Inside: What is an art deco tattoos and inspiration to get one. 

If you adore the vintage art design and details, then you should definitely consider getting a beautiful art deco tattoo. Their symmetrical, clean-cut pattern will have people turning heads to take a good look at your unique tattoo.

Decorative Tattoo Definition

The idea of art deco tattoo has been around for some time now. It originated in France some time in the 1920s and was inspired by decorative ornaments, paintings, and architecture from that time. It is bold yet intricate. They have come back in style as vintage fashion and posters from the particular period are gaining popularity in pop culture. Today, many people choose to go for an art deco tattoo as their first tattoo because of its powerful looks and ever-lasting artistic approach.

Read along to understand art deco tattoo and its styling.

What Is an Art Deco Tattoo?

An art deco tattoo incorporates different elements like geometric lines, shapes, swirls, and vivid colors. They have brilliant symmetry, making them clean, crisp, and sharp. Women are often the main subject in this vintage art of tattooing.

These tattoos have a regal feel and look glamorous on any body part. However, people tend to get an art deco tattoo on wider body parts to perfectly ink the striking geometric lines. Tattoos with large patterns and geometric designs tend to last longer than smaller, more minimalistic tattoos due to stretching of the skin with age.

 What is The History Behind Art Deco Tattoo?

Art deco tattoo may not have a rich history like traditional or tribal tattoos, but it also takes its roots from an era when the art deco movement originated.

Art deco stylings were a part of posters, paintings, and architecture that we are now familiar with as antique art or vintage. This is why the elements in an art deco tattoo often take inspiration from the famous trendy items from the 1920s like pin-up posters, lace, and pearls.

Furthermore, art deco tattoo stylings are known for their precision and beautiful visual imagery. Many designers from different fields take inspiration from it because of the brilliant colors and clear-cut geometric designs.

Art Deco Tattoo

Is Art Deco Tattoo Similar to Art Nouveau Tattoo?

Art deco tattoos and art nouveau tattoos are similar yet very different. They come from the period of art movements from the late 19th century (nouveau) and 20th century (art deco). However, they both are different when it comes to their patterns and styling.

To achieve art nouveau stylings, tattoo artists work with more long lines and swirling curves, while art deco focuses on sharp, edgy lines and geometrical patterns.

In addition to this, the patterns were inspired by natural and organic forms for art nouveau designing. On the other hand, art deco features edgy patterns and sleek inspired by the advancing technology of the era.

Art deco appeared at a time when art nouveau was losing momentum. Hence, the art deco tattoo might carry some key details, but it is an entirely different contemporary take on art nouveau. Since the industrial and tech was moving rapidly forward during the 19th century, art took inspiration from these elements.

Art deco is still massively popular for designing architecture, interiors, and as a fashion statement due to its vintage feel.

Today, a new style is widely famous for combining these art forms in tattooing. The contemporary tattoo styling is called Neo-traditional and takes inspiration from different traditional and modern art forms, making it a popular choice among youngsters these days.

If you are not too concerned about art deco tattoo being in the original design form, you can always choose to feature different design forms and give it a unique modern look.

What Meaning Does an Art Deco Tattoo Hold?

An art deco tattoo does not symbolize anything in particular. However, during ancient times, geometric patterns symbolized religious practices and spirituality. Yet, in today’s world, such patterns represent stability and balance.

Can Any Tattoo Artist Create an Art Deco Tattoo?

Unlike tribal or American-style tattoos, any professional artist can create an decorative tattoo for you. Of course, the artist should be well-versed in working with geometric patterns to ensure that crisp lines and symmetry are achieved. Such tattoos do require prior experience because of the precision the design needs to make it look authentic and as original as possible.

Deco Art Tattoos Examples

Decorative Tattoo Examples

1. Classic Americana Design

2. New School Moth Tattoo

3. Bio-mechanical Shoulder Tattoo

4. Mandala Design

5. Ambigram Tattoo Idea

6. Aztec Art Tattoo

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To conclude, tattoo art has expanded so much today. What was once an expression of rebellion is considered a creative outlet today. Similarly, an art deco tattoo attempts to give homage to its inspiration from the vintage movement. These vintage tattoos are loved by men and women alike, and the beautiful symmetrical designs make them a treat for every eye.

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