of Each

Henna tattoos are made with a dyed paste that never penetrates the skin, so the design lasts only as long as the dye stains are on the skin, which can range from 4 to 12 days depending on the type of henna used. The dye fades in patches before disappearing.

Since regular tattoos are pushed into the dermis, they do not fade and can only be removed using invasive procedures. Extremely intricate ones cannot be completely removed via laser tattoo removal. Your skin will always show some indication that it was there.

Small Henna Tattoo Ideas

Looking to add a little beauty to your body, but don’t what a large commitment, these small henna tattoo ideas are a great place to start.

19. Small Lotus 

20. Simple Henna Tattoo Ideas

21. Hawaiian Flower

22. Henna Tattoo Cool Design

Small Henna Tattoo Ideas Photos

23. Henna Tattoo Ideas Easy

24. Small Mandala Design

25. Easy Finger Tattoos

26. Viney Design

Small Tattoo Designs With Henna

Risks and Skin Impact

Henna tattoos

If made with top-quality henna plant powder, henna tattoos do not impact the skin or leave blemishes behind as it fades. The paste is applied on the top of the skin rather than pushed underneath it, so there is no pain. The process can take less time than a traditional tattoo since you won’t flinch each time the artist takes the piping bag to your skin.

However, low-quality or pre-mixed henna paste can react badly with certain skin types. Black ones, for instance, can be quite toxic since they are made using paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical is usually found in hair dye, but in concentrated amounts, so it doesn’t have a toxic effect. Since henna powders are typically made at home by online sellers, many unknowingly use too much PPD in their products.

When that paste is applied to the skin, it leaves chemical burns, blisters, and swollen skin behind. The scarring is usually permanent and in the pattern that the henna artist draws. Better yet, avoid black henna altogether. The paste should not be black or leave black stains. The shade should be between orange and brown. The darker the henna paste, the higher the chances it contains deadly chemicals.

Regular tattoos

Ink tattoos are riskier than the henna variety since it requires the artist to puncture the skin. If done incorrectly or in unclean conditions, the process can leave scars and cause serious infections, blood-borne diseases, inflammations, rashes, allergic reactions, and even MRI issues.

Lady placing Indian tattoo on girl

The Verdict On Henna Tattoo Ideas

Your choice on whether you should get a henna tattoo or an ink one should depend on your budget and aesthetic needs. If you have never gotten a tattoo before, try out a henna one first to see if you like the design you choose and how it appears on your skin. Since the dye will fade with time, you can always get a regular tattoo later in the same place.

But be cautious. No cosmetic procedure is 100% safe. Low-quality or black henna paste is notorious for being highly toxic. Similarly, a tattoo needle or gun in untrained hands can cause lasting and irreversible damage that no laser or surgical procedure can remove.

So do thorough research before visiting any henna artist or tattoo artist. Read reviews, both the good and the bad, and make an informed decision. The hard work will be worth it in the end. For more information on different types of tattoos and their care, check out our ultimate Tattoo aftercare guide.

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