Inside: 21 Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want to Get Instead Of A Ring.

One of the latest trends in the wedding world is a wedding ring tattoo. They can be designed with dates, names, or initials. If you don’t want a traditional wedding ring, then these wedding band tattoos are perfect for you.

There is plenty of ideas to go for, from dates and names to some patterns or ring imitating.

So show your eternal love for your soulmate with these sweet wedding band tattoo ideas. 

Wedding Band Tattoos

Types of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Band Date Tattoos

There is a tone of date variations from roman numbers or usual ones with your wedding date, you may also incorporate words. You may go for various sizes, putting the numbers and dates on the finger, along the finger, or on the side of your finger. Choose the look of the date that you like and go for it!

Wedding Band Word Tattoos

Initials of your spouse or the name is a very romantic wedding tattoo idea! These can be initials, the name, or just two monograms. Many place them on the finger, on your palm under the finger, on the side of your finger, and also combine your monogram or name tattoo with various symbols like hearts, patterns, or infinity signs. There are various kinds of letter printing, colors, and looks you may choose from to make your tattoo unique.

Wedding Band Date Tattoo Ideas

1. Simple Date Tattoo

2. Roman Numeral Wedding Band Tattoos

3. Wedding Date on Top of Finger

4. Roman Numeral Date on Top of Finger

Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration

5. Tiny Date Wedding Band Design

6. Wedding Date on Side of Finger

Wedding Band Date Tattoo Ideas

Wedding Band Name Tattoo Ideas

7. Scripted Initial Finger Tattoo

8. Simple Initial on Palm

9. Initial on Inside of Finger

10. Large Letter on Finger Tattoo

Initial Tattoo Ideas For Wedding Ring

11. Tattooed Named on Ring Finger

12. Fun Font Wedding Band Tattoo

Wedding Band Tattoos Inspiration & Photos

Fun Wedding Band Tattoos

13. Simple Band Tattoos

14. Sweet Wedding Band Design

15. Arrow Wedding Band

16. Woodsy Ring Tattoo

17. Dotwork Finger Tattoo Idea

Fun & Fresh Wedding Band Tattoos

18. Love

19. Matching Mr. + Mrs.

20. His + Hers White Ink Finger Tattoo

21. And Symbol

Fun Couples Matching Ring Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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  • Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Ideas – Watercolor tattoo designs are filled with vibrant colors, thick and thin lines, and realistic artwork. Gaining traction over the years, watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Once you see them, you’ll understand why! These beautiful butterfly watercolor tattoos are stylish, unique, and creative. Many watercolor pieces are larger in size because it takes more space to properly shade and get it to look more realistic. Be sure to check out these lovely designs for your next watercolor butterfly tattoo.