Inside: Stunning Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoos.

Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy but can also occur with obesity followed by weight loss in women and men. Skin is stretched and torn after which the healing process begins which repairs the damaged area but this can leave its mark, literally.

The skin in the affected area heals with less elasticity and can be raised with discoloration. Stretch marks can affect a large portion of society for one reason or another but with the right design and artist choice tattooing can be a great option to help cover the affected area.

Stretch Mark Tattoos

Can You Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

The straight forward answer to this is a definite Yes. Stretch marks fall under the scar tissue category and while more difficult to work with than normal undamaged skin, tattooing can be used to mask/cover up stretch marks when applied by an artist with good experience in this type of work. This is a specialized area and is a skill within an already highly skilled profession.

Colorful Stretch Mark Tattoo Ideas

1. Rainbow Stretch Mark Tattoos Stripes

2. Butterfly Thigh Stretch Mark Design

3. Mermaid Scale Tattoo

Stretch Mark Tattoos Thighs Ideas

4. Colorful Flower Cover Up Tattoo

5. Multicolored Flower Bundle

6. Massive Red Floral Tattoo Design

7. Colorful Thigh Portrait

Stretch Mark Tattoos For Woman After Birth

Flower Stretch Mark Tattoo Cover Up Designs

8. Cherry Blossom Stretch Mark Cover Up

9. Flowery Heart Tattoo Idea

10. Tummy Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks

11. Large Flower on Hip

12. Rose Hip Stretch Mark Tattoo

Floral Tattoo Design Stretch Marks Hips

13. Poppy Flower Tattoos to Cover Up Stretch Marks

14. Black and White Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo

15. Large Floral Hip Piece

Stretch Mark Flower Tattoos

Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage

16. Tiger Stripes Cover Up Tattoo 

17. Soulful Jellyfish Stretch Mark Tattoo

18. Small Rose Hip Tattoo

Hip tattoo ideas for covering skin marks

19. Stretch Mark Scar Cover Up Tattoo

20. Mermaid Scale Thigh Design

21. Black and White Dragon Tattoo

Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoos

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