Inside: 21 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want to Get Instead Of A Ring.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wear jewelry, or someone who often loses their jewelry, a tattooed wedding band is more than a good idea. For men who work with their hands and a wedding ring is deemed a safety risk, getting that symbol of your loved one is a great and extremely feasible idea. Whatever your reasons for eschewing a traditional wedding band, these wedding band tattoos will inspire you!

There are plenty of ideas to choose from, including dates, initials, or even a tattooed band itself. Show your dedication and commitment to your partner with these sweet, unique wedding band tattoo ideas.

Wedding Band Tattoos

Types of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Band Date Tattoos

What better place to start than your wedding date? A lot of people like to get their anniversary tattooed in roman numerals. Because they’re already fine-lined and straight, roman numerals fit perfectly on the top of the finger, the inside, or along the side of the ring finger. Keep in mind that no matter what you decide to tattoo, you’ll most likely have to get it touched up a few times over the years. The constant friction of hand movements will wear off the ink over time.

Wedding Band Word Tattoos

One of the more romantic wedding band tattoos is to get your spouse’s name or initials in fancy script. Intertwining monograms is also absolutely adorable–don’t be afraid to combine your name with partners! Tattoo artists will often place initial tattoos on top of the ring finger, on the palm side, or along the side of your finger, depending on how long the name is or how intricate the initials. You can easily incorporate romantic images like hearts, infinity symbols, or arrows in your wedding band tattoo.


Wedding Band Date Tattoo Ideas

1. Simple Date Tattoo

2. Roman Numeral Wedding Band Tattoos

3. Wedding Date on Top of Finger

4. Roman Numeral Date on Top of Finger

Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration

5. Tiny Date Wedding Band Design

6. Wedding Date on Side of Finger

Wedding Band Date Tattoo Ideas

Wedding Band Name Tattoo Ideas

7. Scripted Initial Finger Tattoo

8. Simple Initial on Palm

9. Initial on Inside of Finger

10. Large Letter on Finger Tattoo

Initial Tattoo Ideas For Wedding Ring

11. Tattooed Named on Ring Finger

12. Fun Font Wedding Band Tattoo

Wedding Band Tattoos Inspiration & Photos

Fun Wedding Band Tattoos

13. Simple Band Tattoos

14. Sweet Wedding Band Design

15. Arrow Wedding Band

16. Woodsy Ring Tattoo

17. Dotwork Finger Tattoo Idea

Fun & Fresh Wedding Band Tattoos

18. Love

19. Matching Mr. + Mrs.

20. His + Hers White Ink Finger Tattoo

21. And Symbol

Fun Couples Matching Ring Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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