Inside: Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration. 

The answer to the question “Is a Full Sleeve Tattoo a Good Idea?” will be different for everybody since overpowering, bold tattoos don’t suit everyone’s style and personality.

That said, getting any tattoo is a massive undertaking, but since a full sleeve tattoo is more difficult to conceal, you must be 100 percent sure before taking the leap.

If you are a tattoo fanatic and are considering getting a full sleeve tattoo, there are some things you must consider to make sure you have a positive experience and more importantly, you wear the sleeve with pride.

What is a Full Sleeve Tattoo

What Is A Full Sleeve Tattoo?

A full sleeve tattoo is basically one large tattoo or a cluster of smaller tattoos which when inked to the skin, cover a significant part of your arm. Full sleeve tattoos provide a decent amount of canvas with sky being the limit when it comes to design potential.

Since a full sleeve tattoo can’t be concealed easily, you must perform sufficient research on the tattoo’s design, color, placement, size, and style.

Keep scrolling for some great advice and important things to consider before getting any type of sleeve tattoo whether arm or leg, especially if you do not want to regret your decision later.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

1. Dotwork Sleeve Idea

2. Shaded Sleeve

3. Flowery Outline

4. Colorful Full Sleeve

Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Choose the Right Artist/Studio

The most challenging part about getting a full sleeve tattoo is selecting the right artist or studio for the job. Going to any tom dick and harry may work for tiny, concealed tattoos. But when it comes to large, prominent designs, such as a full sleeve tattoo, finding the right artist can make or break the entire tattooing process for you. Different artists specialize in different tattoo designs/styles.

Therefore, search for an artist whose aesthetic and overall work matches the vibe you are aiming for.

Once you find such a tattoo artist, we suggest going in for an in-person consultation. Share your design, theme, and motif ideas with the artists and see how they can work around your requirements.

Plan the Sleeve

Planning a full sleeve tattoo is even more imperative than finding the right artist. Since full sleeve tattoos are intricate works of art and require a very long time to ink down, you must ensure everything is planned immaculately form the get-go. You would not want to undergo hours of pain only to be disappointed with the final result, would you?

That’s why it is crucial to collaborate with the tattoo artist to customize the exact design and colors. As much as your input is valued, go give some freedom to your artist in the design process. They are experts for a reason, after all. Getting a full sleeve tattoo is just like commissioning a mural: Share your vision with the artist, and trust him/her to turn your idea into a stunning piece of art.

Full Sleeve Tattoo

Consider The Cost

For many people, the cost of getting a full sleeve tattoo can be a deal breaker. There is no denying that an inexperienced artist will almost always charge considerably less than an experienced one.

Professional tattoo artists with years of experience under their belt generally charge for their services based on the complexity and size of the tattoo design, its style, and the number of hours taken up into drawing the tattoo. The artist of your choice will quote his/her per hour rate, and the longer it takes to complete the tattoo, the more expensive the sleeve will be. Therefore, it is crucial to find an artist that can provide the best service within your budget.

That said, keep in mind that working with the best artists will never be cheap. But by investing in high-quality work, the chances of you regretting the sleeve later will be much lower.

To Get or Not Get?

Regardless of the type and design of tattoo you intend to get, it is imperative remember that they’re going to be a permanent part of your body and contribute to your overall personality. Therefore, think hard and avoid getting any tattoo –including a full sleeve tattoo – on a whim, especially if you do not want to regret it later.

More Tattoo Ideas for You

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